New Balance Vazee Pace Review

A while back, I posted a review of the New Balance Zantes.  Shortly after, I received a pair of the New Balance Vazee Pace so I thought I’d talk about them a little and share my thoughts.

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 10.00.20 AM

I’ve been running quite a bit lately (if you haven’t noticed 😉 ) and keeping a regular shoe rotation has been key for me.  I don’t know if there’s a correlation but since I started running in multiple pairs of shoes, I have not had to deal with any serious injuries.  Maybe I’ve just been a smarter runner or maybe a variety of shoes has kept those injuries at bay.  We’ll never know!

The first thing I thought about the shoe was that the colour was fantastic.  I know, I know.  Here I am judging a shoe by what it looks like again.  But you ladies can relate, right?  All of our options are always pink and purple-heavy so it was nice to see something different.  I absolutely love the yellow but now this newer colour way came out and I’m all like OH EM GEE I NEED ANOTHER PAIR.

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 10.05.35 AM

New Balance, you are nailing it with the colours.  Kudos to you.

Okay let’s get back on track.  The launch of the Vazee Pace coincides with New Balance’s latest marketing platform ‘Always In Beta’ – the brand’s promise to relentlessly improve, to never stop pushing and to always strive for more.

The Vazee Pace is New Balance’s new(ish) performance road running shoe.  It’s designed for runners looking for a stable ride and who want to move quickly through the gait cycle.  The shoe was launched in July so I’ve had a little bit of time to get some miles on them.

For the most part, I’ve been sticking to neutral shoes but wear something a bit heavier/more cushiony for long runs and something lighter for short/fast runs.  As soon as I got the Vazee Pace, I knew they’d be for my short and fast runs.  Like the Zantes, they are suuuuuper light so I don’t think they would do my legs and feet any favours on 20+ milers.  That’s just a personal thing though.  My friend just ran a marathon last weekend (and qualified for Boston) in these shoes so if you don’t need pillows strapped to the bottom of your feet to run a marathon (like me), then these could possibly be distance shoes for you!


From the New Balance website:

REVlite foam in the midsole cushioning helps energize each step while the sleek, bootie-like design wraps your foot like a second skin. Everything you need for speed is here and nothing you don’t, removing every obstacle in your way to your next personal best.

  • Awarded “Best Debut” by Runner’s World magazine
  • Weight: 6.5 oz
  • 6 mm drop: due to variances created during the development and manufacturing processes, all references to 6 mm drop are approximate
  • Bootie construction
  • Deconstructed heel counter
  • No-sew material application
  • Podular blown rubber outsole
  • REVlite midsole foam

The weight and the drop are basically the same for both the Zante and the Vazee Pace but after trying both styles, I have to say that I prefer the feel of the Vazee Pace.  They are both comfortable but the Vazee Pace feel more like a shoe to me (if that makes any sense) whereas the Zante feel more sock-like.


The REVlite midsole foam, along with the shape and construction of the Vazee Pace make me feel more stable and supported even though they are such a light shoe.  I will continue to use these for any runs under 10 miles.  They are very flexible and responsive making them great for track work, intervals and tempo runs.  I think they’d make great racing shoes too and will probably be my go-to choice for 5k or 10k races.  I literally feel like I’m flying in these without the fear of breaking my ankles.  Thanks to the bootie construction, they hug my feet really well but at the same time, have a cozy enough toe box that allows for some wiggle room and swelling (thank you marathon training).  I have super narrow feet though so I’m not the best person to trust when it comes to talking about roomy toe boxes.  Every pair of shoes I own has a roomy toe box!

In terms of sizing, I take an 8.5 in most of my running shoes and the Vazee Pace were no exception.

They are pretty sweet shoes but I would eventually like to venture out and try a more supportive New Balance shoe that I could possibly use on longer runs.  Though the Zante and Vazee Pace are different shoes, I wear them for the same types of runs because of how light they are.  I guess this means I just need more shoes, hey? 😉

Hope you have a great weekend!

That transition

I saw this quote the other day on @lifesabowl’s Instagram and it is so, SO true:


I think everyone who run/races can relate to this.  Whether it’s your first race with the goal to just finish or your 100th race with a specific time goal, that transition is always there.  We experience doubts and question our abilities, especially after those defeating workouts.  We all have them!  I’ve had a handful of super shitty weeks during this training cycle and was *this close* to dropping to the half marathon instead of the full.  But I didn’t give up.  I just kept saying “give it one more week, one more long run to prove you can do it.”  I’m so glad I did.  With just four weeks to go, I had the best long run on Sunday.  It was quite possibly the fastest 20+ mile long run that I’ve ever completed.  I experienced that transition and no longer wonder if I’ll be able to get to that finish line.  I KNOW IT.  If things line up on race day the way they did on the weekend, I may even be able to set a new PR.

Here’s a look into my long run in case anyone is interested.

Breakfast: Love Grown Hot Oats (sometimes I have a bowl of the Love Grown O’s instead)

HO_AppleCinnamon3Run nutrition: I ate four Honey Stinger gels over 23 miles – at mile 5, 10, 15, and 18.  I drank one bottle of water (which probably wasn’t enough).

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 10.48.14 AM

Run entertainment: I listened to four episodes of Serial during miles 1-15 and then switched to music for miles 16-23.

Run gear: Lululemon Speed Shorts, Cool Racerback Tank, Stuff Your Bra Sportsbra (stuffed all my gels in there), Pro Compression Marathon Socks, and Brooks Glycerin 13s (I’ve been wearing these for all my long runs and they are FAB), iPod and Jabra Sport Pulse wireless headphones.

Run details: I was scheduled to run 22 miles with the last 7 at half marathon race pace.  I felt abnormally good so I ran an extra mile at the end as a cool down.  The first 15 miles were at an 8:36 min/mile average, the 7 at HMRP were at 7:55, 7:47, 7:45, 7:43, 7:42, 7:41, 7:19 and my final cool down mile was at 8:02.


Disclaimer: I did stop quite a few times during this run.  I don’t stop during races to eat or drink but for some reason I like to pause my watch and stop to get my gels and water down during my training.  Maybe it’s so I don’t choke like I do during races.  I still haven’t mastered the whole eat while you’re running thing.  I also stopped at some lights and a few times to take photos because the day was so incredibly beautiful and I couldn’t help myself! :)


I’m not sure how much all of the stopping affects my overall pace so the 8:19 average may not accurately reflect my abilities or allow me to predict how I’ll perform on October 18th.  I’m still really happy with the way my run went, felt like I was pushing really hard over the last few miles and dug deep to nail those paces.  The idea was to run hard on tired legs, just like we (try to) do at the end of a marathon.  I did my best so let’s just hope I can do the same thing (without stopping) on race day!

Post-run: I usually have coconut water right after my run and am currently loving Thirsty Buddha.  I have to wait a while before I eat because my stomach gets a little weird but even when that feeling goes away, I don’t have much of an appetite the day of a long run.  I still try to eat as much as I can but the hunger usually hits me the next day.  AND IT HITS HARD.

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 2.12.34 PM

I think that’s it.  Let me know if you have any questions!!  I know I personally get super interested in the way people go about their long runs.  I’m no pro and it’s taken me a while to figure out what works for me.  I’m still learning how my body handles distance and what it needs to run at its best!

Have a great day!!!

Marathon Monday: EFFORT vs. TIME/PACE

It’s that time of week again………


It’s crazy to think that there will only be three more Marathon Mondays before I actually run my 26.2.  Yikes.

Last week’s training went like this:

Monday: OFF

Tuesday: 10.36 miles (with 8 miles @ tempo) -> 7:48 average pace

Wednesday: OFF

Thursday: 8.54 miles (warm-up + 5 x 6 minutes hard, 3 minutes easy + cool down) -> 8:24 average pace

Friday: OFF

Saturday: 4 miles easy -> 8:40 average pace

Sunday: 23 miles (first 15 “easy” + 7 @ half marathon race pace + 1 cool down) -> 8:19 average pace

Total: 45.90 miles

Only four days of running and that’s the way I intend on keeping things until the marathon.  Sometimes I throw in an extra easy day but right now I’m taking all the rest days I can get.  A friend of mine just qualified for Boston (with a 3:07) and only trained three days a week.  Proof that it’s more about quality than quantity.  I’m not saying that I’ll qualify for Boston by adopting this sort of training but I’m not stressing about “only” running four days a week.  Sometimes I catch myself thinking it’s not enough, especially when I see others who run 5-6 days but I have to remember that this is what works for me.


When I was doing my interval run on Thursday I started thinking about effort vs. time and pace.  I think it’s natural for us to get caught up in numbers and become frustrated when we aren’t running as fast as we think we should be running.  When I set my watch to do intervals, the only thing visible on the screen is time.  It beeps when I need to begin my hard minutes and then again when I need to begin my easy minutes.  All I see is the countdown so I have no idea how fast I’m going unless I manually scroll to the next screen.  I choose NOT to do this because I base those runs on EFFORT.  What feels hard today is going to be different than what feels hard tomorrow.  Today my route may have some hills and so my hard pace might be slower than what it would be on a flat route.

My paces for the hard (6-minute) intervals during that run were 7:19, 7:24, 7:19, 7:42 and 7:35.

Could I run faster than that for 6 minutes?  Probably.  But on that day those numbers reflect what felt hard to me and that’s A-OK.

Anywayyyyy hope you all had a great weekend!!  I had a HUGE fam jam on Saturday with so many of my cousins (so fun!) and then nailed my 23-miler yesterday which did wonders for my confidence.  I no longer think I’m going to die on October 18th.  YAY.  I think I’ll talk more about that long run in my next post!

Have a great day! :)

So THAT just happened.



Setting your intentions at the beginning of the week is just magical.  This is going to sound super cheesy but here goes.  Your mind is stronger than any muscle in your body.  If you wake up on a Monday and tell yourself that you’re going to have a great week, killer workouts, a happy heart, and a positive attitude…IT WILL HAPPEN.  You just have to let it.  Was my week perfect?  No.  Sure, there are things I would have changed or maybe done differently but intention is everything.  I intended on having a better week than last – and I did.

THIS just happened:


Guys, I had so much anxiety signing up for SeaWheeze this year.  It keeps getting crazier and crazier.  Last year it sold out pretty quick – I think in less than half an hour – so I had my game face on with two computers going and also had a friend on a third as backup.


The process was the same as last year.  You get put into a waiting room and then your spot determines whether or not you proceed to the actual registration page.  I don’t know how I managed, but one computer went straight to registration!  The other one proceeded to the waiting room so I just let it sit in case something went wrong with computer #1 or if I had to sign up any friends who couldn’t get through.  Luckily we were all able to register pretty seamlessly which worked out great because at 1:11 (11 minutes after registration opened), I got a message kicking me out of the waiting room because the race had sold out.  Crazy!

I’m so excited to be doing SeaWheeze for the fourth time!  Who else got in?  TELL ME!

I also got to visit my condo on the same day as SeaWheeze registration.  I don’t get the keys until mid-October but I went by with my cousin and mom to take some measurements so that I can start shopping for some furniture.

Can’t say I hate the view from my balcony…

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 3.52.14 PM

I apologize in advance for all the sunset photos that will probably start making it onto this little blog of mine.

It still doesn’t feel real that I will soon have a place to call my own.  I’m sure even once I settle in I will be like WHERE AM I AND WHAT AM I DOING HERE?

And only because this is pretty cute:


Princeton stops at the same fountain I stop at during my runs on days that it’s really hot.  This is his “pick me up so I can get up in that water” face.

THIS popped up on my Instagram feed this morning:


I can’t believe the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon is just one month away.  Terrifying.

22 miles on Sunday – longest run in this training cycle.  PRAY FOR ME.  I need need need to nail this one.

Have a great day/weekend!!

The 10 best and worst things about marathon training

Let me start by saying yesterday’s run was EXACTLY what I needed to get my head back in the game.  My coach is having me re-do what I was supposed to do last week so I set my intentions on Monday to massacre every workout thrown at me this week.  So far it’s only been one run because today is a rest day but I feel like I’ve set the tone for the remainder of the week.


A little over 10 miles at a 7:48 average pace.  I’ll take it.  I’ll admit that there were a few stops as I hit a lot of traffic lights so I did have to pause my Garmin quite a few times but it’s okay.  This run was better than any run I had last week so I’m happy.

I attribute it partly to the meal I ate the night before.


If you haven’t been to Fresh lately, I highly suggest you GO and try the monthly special.  It’s called the 6ix burger and has got grilled pineapple (it’s hidden underneath!), crispy banana chilies, chipotle mayo and garlic mayo, red onion (I ordered mine without because I hate raw onions), lettuce, and tomato.  I got mine bun-less because I wanted fries on the side and knew I wouldn’t be able to finish both if I had a bun too.  Fries > buns.

Anyway, as I was running I started thinking about the good things and bad things that come along with marathon training.  I’m sure I’m missing a bunch of important things but here are MY top 10 best and worst things about training for a 26.2:


  1. You learn SO MUCH about yourself, running, mental toughness, and perseverance.  No matter how many marathons you run, you will always learn something new and come out of it a stronger person with heaps of learned lessons.
  2. You can eat ANYTHING (within reason).  I guess you don’t have to train for a marathon for this to apply but you know what I mean.  You are running so many miles a week that you are literally granted food freedom.  I’ve tried to be that person who says “This time I’m going to eat different and only healthy things because it will make me run faster blah blah blah.”  For the most part, I eat pretty well.  But if I want to go out and eat a burger with fries and gravy followed by McCain deep and delicious cookies and cream cake, I’M GOING TO DO IT.  I’ll never win a marathon like Suzy but I’m okay with that.  I run a lot and I eat what I want.  HAPPY HAPPY.
  3. New running shoes.  Do I need to explain this??  A fresh pair (or multiple if you rotate) of kicks is just the best thing ever.
  4. You make the most amazing friends.  Whether you run with a group, have online support through blogging/Instagram or meet someone while on a run, training for a marathon leads you to some pretty rad people.  I have made some of my very best friends since I started running and they support me like no one else does!
  5. You get really good at MATH.  I am basically a pro at calculating my route, converting miles to kilometres and determining what my average pace will be at the end of a run.
  6. You get to see NEW PLACES.  I’ve discovered spots in my own city that I didn’t even know existed and have gotten to travel to new places and explore them on foot.  The Toronto Marathon will actually be my first marathon in my own city!  I’ve run Ottawa, Vancouver and Phoenix (twice).  It’s pretty cool to travel somewhere new and have the opportunity to see it by running a race (or even just going on a training run).
  7.  That RUNNER’S HIGH.  It is one of my very favourite things.  Endorphins do a body good.  When you have a good run or race, that feeling of “HELL YEAH I JUST DID THAT” lasts a really long time and will leave you smiling so big it hurts.
  8. PROGRESS.  Keep track of all your training in a journal so that you can go back and compare where you’re at now to where you were a year ago, two years ago, whenever.  It’s a beautiful thing to see how far you’ve come and how much faster you’ve gotten.
  9. You will inspire people.  Guaranteed.  And you might not even know it.  I have turned so many people into runners and I couldn’t be happier.  One of my coworkers ran his first race over the summer and told me that he owed me big time.  That I inspired him to start doing something that was good for him.  It made me feel AMAZING.
  10. You will learn to step outside of your COMFORT ZONE.  Before I had a coach, I’d just run at the same pace all the time.  I’d get my runs in, cover the required distance, but that’s it.  I have been forced to try new things – tempo runs, interval runs, long runs with a fast finish, and strides.  It’s scary at first but you will learn how to do things that will help you become a better and faster runner.


  1. The hunger is REAL.  The fact that you have food freedom is great but there are days where you just can’t stop, won’t stop.  The day after a long run is the worst for me.  I am seriously a bottomless pit and scour for food all day.
  2. Everything hurts.  You will realize you have muscles in places you never knew you had muscles.  You will ride the pain train on tough runs, after tough runs, and definitely after your marathon.
  3. CHAFFING.  This will happen in places beyond your control.  Even body glide will not help you in some cases.  I’m sorry.
  4. You experience moments of self-doubt and loss of confidence.  Some runs will suck and you will hate marathon training but I promise you it’s temporary.  You need to push through these bad times to make you even more grateful for the good times.
  5. BYE MONEY.  Everyone thinks running is a cheap sport because all you need is a pair of shoes.  WRONG.  When training for a marathon you need shoes (which aren’t cheap), gels, a water bottle/belt/pack, good socks that don’t give you blisters, comfortable (and cute) outfits, a GPS watch, a foam roller, and you have to pay for your race entry.  TELL ME AGAIN THAT RUNNING IS CHEAP.
  6. Your social life changes.  “I can’t, I have a long run tomorrow” is used more often than not.
  7. Some people won’t “get” you.  It’s frustrating but there will be people in your life that tell you that you run too much, that want you to skip your run to do X instead, and that criticize you for prioritizing yourself and your goals.  You will learn to deal with these people and you will learn that it’s okay to want to run and work towards your goals.  It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks or says.
  8. You become a little crazy/neurotic/OCD.  It’s like you have a mental checklist going on at all times.  Did I buy gels for tomorrow’s long run?  What’s the weather going to be like next weekend?  Are my watch, iPod, wireless headphones, and iPhone all charged?  Did I remember my ID in case I get mauled by a bear on my run?  Will I be too hot in this?  Too cold?
  9. SETBACKS.  They happen and they’re awful.  Getting sick, injured, going through personal issues that don’t allow you to train – whatever the case may be, it happens and you will not know how to handle it until you’ve handled it.  Luckily these things (usually) don’t last forever so you can either get back on track or start over, whatever your case may be.
  10. Bloating/cramping/side stitches/runner’s trots.  Running brings discomfort and gross things.  I get super bloated, especially after long runs.  Cramping and side stitches happen on occasion, especially when I eat unhealthy food the night before a run.  Runner’s trots are a REAL THING, especially on race day.  Imodium has saved me and I will never race without it.

Did I miss anything??

What are the best/worst parts about training for YOU?

Marathon Monday: not my week

I know that marathon training weeks vary.  Some are all kinds of awesome and you nail every workout while others are the complete opposite.  Last week was the latter.  I’m disappointed, frustrated and starting to get worried with only a few weeks left of training.  I don’t feel confident nor do I feel ready in the least.


I talked briefly about my little setback last week and that was one major factor that put a damper on my runs.  I didn’t want to push it in terms of speed and I didn’t want to aggravate anything by doing too much distance so my week looked like this:

Monday: OFF

Tuesday: OFF

Wednesday: OFF

Thursday: 4 miles @ 8:43

Friday: 3.1 miles @ 8:19

Saturday: 3.56 miles @ 8:40

Sunday: 16 miles -> first 14 @ 8:49, last 2 @ 7:51 (I was supposed to do 5 more at this pace but I quit early)

Total: 26.56 miles

I skipped a tempo run, an interval workout, and cut my long run short by 5 miles.  Part of me feels like a failure but another part of me thinks that was all I was able to handle (mentally and physically) last week.  My right leg still hurts but for some odd reason, I didn’t feel any pain during Sunday’s long run.  The weird thing is that it doesn’t hurt when I put my body weight on it while I’m walking.  It hurts while it’s in the air/right before I put my right foot down again.  So strange.

One good thing I have to report – I listened to a podcast for the first time during my long run and all I have to say is WOW.  Time goes by SO fast!!!  I enjoy my peaceful, media-free runs but it was a nice change to have something to listen to.  I know I’m late to the party, but I decided to start Serial and it sucked me right in.


My Jabra Sport Pulse wireless headphones are pretty much the best ever.  No dangling cords and a nice, snug in-ear fit.

I also just bought myself a new Nathan handheld water bottle because my last one was too small and I’d have to stop at every Starbucks/Running Room/water fountain on my long runs to keep refilling it.  This one is quite a bit bigger.


Pros: fits more water (duh), has a big enough zipped pocket to fit my iPhone, iPod, and gels.  Cons: all of these things make the water bottle pretty heavy so I have to alternate hands every mile so that my arms/hands don’t get too tired.  Or maybe this is a PRO?  Weight training + running combined?!

Anyway, this week was supposed to be a “recovery week” for me with some easier runs but I think we are switching things around since last week wasn’t aggressive.  I’m craving WORK.  I want hard runs and I want to smash them.  I don’t know how much progress can be made in a few weeks…or how much confidence can be built…but I know I’m going to have to try real hard because things just don’t feel right.  I’ve got today (rest day!) to get my head straight and then it’s back to business.

Congrats to everyone who raced over the weekend!!  Many BQs, PRs, and fights to the finish line.  Lots to be proud of!!  REST and EAT today while you bask in your post-marathon glory!!  That’s my plan anyway and I didn’t even run a marathon… 😉

What I loved and didn’t love about LAS VEGAS

Now that I’ve been back for a week, I think it’s a good time to sort through my thoughts and write about my first experience in Las Vegas.  For those of you who don’t know, my mom took me there for my birthday this year.  She has been to Vegas a few times and always comes home raving about how fun it is so she wanted me to finally see it with my own eyes this year.

Let’s keep in mind that neither of us are drinkers.  Both of us hate alcohol.  ALL KINDS.  You can tell us “oh this drink is so fruity you won’t even be able to taste the alcohol!” and WE WILL TASTE IT.  There is no fooling us.  I don’t gamble at all but my mom will sit at a slot machine until she loses $20 and then she’s done.  Party animals, let me tell ya!

Anyway, I thought I’d talk about the things I loved and didn’t love about Sin City –

Things I LOVED:

Sensory overload!  There is SO much going on along the strip.  The hotels, the flowers, the lights, the shopping, the street entertainment…  Even if you don’t go to Vegas to party/drink/gamble, there is still a lot of stuff to do and see.  You can literally spend every day/night walking around and looking at new things.




Cirque du Soleil.  We saw The Beatles themed show and it was AMAZING.  I couldn’t decide between O and LOVE because I’ve heard really good things about both but we ended up going with the latter and I’m so happy we did!  It was such a lively and entertaining show.  I have nothing to compare it to as this was my first time seeing a Cirque show but I can say that it definitely did not disappoint.  We saved a little bit of money on the tickets by getting them at Tix4Tonight which is located in the Fashion Show mall.  They advertise half price tickets but I think we only saved about $20-$30 each for the LOVE show.  Still better than nothing!  We had great seats too.


Shopping!!  If you have lots of money to spend, Vegas is a shopper’s playground.  Unfortunately, I don’t.  Hah.  All I bought was a pair of Nikes, two basic t-shirts from A&F (which were on sale for $8) and a bag from Lululemon for my mom that we haven’t been able to find anywhere here in Toronto.  If I didn’t have a mortgage coming my way next month, maybe I would have bought more but I’m slowly learning that I can’t have everything my eyes want!!  Boo.


Hanging with my MOM.  Some pretty funny things happened throughout the trip so we had a lot of good laughs and it will definitely be a trip to remember.  We both have a horrible sense of direction so about 40% of the trip was spent trying to figure out where we were going.  Like if someone was filming us, we would have had some pretty great content for a reality TV show.



Getting sick on our helicopter ride.  My mom wanted to take me to the Grand Canyon for my birthday which I was SO excited about.  People have raved about the helicopter tours so we decided to do that.  My mom has been to the Grand Canyon before but when she went, it was by car and it was a whole day affair.  We figured by doing the helicopter ride, we’d still have some time to do other things in the morning and evening (we got picked up at 12:30pm and dropped off at 4:30pm).  Everything started out great.  The shuttle ride to the airport was smooth sailing and the beginnings of our helicopter adventure were pretty cool.

Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 12.39.38 PM

Things went downhill pretty quickly though.  Now part of this is my fault because I get motion sickness on just about every form of transportation.  It’s happened in cars on road trips, on airplanes, on boats, you name it.  I don’t know why I assumed a helicopter would be different.  Within about ten minutes of being in the air, I started to get sick and threw up three times before we landed.  The ride was about 35 minutes and we got dropped down in the bottom of the canyon to take photos and eat/drink.  I had so much anxiety about getting back on the helicopter but we managed to get some cool shots and I guzzled some cold water before we jumped back on the chopper!




Before I knew it, the water started making its way up and out.  I KNOW.  I wanted to die right there.  It was awful.  The whole time I was just thinking “I can’t believe how much money my poor mother spent for this experience and I’ve got my head in a barf bag the entire time.”  It was rough.

I’m honestly glad I got to see what I could and I highly recommend doing it BUT make sure to take some Gravol if you get queasy like me.  Everyone else on the helicopter was fine (there were seven of us).  We went with Mustang Tours and yes, it’s expensive (a little over $400 U.S.D. per person) but the experience – if you’re not barfing – is worth it.

The food.  I know, I know.  You are all probably thinking I’m a mental case because the food options in Vegas are insane.  I think I am just extremely picky and didn’t try enough places so maybe don’t trust my judgment on this.  We bought things at Walgreens for breakfast every morning so that was nice and easy (and cheap)!

We’d end up spending so much time doing things after breakfast that we’d kind of forget to eat until 2-3pm so we only really ended up eating out once a day.  Someone recommended Society Cafe in the Encore so we tried that one day.  Apparently the owner of the Encore and Wynn recently went vegan so he has added a lot of vegetarian and vegan options to the restaurant menus in both hotels.  I ordered the veggie burger, fries and milkshake because I’ve got the palette of a 9-year-old.  Anyway, I was slightly disappointed.  It was just okay.  I don’t know why I was expecting to be blown away by a veggie burger and fries.

We went to California Pizza Kitchen one day.  I had never been there before and apparently it’s a really popular place in the U.S.??  It was in the mall and we just popped in to share some appetizers.  It was okay but just your regular family restaurant type of place.

I wasn’t going to let the trip go by without eating Cafe Rio so we took a cab one day to the closest one which was right across from ULVN.  I’m telling you this was my favourite meal of the entire trip – how sad is that??  Mexican fast food.  It cost us more for transportation (about $20 each way) than it did for our salads but…#worthit.  Should have gone there every day.


If you eat anything and everything, I’m sure you won’t have the same experience as me.  There are heaps of restaurants to choose from but I just didn’t think it was worth it for me to try some of those fancier places because I don’t eat 99% of what’s on the menu.  It didn’t really make sense to go to Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant and order a side of fries, you know?

Now I wasn’t sure whether to put this under things I love or things I didn’t love…THE HEAT.  I love myself a good hot vacation but guys, Vegas is insane.  Like an actual inferno.  The best way I could describe it was the way it feels when you walk into the exhaust of a really big truck.  You know that feeling?  Like you get hit in the face with air so hot that you can’t breathe?  THAT IS VEGAS.  Apparently they were having a “cooler” week too.  I don’t get it.  How people live there boggles my mind.  It was awesome for the mornings we spent at the pool though!!

Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 1.37.58 PM

I think that wraps up my thoughts on Las Vegas.  It’s definitely a cool place to see but if I ever go back, I’ll have to remember Gravol and pack my own food – haha!

Have an awesome weekend!