It’s almost over!!

It seems like just yesterday that we started the One Month No Sweets Challenge from  My month ends this Saturday, just in time for Easter!  I really enjoyed challenging myself over the last few weeks and would like to start up another challenge after the holiday is over.  I still have to overdose on chocolate, remember?!

This was a pillow...but if anyone knows where to find PB cups this big please let me know asap ;)

The one thing I do regret about the challenge is my lack of updates on the blog.  I mentioned it on occasion but I feel as though a weekly update of some sort would have helped some people stay on track or share their thoughts/feelings.  That’s what The Athletarian group was for on but I don’t think a lot of people utilized it.  You can still join the group now though!  I am a bit behind on logging my workouts but I have them all written down so that I can enter them in.

If I can suggest one thing, I would say get yourself familiar with – log your workouts, start a challenge, join a group, etc.  There is going to be a giveaway on my blog in the very near future and it will be open to those who are members of the website.  It’s going to be a good one!  I wish I could enter! :)

What is your favourite chocolate or candy?!

Do you plan “cheat”/guilt-free meals?

I challenge YOU!

Tyler from contacted me not too long ago requesting some information on my choice of protein powders.  We exchanged emails over a couple of days talking about powders vs. whole foods and all kinds of fun stuff.  He offered to send me a t-shirt in return and I think it’s pretty cool 😉

Right before this morning's workout :D

Shortly after, he tweeted me a link to the “1 Month No Sweets Challenge” on the website.  I looked into it and as terrifying as it sounds, I convinced myself to sign up…

You can read all about the details here.  Basically it is a month with no sweets and if you “cheat”, you must start the 30 days over again.  If you complete the challenge, you are just in time for Easter, and I grant you permission to eat a Costco-sized bag of Mini Eggs.  I told Tyler that was my plan and he was not impressed.


On a more serious note, you will most likely feel better about yourself, you will have the satisfaction of knowing you were able to complete a goal, and it will prove that sweets are not really necessary in your diet.

I already talked about March being “no junk month” for me but I signed up as a way to hold myself accountable.  Now I am challenging YOU to sign up too (it only takes about 30 seconds).  We can give each other high fives and get a little discussion going (aka talk about the first candy we’re going to rip open when the challenge is over).

Sound good?

Probably not, but I’m doing it anyway!  Let me know if you are in!

PS – it already says I “conquered” the challenge because I clicked “completed” by accident…  Don’t mind that!  I started yesterday, March 7th, and will go until April 7th (I hope)!