I am so not ready for this

Cold weather running.  NO THANK YOU.  I am not ready for long sleeves yet.  It just doesn’t feel right.  I went out for a short run yesterday but it took a lot for me to get out that door.


It’s definitely harder for me to stay motivated when the temperature starts to drop but once I publicly announced that I needed motivation yesterday, I had Facebook threats (HI BARB!) and texts coming through that really helped push me out the door.  I also found this article on five tips to motivate you when it gets colder:

1.  Strategically place reminders of your goals when you know need the motivation – You can make signs and put them by your bed/alarm clock (if you are a morning runner) or on your car dashboard  (if you are an after work runner).  I enter reminders into my iPhone alarm to give me that extra little push when I wake up.  It works.  Most of the time.


2.  Have a heater in the bedroom for when you wake up or snooze – I thought this tip was kind of funny but I think it might actually work.  I have a small portable heater that heats up my entire bedroom in minutes.  I HATE getting out of bed and being cold so I am going to try to set my alarm five minutes early, reach over and turn the heater on, and then get up once my room is nice and toasty.  This will make changing into my running clothes much easier.

3.  Use small, local races to keep you focused – Right now I am still trying to figure out if I will be able to race over the next few months but signing up for races is definitely a great motivator and way to keep you on track.  Even if the races are 5 or 10Ks, they will keep you in shape and ready for more intense training when bigger races come around.  I have my heart set on the Scotiabank Half Marathon next month but if my PT (who I’m seeing today) says it’s out of the question, I may just do the 5K instead and then hope for the Hamilton half two weeks later.

Screen shot 2013-09-24 at 10.26.26 AM


4.  Running buddies to keep you accountable – I don’t have too many friends that run…and if I do, they are in completely different neighbourhoods so this one is tough for me.  If you are lucky enough to have someone close, take advantage and make running dates.  This way you can’t bail.  Runs with friends always go by so much faster too.


5.  Get the right equipment – This one is my favourite.  Every season (especially in Toronto with constantly changing temperatures) = new and different gear.  More shoes + more clothes = happy runners.  We love our running clothes more than we love our real people clothes.  If you are excited to put on your gear, it will be that much easier to get dressed and head out the door.

I love how it’s only September and I feel the need to right about cold weather running.  I’m a weak soul.

And in case you were wondering what Princeton’s seductive look looked like:


Yep.  There ya go.

Happy happy Tuesday!

Do you find it harder to stay motivated as the temperature drops or do you live somewhere where you don’t have to worry about that?

What is your favourite piece or running/workout equipment?  I have a thing for SHOESSSSSSSSSSS!


  1. 1

    Cara D says

    I love winter running. Maybe it’s because there are so many nice winter running things to buy from lululemon. I find that registering for the hypothermic half marathon put off by the running room helps keep me motivated in the winter!

  2. 2


    This morning was the first gloves run for me this year. So not happy about it. In some ways I like winter runs better because at least then you know what to wear. This morning the gloves were on then of then one back on (the hand with the bottle). Then the shell I was wearing got to warm add the sun came up and thank goodness I was almost home. Now I’m telling the kids t-shirts should be fine this afternoon. The shoulder seasons are nuts in Toronto.

  3. 3


    Funny this time of year is my favourite time of year to run. Don’t get me wrong, I love summer too but there is something about the air in the fall that just makes running *that* much more pleasurable. When the snow starts to fall, it’s an entirely different story. I. HATE. SNOW.
    Um, I have a shoe problem too. 😀

  4. 4

    Karly says

    Haha I love the Princeton pic! Adorable!

    I actually really like fall running. My favorite running season :) I’m in Edmonton though so once winter rolls around (snow!!) I find it tougher to get out for my runs. A half marathon in February though will keep me accountable.

    And I’m with you…shoes!

  5. 5


    Love the tips! I have my blender bottle with my pre workout by my bed and my alarm, so as soon as my alarm goes off I drink it. disgusting, it makes me angry, but it gets me up.

    Colder weather motivates me to run more, but not to get up early (i get up at 430 aM. SICK). I hate running in the heat. I feel like i’m getting heatstroke when its like 78.4335 degrees out so I ‘m fine with cold running

    my favorite piece are my booty booty shorts for lifting so everyone can check out my brand new squat-lifted butt. Or my “HELLO FRIDAY” shirt that I wear on random week days so people go ummmmmm it’s not friday and I say HELLO, EVERYDAY IS FRIDAY WHEN YOU’RE HAVING FUN.

  6. 7

    Christina says

    I hate winter running – too many layers to put on, etc.. – but I do it anyway. My motivation is my kids. I have to get them to the bus stop and then drive my little one to preschool, so instead of getting in the nice warm car I leave directly from the school building and run the main road.

  7. 8


    I really like the heater idea! I hate getting out of bed when it’s cold. I love winter running. I’m super lucky in that I sweat like a crazy person so running in summer is not so fun for me. My favorite piece of running equipment is probably my iPhone. I heart Map My Run and iTunes.

  8. 9


    I would always rather run in the cold than in the middle of the summer! You can always put layers on, but taking layers off gets frowned upon after a certain point.

    I really just love everything about this time of year from about September through Halloween (sweater weather!)- but then it gets too cold and everyone gets all wigged out over Christmas.

  9. 10


    Oh, I hate running in the cold too. Once I’m warmed up, it’s fine. But it’s that initial getting up and going out in the cold at 6 a.m. that sucks. Last winter, my parents gave me their old treadmill, which I hate running on for long periods. But I use it to warm up before winter runs. Once I get a good sweat going, I head outside. It works!

    It won’t get cold where I live, in the South, until November, but with my injury, I’m afraid I won’t be able to start really running until then anyway. I’m sad that I have to miss much of prime running season, when the temps are the the 70s for the next month or so.

  10. 11

    Jenny says

    Oh my word – Princeton! Hee!
    I don’t do well in cold weather. It was really cold here this morning and it’s so depressing. It’s not even winter yet and I’m boo hooing about how cold I am. UGH!
    I have a serious running shoe addiction problem. 😀

  11. 12


    I am with you, its really hard to go running in the chilly weather. I find it harder on my lungs than warm weather and I always end up coughing at the end of it even if I’m not sick and not coughing any other time. At the same time, I love Fall running because I don’t sweat nearly as much and its kind of nice :)

    Fave running gear is socks and jackets. If I wear the wrong socks its blister city, so I need to have 100 pairs of good running ones so that I always have a clean pair lying around.

  12. 13

    Diane says

    My thing with getting up early is the darkness of winter! It’s dark alll the time.

    What I really want is
    to help with that. But pretty pricey, so I might need to make due with just getting a timer for a little light across the room to turn on at the same time my alarm goes off to give the illusion I’m not waking up at midnight.

  13. 14


    I’m all about the shoes too! I’m sad that Lulu’s bright colours have gone away for fall because it means no more bright speed shorts and tanks, but in a way that’s a good thing because it means I’m spending less money (well, until I spot a new pair of shoes!) As for cold runs, you are a champ! I may be able to run long, but I am the biggest wuss when it comes to less than ideal running conditions. I’ve taken to the treadmill already!

  14. 17


    I just spit out my tea laughing at Princeton’s come hither look. Seriously. I’m cracking up.

    I find it gets harder to workout in the mornings for me because A.) it stays dark until like 7am now (booo) and B.) yes, it’s cold. (husband has a FAN on in the bedroom[I swear that man has crazy body temp]) but once you get moving, you hardly feel it.

    Bright colored clothes (for people to see me) and brighten my mood. And good running shoes.

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