14 hours

It may have taken me 14 hours to get here but I am finally in TRINIDAD!!!!!!!  It’s actually not that far from Toronto (6 hours) but I had a couple of layovers in Miami and Panama so that made the trip a teeny bit longer!  It wasn’t so bad though.  All three of my flights were about three hours each so they went by pretty quickly.  I watched The Internship (with Vince Vaughn) on my first flight while munching on a Quest Bar and before I knew it, we were already in Miami.


The Miami airport was real nice.  I almost bought a Michael Kors bag but then decided it was probably a better idea to save my money for food so I could eat this week.  Still wondering if I made the right decision.  Speaking of food….I didn’t know how impossible it was to find vegetables in airports.  I packed a few bars to eat during the week and I ended up eating four of them (two Quest, one Luna, one Clif) because I couldn’t find food ANYWHERE.  All of the airport restaurants and the food served on the plane was chicken or beef.

By the time my last flight rolled around I was exhausted.  I was to land in Trinidad at 11:30pm (I began my flights at 9:30am) and I couldn’t have been happier when I exited the airport and saw Glen and Corey.


HOW CUTE ARE THEY?  I got a welcome sign and everything.  Once we got to their condo I got a little tour and found the best present ever waiting for me on my bed.


I had to recreate it this morning because the lighting was too dark last night.  There were also two cartons of almond milk there but I refrigerated them right away so that I could have…….


YUP.  Cinnamon Toast Crunch…or Cini Minis…for breakfast.  They taste exactly the same and were a wonderful start to my day.

Now Corey and I are off to the Hyatt for a gym/spa/pool day.  I really can’t complain about my life today.

I am so thankful for these two wonderful human beings.  I predict the next seven days will be nothing short of wonderful.

I hope you all have an amazing Wednesday!


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    Barb says

    So glad you made it and survived the flights / meals. You should be able to request a vegetarian meal from the airline (not sure if all offer it but worth a try). Enjoy your week and your treats! Have a blast!

  2. 17


    I have totally had to do the ole “eat-multiple-trail/mix-protein-bars-in-one-day-because-there-were-no-other-food-options-available” thing. Either no food options, or just no healthy food at all and the bad food wasn’t worth it, so bars it was! You do whatchu gotta do eh?

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