You get what you ask for (Trinidad Day Five)

Remember when I said I would be happy eating bananas on my birthday (which was on Sunday)?  Well Corey read that and…


Yep, a banana cake (and a side of Cinnamon Toast Crunch because a birthday isn’t a birthday without a little CTC).  I almost died.  I couldn’t even blow the candles out, I was laughing so hard.

We had a very relaxed morning.  I kind of needed it after not feeling so well the day before.  The plan was to go zip-lining but when we got there the wait was over an hour and it was getting really hot.  We decided to swing from a tree and go to a nearby beach to hunt for some beach glass instead.


We also visited the Bamboo Cathedral, where a bunch of bamboo naturally grew in an arch to form this:



By the time we got home we were all super exhausted so it was nap time (I could get used to this) before we went to dinner.  We went to a nearby Indian restaurant called Absara which I was SO excited for because I looooove Indian food.  We started off with a big plate of garlic naan (to die for), samosas, and Corey and Glen shared scallops.


We waited over an hour and a half and our main dishes still didn’t make it to the table so we had to take it to go (Glen had to work) which was OKAY because then I got to change into comfy track pants and eat on Corey’s couch.  I had a couple of different veggie dishes with some basmati rice.

We called it a night pretty early because we wanted to get a morning workout in and THAT WE DID.  Corey put Glen and I through a full body circuit which was exactly what I needed.


I won’t lie, I have been extremely lazy on this trip and have not made my workouts a priority.  My goal was to have fun and not stress about “needing” to do anything and it seems to be working out juuuuust fine!  I am looking forward to having a schedule again when I get back home though.

Thank you to everyone who sent me birthday wishes through text, on Instagram and on my personal Facebook page!!  You all made me feel super special!  I don’t have Internet unless I am in the condo so I haven’t been able to respond to everyone the way I would like but please know that I read ALL of the comments and appreciate all of you.  This was my first birthday away from home and I missed my family a lot so you guys definitely helped make it easier.  Thank you!

If you could choose any kind of birthday cake, what would you choose?

Tell me about your workout today!!!!  I’m dying to get back into the swing of things!

Lady-climbing (Trinidad Day Two!)

Wowzas.  Lady Chancellor is NO JOKE.  Glen (Corey’s husband) dropped us off at the bottom of the beast before he went to work (thank you, Glen!).


When we started to climb I was all like “NO BIGGIE.  I GOT THIS.”  Yeah…no.  This Lady Chancellor hill is quite deceiving.  It was a two-mile trek up the hill climbing over 600 feet.  Thankfully most of it was shaded because if it wasn’t I’m pretty sure I would have melted into a puddle.  Trinidad is hot alllllll day long but funny fact: every restaurant, store, condo, hotel, etc is FREEZING.  Like I-need-three-sweaters kinda freezing.  Nice change from the steamy outdoors though.

Moving on.  After our hill climb/descent, we walked to get a fresh coconut.  I usually hate coconut water but the fresh ones don’t even compare.  It was so tasty.


We also got to visit the veggie market where they sold CRABS.


Poor little guys had their legs tied up.

We ate lunch at Chop Chops where I had roasted vegetable soup and what they call ‘salad pizza’.  So good.  I also tried a new to me passion fruit-flavoured ginger ale.

chop chops

After spending the rest of the afternoon being lazy (i.e. watching Family Feud and eating Cinnamon Toast Crunch) we finally got ready for our big dinner date at Buzo.  This was apparently my first birthday celebration (Corey has been spoiling me) because my actual birthday isn’t until Sunday and most of the “cool” restaurants aren’t open.  I have no complaints.  I am happy eating bananas on my birthday but Corey won’t let me.



I went with the fried mozzarella for my appetizer (so healthy) and the pumpkin ravioli with some sort of creamy butter sauce as my main (even healthier).  The food was insanely delicious.  The chef is from Italy and clearly knows what he is doing.  I wonder if he will fit in my suitcase so I can bring him home to be my personal chef?  Best food I’ve had on the island so far.


He even brought not one, but TWO desserts.  The man knows the way to my heart.

Today is a pool and kayaking at sunset day.  No big deal.

Would you rather be too HOT or too COLD?

If you could eat one thing on your birthday, what would it be?

Today is random list day

I’m sorry that you are getting weird posts since I haven’t been able to run.  No more pictures of my running shoes or Garmin until this leg is fully healed.  I am feeling better though.  Like a lot better.  I still have faith that I will be able to run SeaWheeze pain-free.  I declared today ‘random list day’ because (a) nothing I am about to tell you really relates to each other and (b) Danielle always does random lists and I like it so I am copying her.

1.  I think I am sick of peanut butter.  HOLD UP.  Before you call the peanut butter police, it’s just the plain/natural PB I am sick of.  I know.  The stuff that’s GOOD for you just isn’t doing it for me.  Last night before bed I got a little hungry so I thought I’d just go have a nice heaping tbsp of good ol’ PB and it almost made me gag.  I hope this doesn’t last or I will probably lose a few friends.  I’d still like to try these though.



2.  This shirt is hilarious.  I don’t have big muscles but anyone who does needs to buy this shirt.  Little b, I’m looking at you.


3.  Angela has a new ebook out called Living the Whole Foods Lifestyle.  It is incredible.  When I got my copy I thought it was going to just be a book full of recipes.  NOPE.  She gives you pages and pages of timesaving ingredients, gadgets, and strategies to help you put meals together quickly.  There are tips on how to put together a meal plan and she even includes meal-planning and grocery list templates!  It’s put together so well, lots of pictures and information on eating clean and being organized when it comes to meal prep.  I’ve already tried her Pineapple Ginger Tofu Stir Fry and it was so good.  I ate it two days in a row.  Check out all you need to know about her book here.  Seriously so amazing.


4.  I have been working out waaayyyyyy late these days.  I don’t like it one bit.  One thing about having the summers off is that it is so hard to peel yourself out of bed at 5am to workout when you know you have all day.  Problem is – when you’re there until 11:00 it feels like your whole day is wasted.  You go home, shower, eat lunch, walk the dog, and before you know it the clock is ticking so fast for you to get stuff done before it’s time to go to sleep again.  I am going to make an effort to get my workouts done earlier.  Maybe not 5am but as close to that as I can.


5.  These.  New.  Mizunos.

Screen shot 2013-07-16 at 9.53.28 PM

Screen shot 2013-07-17 at 12.05.15 AM

The new colour ways for the Wave Elixirs (top) and Wave Inspires (bottom).  I die.

6.  It is my BFF Quinton’s birthday today.  Wishing you the happiest day, old man.  You are the one person I know for a FACT that reads this every day.  I don’t know why but thank you for that, you crazy cat.



Please tell me you’ve tried the PB chocolate pop tarts and that they are amazing?

What time did you/do you plan to workout out/run today?

Wish Q a happy birthday!!!  IT WILL MAKE HIS DAY!

I think it’s kind of funny…

…that it takes me longer to get ready to run than it does to get ready for an actual outing.  As I was prepping for yesterday’s long run I looked at the time and was like, “Are you kidding me?!”  I couldn’t understand why I was still in the house and it’s because there is so much that goes into being prepared for a run.

I got dressed, had to look for specific socks (I can’t just run in any socks), made sure to have my SpiBelt to carry my phone, my Clif Shot Bloks, my Garmin, my iPod, headband to keep those flyaways down, sunglasses, my Hydrapak (I hate water belts so I carry a pack instead), and house key.  By the time I had everything on and was ready to go I was already tired.  Hah.


The run went, but it didn’t go as well as I had hoped.  Energy-wise I was perfect.  I took two Shot Bloks before I started, two at mile 4 and another two at mile 8.  It took my legs a good 4 miles before they felt warmed up and then after that they just started to hurt real bad.  So did the bottoms of my feet.  I’ve been running a lot of stairs at the gym lately so I think that could explain the leg pain.  My muscles just felt overworked and tired.  I got it done though and that’s all that matters!


PS. I really, really think that the Vega Recovery Accelerator I’ve been taking after my long runs is helping BIG TIME.  Considering how much my muscles were aching during my run yesterday, today I feel absolutely nothing.  I’m actually going to start taking it after my lifting sessions to and see if it helps with DOMS.  I used to “save” it for runs but not anymore.  The faster I recover, the better (and less painful) my next workout will be!

Other than that we just celebrated Princeton’s first birthday this weekend.  He was so spoiled and getting so much attention.  His tongue was literally hanging out the entire day.  I have never seen him do that before for such a long period of time and not quite sure what it means (he was panting like a freak) but the pictures came out really cute.


I’m going to try and get in some good workouts today and tomorrow because I leave for Cali on Wednesday!  I am going to try and work out there too (the hotel has a gym) but not going to stress out about it.  I’m going to be in a new state that I have never visited before so if walking around and exploring is the only exercise I get (aside from the workout I’m doing with the Clif trainer), I am totally okay with that!

I also need some snack ideas so I don’t have to rely on buying every little thing while I’m away.  I will definitely be bringing my Vega Performance Protein but would LOVE more suggestions! :)

Hope you all had a great weekend!

A new experiment and a new race

Yesterday was Princeton’s 1st birthday!!  I should have blogged and dedicated a post just to him because he’s just that cool but I was tired.  And busy.  Don’ worry, he was spoiled with a lot of cheese and chicken.  He’s also getting a party on Saturday, no joke.  My mother is so obsessed with him that she is throwing a family BBQ to celebrate his big day.  She’s even determined to find a party hat small enough to fit his peanut of a head.


In other news, I just signed up to run Colour Me Rad with three of my cousins in June and I am sooooo excited to run while people throw colourful powder in my eyeballs.  If you haven’t heard of this race yet, you must check it out here.  It’s going to be 5K of nothing but fun.

Screen shot 2013-04-25 at 10.54.48 PM

Do you find it weird that people pay good money to run these crazy races?  I mean, marathons are SO expensive and what do we get out of it?  A medal and the inability to walk for a week.  Speaking of…I applied for the New York City Marathon yesterday.  It is my second year applying and I am hoping I get picked this time around even though they assault non-Americans with fees.  It’s $11 just to apply (which is fine) and then if your name gets drawn you get charged the $347 that it costs to actually run the race.  Are you freaking kidding me?  It doesn’t matter though.  I will give up eating and buying Lululemon shorts from now until then if I have to.  It’s supposed to be the best race ever.

I was also going to tell you all about my new experiment today.  My plan was to eat raw for 10 days as a sort of challenge/cleanse.  I lasted until dinner time (high five).  The whole day was great: smoothie, chia seed pudding, lots of fruits and veggies, Vega protein pudding…. but then once I was finished my workout I wanted something warm and delicious so I made my burrito (for the third day in a row).  Instead of going the raw route, I came up with a meal plan and different meal ideas with the help of Danielle.  I spent the night doing a little food prep with what I had in the house:


Brown rice, tofu, broccoli, avocado, banana, PB, and Vega Performance Protein in chocolate.  Tomorrow will be boring but I’m okay with that until I stock up on other carbs for more variety.  Do I know what I’m doing?  I’m not sure yet.  I don’t even know if I can eat all of that food in addition to breakfast.  I just like experimenting.  If I hate it, I’ll stop.  I’m just looking for something easy that will keep me on track, satisfied, and happy.  I don’t like to do much thinking, especially during the week.  I’m making a promise to myself to make a better effort when it comes to food prep so that (a) I make healthier choices and (b) I’m not powering through my day on a Starbucks latte and bag of dried mangoes that cost $9.

What’s the most you’ve ever spent on a race?

Do you food prep weekly?  What are some of your staples?

Frozen fingers and a full stomach

Today was supposed to be my long run but I’ve decided to postpone it until tomorrow for two reasons.  My legs are still so sore from yesterday’s strength training session.  I lifted pretty heavy and woke up with super tender quads that even hurt when I just touch them.  I was also asked to join some other runners and TYS10K Digital Champions for a 7km tune-up run this morning so I decided to do that instead.  I figured my legs were sore but they could power me through a short run.  Plus there would be a lot of people there so I wouldn’t be able to turn around and give up!


The run was great but it was sooo cold.  I think it was -25 with the windchill and I swear I couldn’t feel my fingers for the first 20 minutes.  My phone was in my pocket and it actually froze.  The screen turned blank and it acted as if it was dead even though the battery was fully charged.  I may have had an internal anxiety attack but some other runners assured me it was normal.  It just needed a little loving when I got in from my run and then it was fine!


I found this Voltaren gel at The Running Room and decided to pick some up.  RUNEMZ swears by it so it has to work, right?  The woman runs freaking marathons on her treadmill day after day and somehow still has her legs intact.  The gel is supposed to help with muscle and joint aches.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed because I’ve got lots of aches right now and am hoping for a long run tomorrow.

After my run, I went home to get ready to celebrate my grandmother’s 87th birthday!


Isn’t she cute???

We went to my aunt’s place to celebrate which is always a good time because my favourite cousins in the whole world are there.



We kind of love her :)

I ate so much food that I can barely move.  It’s actually so bad that I’m uncomfortable…Ya think I overdid it??  Maybe a little??  It doesn’t help that 99% of what I ate was full of gluten and non-vegan so I basically have a 8-month-old food baby right now (my body reacts very badly to both of these things).  I’d show you but then you’d never come back to read my blog ever again.

Tomorrow is a holiday here (Family Day) so I will be food prepping like a crazy person.  I’ve got to go into this week with a plan.  Part of that plan includes getting rid of my food baby.

How was your weekend?  Any fun workouts/dates/movies/books/food?

Do you take any type of medication or use any kind of gel/cream to help with pain?

If you had to pick a birthday cake to eat right now, what kind would it be?

This is how it’s going to work (I hope)

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about how I am going to balance doing James Wilson’s 12-week program with training for a race (30K Around the Bay) in March.  For the first five weeks on the program, James only has us doing four workouts per week and I only plan on doing three training runs so I don’t think there will be any problems combining the two.  So this is what my schedule will look like for the first little while:

Sunday: long run

Monday: rest

Tuesday: JW Day 1 + short run (no more than five miles)

Wednesday: JW Day 2

Thursday: Hill training

Friday: JW Day 3

Saturday: JW Day 4

This week will look a little different though.  The weather was INSANELY nice today so I got my long run done and tomorrow will be a rest day instead:)

On the days I’m not running and just doing the JW workouts, I am keeping my cardio to a minimum.  He recommends 12-15 minutes of HIIT on the treadmill and I will probably be adding a lot of active rest (i.e. jump rope or plyo exercises) between sets to keep my heart rate up.  I am hoping that this helps in preventing any injuries before my race and also allow me to keep some muscle on.

I hope that helps!

I was supposed to update you on my meal I planned to make on Friday night…  I can tell you that I am a pro at following instructions and adding the contents from two different packages into one pot.  The tofu came out really good.  I ate it with quinoa, kale, and mango.

 …While the rest of my family ate Chinese food.  It was my grandfather’s birthday and for some reason my very Italian grandparents love take out Chinese food (probably because it is deep fried and delicious) so that’s what we got for them.  My grandfather turned 89 years old………..and his name really is Guido.

I did have some cake.  Maybe even two slices.  Maybe…. 😉

What was/is today’s workout?

How many rest days do you take a week?

If you could change your name, what would you change it to?  I had about nine friends named Christina growing up and always wanted to change my name.  My choice of name changed on a weekly basis.  Hah.