About Me

Hi there :D

My name is Christina and I am the girl behind The Athletarian.  The term Athletarian was coined by me in an attempt to combine two words that I felt described me – an athlete and a vegetarian.

The athlete in me:

The athlete part is somewhat ironic because for most of my life I was not into sports or fitness.  I started running when I was in University and haven’t stopped since.  My University had a great gym and membership was included in tuition so I made sure to utilize it as much as possible.  Running around the indoor track was the start of my love affair with the sport.  I quickly caught the running bug and signed up for my first 10K race.  Soon after, I completed two half marathons, one full marathon, and recently, a series of smaller races (5K, 8K, 10K).  I am driven by my determination to become a better runner, a faster runner, and a more efficient runner.  I run some races to challenge myself, and some races for fun.  I know I will never be the fastest runner out there, but I am more than okay with that.  I run because I love it – the training, the races, the time to myself.  I run because I can, and I will continue to keep at it as long as my legs let me!

The vegetarian in me:

When it comes to food, I have been back and forth experimenting with different lifestyles to determine what works the best for my body.  I started off as an eater of everything and about five years ago I cut meat out of my diet completely.  I simply wasn’t enjoying the taste anymore and I watched a few documentaries on the meat industry that had an impact on me.  I was a vegetarian, then a vegan, and then a vegetarian again.  I tampered with some poultry and fish recently but quickly decided it wasn’t for me.  I am back to being a vegetarian and try to stick to plant-based foods as much as I can.  Along with an abundance of fruit and vegetables, I eat some animal-based products (such as Greek yogurt and protein powders) as well.  I am always evolving and trying new things but this is what works for me right now!

I am using this blog as a way of connecting with the world, meeting people like me and unlike me, sharing my stories, and documenting my journey and challenges in becoming even healthier and more fit.  I hope that my love for fitness and healthy eating inspires you.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy my blog!

xo Christina


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