Mount Everest & Salad Goal

Happy Friday!  I love Fridays.  Why?  Because I get to see Dean (actually I see him almost every day) and we often hang out at bookstores.  We are such party animals on the weekend, I can hardly contain myself.  I really like going to Chapters and spending time reading (do fitness magazines classify as reading?).

Last week (while at the bookstore) I was flipping through Fitness RX and came across a treadmill workout done by a fitness model called ‘Mount Everest’.  If someone has the magazine please tell me what her name is!!  I just took a lame picture of the workout with my phone so I could remember to try it out and didn’t catch who it was.  I would like to credit her if possible. (read #9)

Though it sounded torturous (WHO in their right mind runs at 15% incline?!) I tried it out this morning and it was by far the toughest treadmill workout I have ever done.  My treadmill at home only goes up to 12% incline so I stayed at that for a few minutes before I started decreasing.  Try it out and let me know what you think (if you survive)!


About two weeks back I, along with a bunch of readers, set a goal to have no sweets for a month (how is everyone doing with that, by the way?).  We’re more than halfway there!!  I like setting goals SO much that I set another one for myself.  This might sound crazy because a lot of you probably do this naturally, but I am going to make the effort to eat a big salad as a meal once a day.  I’ve talked over and over again about the struggle I have with eating vegetables but I have been feeling sluggish lately and I think it’s due to the lack of nutrients in my body.  I am craving raw, fresh, and colourful foods.  Salads seem like the perfect answer.  I won’t lie, I get bored by them but I am going to try really hard to get creative and pack as much fun into my salads as I can.  I hope to come up woth some really yummy ones so that I can share them with you! 😀

I think this might help with my veggie consumption too!!!  I JUST got it delivered to my house by Mr. UPS (who knows me by name now) right after my Mount Everest workout.  BEST start to my morning.  I’ll be doing a full review soon but if you would like to learn a little more or even order one for yourself, just click here!

What does a typical Friday night look like for you?

Do you eat a lot of salads?  What do you put in them?