Gym massages, ants on a log, and my new plan

I have three very random things to share with you today:

1.  While I was at the gym the other day, I looked up from where I was doing lat pulldowns and saw people getting massages in the middle of the gym.  How I didn’t notice them during the first half of my workout beats me.  I thought it was totally weird but cool at the same time.  How nice would it be to get a massage right after a tough workout?!  I just think they should have made it a little more private because this was a bit awkward for everyone.

2.  I brought back an old favourite yesterday: ants on a log.  I don’t know why I ever stopped eating the fabulous combination of celery, peanut butter, and raisins (I actually just cut up a date because I didn’t have raisins).  It was so yummy and will probably be my new obsession/go-to snack until something else takes it’s place.

3.  I just signed up for the Body Earned program designed by James Wilson.  I asked him in advance if it would be feasible with my half marathon training and he gave me the go-ahead (yesss!).  It is a 12-week program which starts off with circuit training for four days a week and then progresses about mid-way through (harder workouts, five days/week).  It isn’t a free program so I won’t be able to share the workouts with you but if you’re interested, he is charging $50 for the 12 weeks (that’s less than $1/workout).  He is basically everyone’s online personal trainer and answers all questions related to training, nutrition, and supplements.  He’s even helping me with vegetarian options to support my training!  It costs more than $50 for a personal training session (at my gym at least) so I think this is a pretty sweet deal!!  He posted the workout from Week 1 Day 1 yesterday on his Facebook page to give others an idea of what it was like (BONUS: I was out of the gym within an hour on the first day and have heard that it stays like this for the most part).  Check it out!  There is also a support group on Facebook that you get invited to if you start the program.  It’s a great place for us to motivate each other and ask/answer questions.  I love having that.  I’m excited to see how this goes! 😀

Are you a fan of celery and peanut butter?

Have you ever hired a personal trainer?

I Love Awards!

Thank you to Megan at On The Road Again for tagging me in the Butterfly Award!!
Honestly, if you haven’t visited her blog, do it now.  She is preggos and super hilarious.  Makes me die a little every time I read her posts.
What I need to do is tell you 12 completely unnecessary things about myself.
Hold onto your seats.
Name your favourite colour: I really love anything bright.  Pink and purple rock my world.  My goal is to blind people at races so I can beat them (see header photo).  Not actually though.
Name your favourite song:  Not possible.
Name your favourite dessert: Ugggh these questions are too hard.  If I had to pick something right now, the mocha almond fudge ice cream cake I ate at my cousin’s birthday.
What wizzes you off:  People that smell bad at the gym.  And the person that keyed my car one moth after I bought it.  I hate you.
When you’re upset you:  RUN.  Is there any other option?
Your favourite pet:  Never had a “real” pet.  My childhood hamsters don’t count.  So gross.  I will have to nominate my friend Nicole’s dog, Milo, as my favourite pet until I get my own puppy!
Black or white:  Seems like the popular answer has been Michael Jackson.  I will have to agree.
Your biggest fear:  Getting fat.  Kidding (but not really).  I’m afraid of not being able to overcome obstacles that I may face in my life.  Scary stuff right there.
Best feature:  Whenever I go to get a mani and pedi, I’m told I have nice hands and feet.  The feet I don’t agree with (have you seen those calluses?), but the hands, maybe.
Everyday attitude:  Mostly happy (after exercise).  No exercise = no bueno.
What is perfection:  Complete happiness with oneself.  I’m not there yet, but it will come.
Guilty pleasure:  Excessive exercise, ice cream, chips, candy, chocolate, and Dean.  I’m not guilty of loving any of those things though so I’m not sure they count :)
Now I must nominate 7 blog friends to share these same 12 fun facts!
Here goes:
Stephanie @ Lunges and Lunch
Can you actually pick ONE favourite song??

What is YOUR best feature?

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