Lady-climbing (Trinidad Day Two!)

Wowzas.  Lady Chancellor is NO JOKE.  Glen (Corey’s husband) dropped us off at the bottom of the beast before he went to work (thank you, Glen!).


When we started to climb I was all like “NO BIGGIE.  I GOT THIS.”  Yeah…no.  This Lady Chancellor hill is quite deceiving.  It was a two-mile trek up the hill climbing over 600 feet.  Thankfully most of it was shaded because if it wasn’t I’m pretty sure I would have melted into a puddle.  Trinidad is hot alllllll day long but funny fact: every restaurant, store, condo, hotel, etc is FREEZING.  Like I-need-three-sweaters kinda freezing.  Nice change from the steamy outdoors though.

Moving on.  After our hill climb/descent, we walked to get a fresh coconut.  I usually hate coconut water but the fresh ones don’t even compare.  It was so tasty.


We also got to visit the veggie market where they sold CRABS.


Poor little guys had their legs tied up.

We ate lunch at Chop Chops where I had roasted vegetable soup and what they call ‘salad pizza’.  So good.  I also tried a new to me passion fruit-flavoured ginger ale.

chop chops

After spending the rest of the afternoon being lazy (i.e. watching Family Feud and eating Cinnamon Toast Crunch) we finally got ready for our big dinner date at Buzo.  This was apparently my first birthday celebration (Corey has been spoiling me) because my actual birthday isn’t until Sunday and most of the “cool” restaurants aren’t open.  I have no complaints.  I am happy eating bananas on my birthday but Corey won’t let me.



I went with the fried mozzarella for my appetizer (so healthy) and the pumpkin ravioli with some sort of creamy butter sauce as my main (even healthier).  The food was insanely delicious.  The chef is from Italy and clearly knows what he is doing.  I wonder if he will fit in my suitcase so I can bring him home to be my personal chef?  Best food I’ve had on the island so far.


He even brought not one, but TWO desserts.  The man knows the way to my heart.

Today is a pool and kayaking at sunset day.  No big deal.

Would you rather be too HOT or too COLD?

If you could eat one thing on your birthday, what would it be?

5kg of nutella

I don’t have anything inspiring for you today.  Unless you get inspired by delicious chocolate hazelnut spread that is good enough to eat by the spoonful.  I took my grandmother grocery shopping today and found this dangerous beast staring at me straight in the face:

I love nutella.  I could eat a whole (regular) sized jar in one sitting, that’s why I don’t buy it very often.  It is extremely hard to have self-control around that jar of goodness.  My grandmother saw me taking pictures of it and asked if I wanted it (she always offers to buy me things when I take her grocery shopping).  I didn’t know how to say, “I’m taking pictures for my blog” in Italian…so I just said no.

Instead, I chose two sample packages of new nut butters to try!  I have been dying to taste cashew butter and the macadamia nut butter reminded me of Hawaii so I got some of that too.

Don’t ask about the mandarin oranges or blueberries.  It was my grandmother’s doing.  I get blueberries every.single.time. even though I don’t ask for them.  I’m not complaining though…they are perfect for pancakes! :)

I put my nut butter to use right away and made clean ice cream!  Yes, you read that correctly: CLEAN ice cream.  I have spoken about it on the blog before but I took it to a whole new level today.  It’s just a frozen banana and a serving of plain Greek yogurt (blended together in a food processor) to make the ice cream.  I topped it with half a package of my new cashew butter and some sugar-free chocolate chips!  Go put your ripe bananas in the freezer right now and make this for dessert tonight!

I hope everyone has an amazing long weekend!  Tonight Dean wants to go on a “mini date” which usually means putting on stretchy pants and a baggy sweater, going to eat vegan food (my fav), and maybe a movie (hopefully I can coerce him into seeing The Vow).  We are wild. 😉

What are your weekend plans?!

What is your ultimate favourite nut butter?