Your favourite snacks + LÄRABAR winner

Thank you all for entering the LÄRABAR giveaway!  I got some really good laughs reading your comments about your favourite snacks (and some really good ideas, too)!  It seems as though we should start a Peanut Butter-aholics Anonymous group of some sort!  So many of you love a good piece of fruit dipped in PB!  I do too, don’t you worry!

The award for best comment definitely goes to Ed who said, “I want me some pecan pie! Thats a good snack right there, I tell you what!”  Thank you for your honesty, Ed!  Also, thank you for making me drool all over my laptop and making me this close to throwing my 1 Month No Sweets Challenge out the window!  Kidding! 😉

If you want some really good snack ideas though, browse through the comments on this post.  I know I will definitely be going back to make use of your suggestions!

Now for the winner…

Congrats, Ali!  I love ants on a log too!  That snack never gets old.  Now you can finally try LÄRABARs!  I’d love to know what you think!  Email me at theathletarian [at] gmail [dot] com with your address so I can pass it on!

Does anyone have any fun plans for today?  I need some ideas!

Did you read yesterday’s post?  If not, GO NOW!  I had lunch with a very special someone! 😉