Thinking Out Loud #8

It’s that time of week again!  Thank you again to Amanda for hosting Thinking Out Loud Thursday.


Let’s get random!

1.  While I was making dinner on the weekend I dropped a knife and it cut THROUGH my pants and cut my leg.  Weirdest part is that I can’t find a hole in my pants.  I know it’s not that big but still…who does that?


Thank heavens Princeton wasn’t hovering around my feet when the knife dropped.

2.  I went to Fresh a few days ago and tried a new-to-me soup: Sweet Potato and Pineapple.


Who would have thought to combine those two things?!  I got it with cornbread and hummus.  Perfect.  The meal was a nice change from the BBQ burger and fries that I’ve been getting from there over the last few weeks.  Maybe a little healthier too… 😉

3.  A while back (like a loooooong while back) I got an email from WatchCo asking if I would be interested in receiving a watch.  Yes please.  It was so hard to pick one because there are so many different brands and styles on their site.  I used to work in fashion and I have a ton of fancy watches already so I decided to go with something a little more casual:


The G-Shock and Baby G watches have always appealed to me.  They come in a lot of different colours and go nicely with the workout clothes that I spend 99% of my life in.  I chose a dark colour but now with spring/summer coming up I am thinking I need a fun bright one.  Hmmm…. 😉

4.  I got a surprise email from Barb at Mizuno yesterday saying I made the Mizuno blog homepage (my picture is the one with the blue shoes):


It’s pretty random — the photos are taken from Instagram if you tag @mizunorunning and use the hashtags #brilliantrun and #mezamashii.  To the left of me is Jacqueline from Skinny Chick Blog!  I think that’s a sign I need to go to California and visit her.

5.  I know we keep complaining about the weather here in Toronto but I came across this article and I guess we are pretty lucky.  Other parts of Canada have seen a lot worse:


This poor woman.  That’s out in Alberta, by the way.  Yeah that’s one place that I would not like to live.

6.  Because Princeton always needs to make an appearance:


7.  My friend Cara texted me this photo on the weekend saying it made her think of me:


I haven’t had nutella in forever but I’d be lying if I said I’ve never found myself in the exact same position as that Barbie.  Some days just call for nutella and a spoon.  Even better if you double fist with a jar of peanut butter.

8.  This post would have gone up last night  buuuuuuuuut I was too busy on Skype with Electra.  We haven’t had the time to catch up in forever and I miss this girl to pieces.  Long story short, we met through blogging (she lives in Chicago), entered a contest for a trip to NYC to work out together at the Reebook Crossfit Fit Hub, and WON.  Here is the video that was made to document our experience:

Brings me to tears every. single. time.

9.  Now it’s your turn to tell me something random about your day!

Changing taste buds (and #ipromise week 9)

Do you ever not eat something that you love for a long time and then finally eat it and realize you don’t actually like it that much anymore?  That’s what happened with me and nutella yesterday.  You see, I used to be able to polish off half a jar in one sitting.  All I needed was spoon and I was in heaven.  It was like crack to me.  I could not put it down.  The stuff somehow made its way into my house and I decided to have a spoonful last night andI won’t lie, it wasn’t as magical as I remember.  Maybe if I put it on something it will change my mind?  Meh.  Not really going to try too hard.

Popcorn has taken nutella’s place though.  I seriously can’t get enough.  My Canadian friends, Kernels popcorn = crack.  And their “buy two bags get one free” doesn’t help the situation.  The secret is to eat clean all week and then eat all three bags of popcorn in one night.  I promise you will be able to do it.  Popcorn is like air and you absolutely do not get full no matter how much you eat.  Oh, and they use oil to pop their kernels rather than butter so totally vegan-approved (as long as you don’t get a flavour containing milk ingredients i.e. cheddar) but still totally bad for you.


Last week’s goals were mostly successful.  I just found it hard to have a plant-based smoothie every day when it was so cold outside.  I’m thinking I’ll keep trying this week.  Maybe right after my workout when I’m all hot and sweaty will work?

Here are this week’s promises:

#ipromise to eat some different fibrous veggies (asparagus, squash, zucchini).  Variety is the spice of life, ya know.

#ipromise to do a better job at prepping my week’s meals.  I went about 8 hours without eating one day last week!!  I was hangry pants.

#ipromise to fill out the Thrive Forward (read about the program here) 5-day Nutrition and Wellness Self-Assesment Journal again since I did it last week and know which areas need work.

#ipromise to increase my milage to 35 miles (last week was 30 and it felt good!)

#ipromise to start stretching and foam rolling after every run.  I’m really bad at this and my legs are starting to feel it so I know I have to make an effort as my milage increases. 

Popcorn – yay or nay?

Do you stretch/foam roll after your workouts? 


5kg of nutella

I don’t have anything inspiring for you today.  Unless you get inspired by delicious chocolate hazelnut spread that is good enough to eat by the spoonful.  I took my grandmother grocery shopping today and found this dangerous beast staring at me straight in the face:

I love nutella.  I could eat a whole (regular) sized jar in one sitting, that’s why I don’t buy it very often.  It is extremely hard to have self-control around that jar of goodness.  My grandmother saw me taking pictures of it and asked if I wanted it (she always offers to buy me things when I take her grocery shopping).  I didn’t know how to say, “I’m taking pictures for my blog” in Italian…so I just said no.

Instead, I chose two sample packages of new nut butters to try!  I have been dying to taste cashew butter and the macadamia nut butter reminded me of Hawaii so I got some of that too.

Don’t ask about the mandarin oranges or blueberries.  It was my grandmother’s doing.  I get blueberries every.single.time. even though I don’t ask for them.  I’m not complaining though…they are perfect for pancakes! :)

I put my nut butter to use right away and made clean ice cream!  Yes, you read that correctly: CLEAN ice cream.  I have spoken about it on the blog before but I took it to a whole new level today.  It’s just a frozen banana and a serving of plain Greek yogurt (blended together in a food processor) to make the ice cream.  I topped it with half a package of my new cashew butter and some sugar-free chocolate chips!  Go put your ripe bananas in the freezer right now and make this for dessert tonight!

I hope everyone has an amazing long weekend!  Tonight Dean wants to go on a “mini date” which usually means putting on stretchy pants and a baggy sweater, going to eat vegan food (my fav), and maybe a movie (hopefully I can coerce him into seeing The Vow).  We are wild. 😉

What are your weekend plans?!

What is your ultimate favourite nut butter?

Portion control and a personal worst?

Dean’s co-worker went to Italy this past summer and brought some of these guys into work yesterday:

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I have a SERIOUS problem when it comes to nutella.  I eat it out of the jar with a spoon as if it’s soup.  I take it it’s a serious problem in Italy if they have had to resort to selling jars containing only one serving of the delicious stuff!!  Portion control at it’s finest.  I think it’s the cutest jar ever and don’t even think I ever want to open it.

Onto the serious stuff.  I have a 5k tomorrow which is being held in the Toronto ZOO.  So fun!  I haven’t decided whether or not I want to try and PR or PW (personal worst).  A part of me wants to keep beating my 5K time but the other part of me thinks that it’s going to be such a cool run and I might want to take my time and look at the animals!  Fast Cory is known for taking awesome pictures throughout a race and I always thought he was kinda cool for that :)  I’ve never done it before and thought it might be fun to do for this race (but this will result in me probably running my slowest 5K).  What do you guys think??  Maybe I will see how my legs feel in the morning and then judge it from there…  I’m so TORN!

Today’s workout:

  • 25 minutes skipping
  • 6 mile TM run
  • 25 minutes stair climber

My legs might be feeling it tomorrow (damn stairs) so I might have to make a game time decision!

Should I just “run” tomorrow or should I “race”??

Is it just me or do you sweat 18 times more on the stair climber than on the TM?

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