Well that didn’t happen.

Since I decided to scrap my long run on Sunday because of the TYS10K tune-up run, I had every intention to do it yesterday.  It was a holiday here (Family Day) so I had the day off from work and really had no excuse not to do it.  I woke up with the worst headache from eating things I normally don’t eat at my grandmother’s birthday party (hiiiiiiii cake) so my day got started a lot later than anticipated.  I drank some water, ate some raw goodness with a side of tylenol, and finally headed to the gym (it was too cold out to run outside).

raw breakfast

I got to the gym and told myself, “Today you are going to pull an EMZ and run 14 miles on the treadmill – no excuses”…and that lasted a whole three miles.  Then I got bored and decided to lift since I started week six of James Wilson’s program this week.  It was shoulder day (my favourite) and I think I was just itching to lift since body part training finally started and I looooove training just 1-2 body part(s) a day rather than doing full body circuits (which is what the first five weeks were like).


I really just wasn’t in the mood to run for a long time and figured skipping one week wouldn’t kill me.  Sometimes you just need a break, especially when it’s so dang cold outside.  I’ll go into my next long run full force, that’s for sure.

Another thing that didn’t fully happen – last week’s meal plan.  I don’t know how I forgot it was Valentine’s Day, so between that and my grandmother’s birthday I ended up eating on the fly a few nights.  I think I made about 4/7 of my planned meals.  Not too bad, I guess!  I am attempting another week and this is what I have planned:

dinner plan

I know you’re wondering what buffalo cauliflower is.  Just think buffalo wings…just cauliflower instead of chicken.  I found a recipe online that looks delicious and I am so excited to try it.

PS my food plan starts on Tuesday because I didn’t get a chance to post yesterday and also because my dinner wasn’t anything substantial last night.  I ate such a late lunch that I just ended up snacking on little things in the evening.

Okay I just got home from work and I missed The Bachelor last night so I think it’s time to catch up now.  DO NOT tell me what happens!  I’m embarrassed to say I watch that show but I am hooked.  It’s actually one of the only shows I watch, along with The Amazing Race and Shameless.  That’s it.

Do you ever get the sugar shakes/headaches/food hangovers?

Do you watch TV?  Favourite shows?

NEW THINGS that I am excited about

I hope you are all having a great weekend so far!  Last night I attempted to watch a Will Ferrell movie (called Everything Must Go) but it ended up being terrible so I did a FitnessGlo workout instead.  I tried a BARRE style workout and all I can say is wow.  It was so different than anything else I’ve ever done and definitely challenged me.

Do you ever walk into a store with the intention of buy one thing and end up with wayyyy more?  Yep, me too.  I went to Low Carb Canada the other day to get some PB2 because I ran out but then I came across some new things that I just had to try.

new finds

I’m thinking of making some baked BBQ tofu with that sauce on the far left.  I’ve never tried it before so my fingers are crossed that it’s good.  The fruit preserves are beyond delicious.  I’ve tried different flavours before but I am really digging the raspberry.  The two bags in the back are seasoned sunflower seeds.  I got adobo chile and dark cocoa, both so amazing.  There you have it.  Went in ready to spend $6 and left with more than $20 worth of stuff.  Story of my life.

Next up: I have added a new race to my current 2013 race schedule!  I was contacted recently to be a Digital Champion for the Toronto Yonge Street 10K in April and I couldn’t be more excited.


As much as I love long distance running, I also really enjoy 5K and 10K races.  I am hoping to set some PRs this year so I will probably be adding more short races as the year goes on.  There is a training run for the Yonge Street 10K tomorrow so I will get to meet a bunch of other people who are running, along with other Digital Champions.  I love meeting new people so it should be really fun! :)

Last but not least, I start a new week of training tomorrow.  I just finished week five, day four of James Wilson’s program this morning and it was just what I needed to start off my weekend.  It was a circuit style workout training back, legs, and abs.


I wore my Reebok RealFlex which I completely forgot about and as much as I love them, they didn’t feel great for leg presses and hack squats.  They are a wider shoe and I have pretty narrow feet so I felt like my feet were sliding around a lot in there while I was trying to press a lot of weight.  I think I might need to invest in a pair of Vibrams or minimalist shoes for leg days.

Tell me about something NEW that you have tried recently (food, workout, etc).

If you own Vibrams/a minimalist shoe, please give me your opinion on them!  Worth it?

Booty Burner

What.  A.  Week.  I have been off all week and it really hasn’t been as enjoyable as I expected.  When everyone else you know is working, being on “vacation” isn’t that fun.  My gym routine changed this week and I’ve been going a lot later (10am) since I don’t have to get it in before work.  I actually HATE going later because it is so much busier and it takes me a lot longer to get my workout in.

The other day I really didn’t feel like going for a gym workout (because I’m soooo busy this week at home and all;) so I did a home workout instead and I seriously kicked my own booty.  It’s been two days and I am still so sore.  It took me less than 40 minutes and I was a serious sweaty mess by the time I was done.

booty burn

If you don’t have a treadmill at home, you can always do another form of cardio – run stairs, jumping jacks, jog on the spot, etc.  Anything that gets your heart rate up will work.  Oh, and TM sprints are 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off as fast as you can.  For my weighted squats I used my pink sandbag but you could always use free weights, bags of rice, cans, water jugs…whatever works!

Having access to a gym is great but this workout was proof that you don’t need fancy equipment to get a good burn.

Speaking of a good burn, today was week 3, day 3 of James Wilson’s program and it was such a great workout.  It was basically two exercises per body part (shoulders, back, chest, legs) with some burpees thrown in (because he is evil).  It was the first time in a loooong time that I did leg presses and I was happy with being able to get up to 150 pounds on my last set!


200lbs, here I come!!  …one day! 😉

I’m still embarrassed to flex hah.  I’ll leave that to Little B and Monika for now buuuut I think my shoulders are starting to come in a little bit.  Kind of.


I am excited for the next nine weeks of the program!  Now if I can just stop dipping my finger into the container of chocolate frosting that’s sitting in my fridge… 😛

Do you own any home workout equipment?

What are you having for dinner tonight?  I need ideas!

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The answer was EVERYTHING.

Thanks for all of your comments on my last post.  I re-read it and I couldn’t help but laugh at myself.  My bruise is still there but doesn’t hurt so much, my neck feels a bit better, and I got my tooth fixed by a new dentist that I LOVE.  I love him so much that I’m going back on February 5th for a cleaning.

Now let’s talk James Wilson……….OH, JAMES WILSON.  I AM SO FREAKING SORE TODAY.  Yesterday was Week 1, Day 3 and it was honestly my lowest burn all week but I am feeling this workout the most.  It didn’t seem like the most challenging while I was doing it but holy heck.

I havent done today’s workout yet…  I tried to wake up at 4:30am like I usually do but I was just so tired so I decided to “sleep in” (until 6am) and the plan is to go after work even though I hate going in the afternoon.  It makes circuit training nearly impossible but I am going to try my best.  I can still say walking lunges are still my least favourite exercise in the entire world.  Working legs used to be my favourite and now I actually don’t look forward to it at all.  Arms, shoulders, and back are my favourite parts to work now…probably because my upper body resembles a bean pole and I want it to catch up to my lower half.

Now part three of this random post has to do with buying sriracha for the first time.  I feel like I’m the only person in the world who has never tried this stuff.

I asked last night on Instagram what I should put it on and the most common answer was “EVERYTHING!” so I had it in my oats this morning for breakfast.  Kidding…but I DID put it on my lunch today and I’m really looking forward to it.  I made a healthified vegan mac and cheese last night and even though I don’t know what the sauce tastes like, I think it’s going to be good.

What’s your favourite body part to train?

Do you like sriracha?  What do you put it on?

This is how it’s going to work (I hope)

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about how I am going to balance doing James Wilson’s 12-week program with training for a race (30K Around the Bay) in March.  For the first five weeks on the program, James only has us doing four workouts per week and I only plan on doing three training runs so I don’t think there will be any problems combining the two.  So this is what my schedule will look like for the first little while:

Sunday: long run

Monday: rest

Tuesday: JW Day 1 + short run (no more than five miles)

Wednesday: JW Day 2

Thursday: Hill training

Friday: JW Day 3

Saturday: JW Day 4

This week will look a little different though.  The weather was INSANELY nice today so I got my long run done and tomorrow will be a rest day instead:)

On the days I’m not running and just doing the JW workouts, I am keeping my cardio to a minimum.  He recommends 12-15 minutes of HIIT on the treadmill and I will probably be adding a lot of active rest (i.e. jump rope or plyo exercises) between sets to keep my heart rate up.  I am hoping that this helps in preventing any injuries before my race and also allow me to keep some muscle on.

I hope that helps!

I was supposed to update you on my meal I planned to make on Friday night…  I can tell you that I am a pro at following instructions and adding the contents from two different packages into one pot.  The tofu came out really good.  I ate it with quinoa, kale, and mango.

 …While the rest of my family ate Chinese food.  It was my grandfather’s birthday and for some reason my very Italian grandparents love take out Chinese food (probably because it is deep fried and delicious) so that’s what we got for them.  My grandfather turned 89 years old………..and his name really is Guido.

I did have some cake.  Maybe even two slices.  Maybe…. 😉

What was/is today’s workout?

How many rest days do you take a week?

If you could change your name, what would you change it to?  I had about nine friends named Christina growing up and always wanted to change my name.  My choice of name changed on a weekly basis.  Hah.

A small change of plans and what is going DOWN in my kitchen tonight.

Remember I told you about how I started James Wilson’s program this week?  Well that lasted a day.  Let me explain.  I’m starting over on Monday because he is having a ridiculous transformation contest and a whole lotta people are joining in on the fun come next week.  I talked to James and he said that I could have started early if I wanted to but I think it will be fun to start with a whole bunch of people so that we can kind of do it together and share gym stories.  James has a private Facebook page where people who have purchased his program (only $50) can rant and complain about how much he is killing us.

You all might know Crystal.  She blogs at Spoonful of Fit and also has an amazing and motivational Facebook page.  She completed the program a while back and here is a look at her transformation:

Doesn’t she look amazing?  Her abs have gotten even crazier since May!

So how does the contest work?  You take a “before” picture before January 14th, complete the 12-week program and take an “after” picture on the last day (both pictures to be taken holding a magazine or newspaper to prove the date).  You submit your photos (along with a short testimonial) at the end of the contest and people in the private group vote on who they think had the best changes/progress/transformation.  The top 15 are then posted to James Wilson’s public fan page where everyone and anyone (i.e. the public) can vote for their top 3.

The prizes are gift cards to ANYWHERE you want (oh heyyy, Lululemon).  Right now as it stands 1st prize is $500, 2nd is $250, 3rd is $125 but based on how many more people join in/purchase the program, the value could increase.  Holy.  Heck.  Imagine that.  So if you want to get in on the fun and have an amazing support system while you kill yourself in the gym for the next 12 weeks, holler at James.  He’s the man.

See?  Sorry James, I had to;)

Onto the party that’s happening in my kitchen tonight.  I skipped my workout yesterday.  I slept in and went to work in my workout clothes so that I’d have absolutely NO excuse after work.  On my drive home I thought, “Let me just pop in at home, have a snack, THEN go to the gym.”  That did not happen.  You see, this is why I need to go at 5am because if I don’t, I won’t go at all.  I spent most of my night under a blanket looking at Instagram pictures.  You all do that on Wednesday nights too, right?  I came across a picture of Kallie’s red curry tempeh (which is also on her blog), jumped off the couch and went grocery shopping.  As I was cruising the aisles I found this really weird:

Organic bananas in the candy aisle.  What happened to putting bananas in the produce section?

Anyway they didn’t have tempeh so I’m going with red curry tofu.  Those of you who know how to make real curry, don’t judge.  I checked out all of the pre-made sauces and they were full of so much sugar and weird ingredients so instead so found this red curry paste (which is basically made up of spices) and on the back of the box it said all I need to do is add it to coconut milk (I got light) in a pot and stir it until it looks like sauce.  Sounds easy enough?

To say I am excited to eat dinner tonight is an understatement.  I will report back tomorrow:)

Have you ever done a specific workout plan or challenge?  Which one?

If you could win a $500 gift card to anywhere, where would it be??

Putting my trust in him…again.

Good morning and happy Tuesday!  I am soooo happy to see that so many of you entered my Vega giveaway!  All of your goals for this year are amazing and super inspiring – running ultra marathons, destination races, prepping for bikini/fitness competitions, cleaning up eating habits, raising money for charity, flossing your teeth every night (LOVED that one!!).  So many good ones!  You have until Friday to enter so don’t forget!

I went to the gym super early this morning.  Getting back into this habit is going to be hard.  I had two weeks off for the holidays (I’m a teacher) and I got used to going to the gym whenever I felt like it.  Now it’s back to getting it done before my work day because I hate (with a capital H) working out after work.  I filled my water jug and grabbed my Vega pre-workout energizer and was off…

I’m still in training for my 30K race which is in March but made the decision to start lifting again not too long ago.  I’m only going to be running 3-4 days a week so I thought why not work on those muscles with all that extra time I have!  I have been doing my own random workouts for the last couple of weeks but feel I need a little direction now so I’m jumping back on the James Wilson wagon.  I had started his Body Earned program a while back but some things got in the way so I stopped about halfway through.  I’m ready to put my trust in him again and I’m going to try really, really hard to stick with it to the end this time.

If you haven’t heard of James Wilson, check out his Facebook page for details.  He’s awesome and is basically an online personal trainer to everyone who is doing his program.  It’s only $50 for 12 weeks of training and gives you not only workouts but nutrition guidance as well.  Heck, he even called me (he’s from Utah, I’m from Toronto) to discuss a veg-friendly meal plan.  If that’s not someone who cares, I don’t know what is!

Anyway, today was week one, day one and I am going to be sore as h-e-double hockey sticks tomorrow.  It was a full-body circuit-style workout.  I also did 10 minutes of cardio to warm up on the stairmill (aka the devil) and jump roped 100x between every set with my weighted skipping rope to keep my heart rate up.  A fantastic workout, if I do say so myself.

Maybe one day I’ll get the courage to post progress pictures! 😉

What time do you try to get your workouts in?

Have you ever trained with a personal trainer (real life or online)?