My last hurrah and my secret revealed

Sooo that calf pain?  Yeah it now shoots all the way up my leg to my butt cheek when I try to run.  I am so not impressed with this.  There is always something that interferes with my training.  Always.  I am forcing myself to take even more time off from running in hopes that it will just go away.  If it’s still sore after a couple more days it’s time for a PT visit.  So I am basically stuck using the elliptical until I feel 100%.  Hate doesn’t even begin to describe the feelings I have toward the elliptical.


Looks like it has different feelings for me.  Great workout?  I think not.  I did 30 minutes on it yesterday and was bored out of my skull.  Followed by some easy leg exercises that didn’t hurt.  I kept the weights super light and didn’t do anything calf or butt-focused.  To top it off, my gym smells like sewage thanks to Monday’s flood.  Some areas are blocked off and there are huge fans blowing the wonderful scent around and distributing it evenly throughout the gym.  Nice.

I had what we can call my “last hurrah” last night.  I have been craving pizza for days and I finally caved and ordered some for dinner.  Side note: when I opened the door to pay the delivery man, Princeton sprinted out the door and ran onto the street and almost got hit by a car.  I literally opened the pizza box on my lawn and peeled cheese off the pizza to bribe him to come close to me so that I could grab him.  I nearly had a heart attack.


I ate my pizza.  Only four slices.  I was slightly disappointed in myself as I thought I could do better.  I got dipping sauce too because it just isn’t right to eat pizza without it.  And that’s it.  No more pizza for a while.


Remember when I told you I had a secret goal and it is now confirmed for August 23rd?  Well I think it’s time to tell you.  I booked a fitness photo shoot.  WHAT?  I know.  Crazy.  Me.  A photo shoot.  Who do I think I am?  Well, I have been in denial about the whole thing and just casually eating bags of popcorn and pizza and I should probably…ummm maybe control myself a bit better just for the next six weeks (it’s exactly six weeks away today).

I will not count calories, I will not spend three hours in the gym each day, I will not pick myself apart, and I will not strive for perfection.  The only plan that I have is to go into the photo shoot representing a healthy and normal woman who eats food and exercises to be healthy.  I will be on a full out plant-based diet (I usually am 90% of the time anyway) and will be exercising 5-6 days a week (combining weight training with cardio).  I’m not taking any kind of weird potions or powders or magic drinks that promise to make you skinny.  Only Vega goodies for me.  I currently use the SF energizer, recovery accelerator and performance protein on a daily basis and plan on continuing to do so.  I am honestly just going to keep doing what I am already doing but pushing a little harder in the gym (I half-ass my weight training too often) and cleaning up my diet a little more.


I think it’s safe to say I like polka dots baha.  So that’s me about two weeks ago, just in case you were wondering (you don’t want to see me today – I am carrying a pizza baby the size of a cantaloupe).  I never post pictures like this because I think it’s weird.  But it will be cool to compare in six weeks to see the difference, if there is any difference.  I never take pictures of my legs because they are…let’s say…the part of my body I like the least, but I will do it so that I can track my progress! 😀



What is the one machine at the gym you hate the most?  Elliptical and leg extension for me.

Favourite take-out/delivery?

Do you take pictures to track your progress?


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    Having a goal to works towards always makes me feel more dedicated while working out. Sometimes I do take progress pics but I usually never post them. I just feel weird! I like seeing other people’s progress though because it is inspiring.

  2. 3


    I track my progress with photos. I don’t always look at them until much later but on days when I feel like nothing has changed, I’ll go way back and look. It puts progress in perspective. I love the idea of a photoshoot. I’ve been wanting to schedule one but can’t find a photographer here that specializes in fitness. Still trying though!

  3. 4


    I hate the elliptical too! And the stair master… and the stepping machine… and the stationary bike. I think the only machines I actually like are the treadmill and spin bikes haha.

    That’s awesome about doing a fitness photo shoot – and I love your balanced approach too. I’m excited for you girl!

    Favourite healthy take out = Kindfood. Favourite real takeout = Gino’s pizza with garlic parmesan dipping sauce.

  4. 5


    Elliptical hands down. Probably because I am incredibly uncoordinated and I always end up smacking myself with the handle things.
    When I was trying to lose weight 2 years ago, I took pictures every month to track my progress. Now I’m kinda where I want to be so I don’t bother anymore. Fave take out is a toss up between Swiss Chalet and Pizza. 😀

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    Well first of all, by the looks of those pics I’d say you could do the photo shoot RIGHT NOW! Haha but seriously, you look awesome. And I freakin love that you are going to do anything crazy to get ready for it, that’s the way to go! I’m excited for you! 😀

  6. 12


    WHAAAAAAAAAAT! So proud of you! See the awesomeness I was talking about? It’s showing!
    The fact that you bribed Princeton back with cheese made me die- even if you wanted to kill him.
    I really, really hate the elliptical, I really, really love pizza and Thai (but must be exceptional for me to order it), and I haven’t taken pictures since the end of my 12 week challenge. Thanks for the reminder- I should do some this weekend.

  7. 13


    I also hate the leg extension. The burn on those last few reps in unbelievable! My favourite take out would have to be green curry if I’m feeling moderately healthy, and a dirty deep dish pizza with cheesy garlic bread if I’m feeling like being a sloth and watching movies all day on my couch :).

    Good luck on your photo shoot prep!

  8. 14


    Well I think you look awesome exactly as you are, but I can understand wanting to feel your absolutely best for a photo shoot…just remember your personality counts for A LOT even in a photo, so don’t obsess over little things that the rest of us will never even notice :)

  9. 15

    Cara D says

    Sorry but the sewage bit made me laugh. Just the way you wrote it. Awesome that you’re doing a photoshoot sans potions!! So excited for you and the fact that you’re just living your normal life until then is awesome :)

  10. 16


    Princeton was actually running away from home so he could come and live with me instead lol!! He’s a crazy little thing! The photo shoot sounds like fun! You already look great so I can’t even imagine what 6 weeks is going to look like for you. Sorry to hear about the running pain but you are doing the right thing. Rest and give your body a break and see your doctor if it won’t go away. I’ll say a little prayer for you :)

  11. 17

    Rachael says

    Have you tried using a foam roller to roll out the tight muscle in your leg? Or even a tennis ball,it’s gonna hurt,but it should help release the tension! I love my foam roller ever since I heard about it! It does wonders,and its like a mini massage! Anyways,I hate being side lined as well so I hope you get better fast! And I think you’ll do great on your photo shoot!

  12. 18


    I hate some of the bikes at the gym, just horrible! I’m super picky about what equipment I use because I feel like some of them promote bad form and injuries!

    I take photos for my personal progress, but I also use things like…how my clothes fit etc to track progress. I try not to use the scale for progress…it just makes me angry!

  13. 19

    Crystal L. says

    I seriously loathe the treadmill so much so that I’ve lovingly renamed it the Dreadmill.. But when the temps here reach into the 90s with humidity at over 80% jumping the temps up over 100 I’m much more comfortable in the gym on the dreadmill with AC and a huuuuuuge fan blowing on me :) I’d have to say my fav take out is pizza as well although I go with the Vege Supreme I still eat wayyyy to much of it every dang time.. As for the pictures I do take them to track my progress because I’ve recently hit 50lbs weight loss and being a bigger girl it’s harder for me to see the weight come off without picture proof. It’s wonderful that people notice and say nice things to me about my weight loss but I’m still harder on myself and it helps calm my inner discouraging voices down so I don’t reverse the progress.. I think that is amazing that you are going to have a fitness shoot, personally I think you could do one now you look great!!

  14. 20

    Jenny @ The Little JBird says

    Sometimes a girl just needs some pizza!
    Love love love the polka dot pants!
    Hope that calf gets its act together soon!!

  15. 23

    Carrie Kennedy says

    The photo shoot will be soooo fun! I can’t wait to see those pictures…sometimes my last hurrah last for 3-4 days…yikes is that bad???

  16. 25


    I used to have an elliptical machine and I’m not sure how I used it so often, now I hateeee it. Ick.
    I can’t wait to see the photo shoot photos. I can totally understand wanting to clean up the diet for it, you got to do what you want to do.
    I bet it will be such a fun experience.

  17. 27

    Vidya says

    Hey I hope you feel better soon and that pain subsides!

    Also, I love that you love to eat pizza and were disappointed you could only chow down 4 slices! :) haha no pizza is complete without dipping sauce! :)

  18. 29


    First of all, I hope your legs starts feeling better soon. Like, now. And if it doesn’t, I hope your PT has some good exercises for you.
    Second, my dog does the same sprinting thing every time I open the door, and it makes my heart stop each time. So scary. I’m so glad little Princeton is ok.
    Third, that photo shoot will be awesome! Go you!

  19. 31

    Shaylene says

    Thats so exciting for you!!!!! Photoshoot!! I love your message about healthy eating and having balance.!! Your blog literally brings a smile to my face everytime Thanks for that! You rock!

  20. 32

    Ashley Mammel says

    Can’t wait to see the photos from you shoot…you look like you could go in front of the camera today! I’m so proud of your approach to getting ready, you are such an inspiration! :)

  21. 36


    Polkadots for the win!! :) I’m so sorry to hear about your shin! I can definitely empathize with you because I’ve had my own fair share of crappy training over here. I discovered a couple of weeks ago that my iron is low and that explained why my workouts felt as though my lungs were going to explode out of my chest. Luckily I think I’ve got things under control now, but as I’m sure is also the case for you, I can’t help but think about those days ticking down till SeaWheeze. Either way, I know we will have a total blast! As for your fitness shoot, congratulations!! I think that’s a great goal to work towards and I can’t wait to hear more about it!

  22. 38

    VK says

    You look freaking awesome!! So excited for your photo shoot. Can’t wait to see the gorgeous pics! Your smile always makes me smile. I hope your calf pain goes away SOON!!!!!!

  23. 39


    Oh man, I am in the same boat! Luckily swimming’s not out, but running and heavy weights are out :( So boring! And it’s so hard to just relax and let yourself heal…but we all need those times, right?

  24. 40

    Recki a Corchado says

    You look spectacular already. Keep it up! Hope you feel better, it sucks when one is in pain and can’t give it their all when working out.

  25. 41


    I’ve recently decided to step up my game for 6 weeks as well, until I go to Europe in August! I’m hoping to see a difference by then as well, just by doing some extra working out and being less lackadaisical about my diet than I normally am! Good luck to you!

  26. 42


    How exciting to prep for something fun like a photo shoot!! Is this your first? I’m sure you will have so much fun with it and of course the photos will be absolutely gorg!!

    I was thinking about your pain and have to ask if you’ve tried much in the way of massage therapy? I’ve found quite a bit of relief from pain in my super-tight-hips, hammies & knees that is related to my love for running.

    Best of luck with everything and thanks for being such an inspiration and sharing so much of your world with us. :))

  27. 44


    AHH! I am SO. SO. SO. excited for you! Seriously, how cool. You’re going to be amazing and I absolutely love the way you’re preparing for it – nothing crazy, just good old fashioned healthy behavior. You for the win!!! Can’t wait to see the pics! XO

  28. 45


    Girl, you’re such a humble person. You look incredible. I love how you’re all about staying away from unhealthy obsessions, like tracking calories and ish.

    I think it’s amazing you can look like this without counting calories or anything, though. I’m wondering if you count your macros at all? Or just go with the flow? If this is you with zero counting anything, after the 6 weeks you’re gonna be Iron Woman!!!!

    • 46


      I just roll with it. I really, really love food. I eat what I want and exercise! I tried tracking macros and honestly, it made me crazy. It was way too much work and I was unhappy thinking about food all day. I like to eat cake and not think about how it will fit into my day, you know? Tracking takes the fun away from eating for me. Everyone is different though. My goal isn’t to look like a super ripped fitness model. I just want to be the healthiest and happiest version of myself. If it means a six pack, great! If it doesn’t that’s okay too!

      Thanks for such a sweet comment! :)

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