Track Torture

So my “rest” days (which are usually on Sundays) have turned into “work even harder than you do every other day of the week” days.  Last Sunday was no different.  I thought Dean and I would maybe just go for a run since I don’t do long distances during the week (and hello, Tough Mudder is coming and I need to get my distances back up so I don’t die).  Instead, we gathered our Lebert Equalizers and battle ropes and headed to a nearby track so we could combine running with some functional training.

We started with a warm up mile around the track and then started our circuit.  For our first exercise we made good use of the picnic tables on the field for box jumps:

Then we sprinted to the end of the field and back, got down and did pushups using the Lebert Equalizers:

After another quick sprint we used the Equalizers again for pull ups:

Instead of sprinting after our pull ups we did one full lap around the track and then hit the battle ropes for 30 seconds:

We repeated this circuit four times and then cooled down with another mile around the track.

This workout (with the exception of the ropes) could totally be done without equipment.  We could have easily used the picnic table to do bench push ups or could even have done regular pushups on the ground.  The end of the picnic table could also have been used for pull ups.  See?  No excuses!  You can take your workouts anywhere! 😀

So no, I didn’t get my long run in but this workout kicked my trash and I loved every second of it.

What is your workout today?

If you had to choose between running, biking, the elliptical, or the stairmill, which would it be?

Let’s talk TABATA

I have a quick post for you today to tell you about my new favourite thing: Tabata Training.  Though I do a lit of HIIT, I never really incorporated real Tabata Training into my workout routines.  Electra and Meg have done a great job at summing up what Tabata is in the past.

What is Tabata??  The Tabata Protocol is based on 4 minute high intensity workout sessions.

How do you do Tabata??  Perform one exercise with all out effort for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds, and repeat 8 times (for a total of 4 minutes).

Why do Tabata??  It increases aerobic and anaerobic capacity, results in the “after burn” fat-burning effect, and can be as or more effective than long steady state cardio.

(above info taken from Electra’s Talkin’ Tabata post)

I did a full body workout the other day using this Tabata Training method.  I did 4 exercises during my lunch break (totalling 16 minutes) and 4 exercises after work (another 16 minutes).  Seems easy breezy, right?  I think not.  My body hurts and I love that feeling so much that I will be doing Tabata on a regular basis now!  It’s perfect for squeezing in an amazing workout in a short amount of time.

Here are the 8 exercises I did for a pretty well-rounded workout:

  1. Weighted sit ups (using my pink sandbag)
  2. Treadmill sprints
  3. Weighted oblique twists (using my pink sandbag)
  4. Weighted squats (using my pink sandbag)
  5. Pushups (using my equalizers)
  6. Reverse pushups (using my equalizers)
  7. Jump rope
  8. Upright row (using my pink sandbag)
I set my workout intervals on my Gymboss but if you don’t have one, there are several apps you can get for your phone that work just as well!

It was fan-freaking-tastic.  I did another session this morning that included more bicep and tricep work!

Have you ever tried Tabata training?

What are you eating for lunch today?

I survived!

Last week I contacted Marc Lebert, creator of Lebert Fitness equipment.  I was inquiring about his Lebert Equalizers as I have seen them in gyms and on websites.  If any of you have been following, you will know that it is one of their latest pieces of equipment.  You can check out one of the workouts where they incorporate it here.

Marc is from Mississauga (which isn’t too far from me) and offered me (and Dean!) the opportunity to join in on one of his boxing classes at his gym, Fitness Nation.  HOLY COW.  I was so honoured and excited!  Dean and I jumped at the opportunity and drove over on Saturday morning at 11am.

There was a fantastic turnout and all of us were sweating within the first five minutes of class.  I learned how versatile the equalizers are, especially as we were being guided through the dynamic warm-up.  Since we were too busy sweating it up, we couldn’t take many pictures of the warm-up but you can see a little more of what you can do here.

Boxing was really fun.  We got to hit Marc for putting us through such a tough workout!!  My arms turned into complete jello during class and I am STILL feeling it today but I survived.

We also used the equalizers for a lot of strength training – pull-ups, push-ups, ab work, you name it!  The possibilities are endless.

The workout was just what I needed. I love to vary my workouts to keep things interesting and a class setting is awesome.  There was so much energy and we were all feeding off each other.  If you want to check out Fitness Nation (and meet Marc himself!), you can find all of the information on the website.

The best part about Saturday was what Marc gifted me with on my way out.  He gave me my very own set of equalizers!  I think I earned them for working so hard in class! :) I am so grateful.  Not only is he a motivating fitness guru, but also so generous.  Thank you for everything, Marc!

I can’t wait to share some of the home workouts that I do with these!  If you are interested in learning more about them or even getting a set for yourself, check them out here!  They are $20 off right now!

What is your favourite piece of fitness equipment?!

I absolutely love my Gymboss and my skipping rope…but I have a funny feeling these equalizers might make it into first place real soon!