5kg of nutella

I don’t have anything inspiring for you today.  Unless you get inspired by delicious chocolate hazelnut spread that is good enough to eat by the spoonful.  I took my grandmother grocery shopping today and found this dangerous beast staring at me straight in the face:

I love nutella.  I could eat a whole (regular) sized jar in one sitting, that’s why I don’t buy it very often.  It is extremely hard to have self-control around that jar of goodness.  My grandmother saw me taking pictures of it and asked if I wanted it (she always offers to buy me things when I take her grocery shopping).  I didn’t know how to say, “I’m taking pictures for my blog” in Italian…so I just said no.

Instead, I chose two sample packages of new nut butters to try!  I have been dying to taste cashew butter and the macadamia nut butter reminded me of Hawaii so I got some of that too.

Don’t ask about the mandarin oranges or blueberries.  It was my grandmother’s doing.  I get blueberries every.single.time. even though I don’t ask for them.  I’m not complaining though…they are perfect for pancakes! :)

I put my nut butter to use right away and made clean ice cream!  Yes, you read that correctly: CLEAN ice cream.  I have spoken about it on the blog before but I took it to a whole new level today.  It’s just a frozen banana and a serving of plain Greek yogurt (blended together in a food processor) to make the ice cream.  I topped it with half a package of my new cashew butter and some sugar-free chocolate chips!  Go put your ripe bananas in the freezer right now and make this for dessert tonight!

I hope everyone has an amazing long weekend!  Tonight Dean wants to go on a “mini date” which usually means putting on stretchy pants and a baggy sweater, going to eat vegan food (my fav), and maybe a movie (hopefully I can coerce him into seeing The Vow).  We are wild. 😉

What are your weekend plans?!

What is your ultimate favourite nut butter?