A glimpse…

Happy Friday!  When I got to work I found out school ended at 1:30 today so I was home by 2:00pm.  LIFE IS GOOD and this Friday is HAPPY indeed!

In workout news, I finished week one of James Wilson’s program today.  Today’s workout was by far my favourite of the week and I actually included the cardio for the first time since my hospital incident.  It felt amazing and I am excited to be on 100% during week two.

Ummm I have a half marathon on Sunday and the most running I’ve done in three weeks was the 12 minutes today on the treadmill.  I should do awesome, right?…  Just say yes.

Finally, I have been getting a lot of questions regarding James Wilson’s program and what the workouts are like.  He posted a sample on his Facebook page yesterday so I thought I would share it on here to give you a glimpse of his program (since some of you may not have Facebook).

He charges $1/workout (amazing) so I believe it comes out to $52 for three months of workouts.  You can contact him through his Facebook page or you can email me through my “Contact Me” tab located at the top of my site and I can forward you his email address.

Off to the Marathon Expo tonight!  Maybe they will have some sort of new product that gives humans superhuman powers to run PRs without training?  I’ll be sure to let you know!

Do you like/have you tried circuit training?

Any fun plans for tonight or this weekend?