For those of you who are concerned…

…about tomorrow’s beer run.  Q left a very reassuring yet hilarious comment on my last post that should make us all feel better about the situation.

Looks like I’m in good hands…

Colleen (a reader) reminded me of Zevia, the lovely sugar and calorie-free soda (which comes in root beer flavour!).  It is sweetened with stevia and might be a possibility for tomorrow.  I still think running on six cans of carbonation is going to suck big time though so I will have to make some game time decisions.

I  also got an anonymous comment on my latest #ipromise post about how I should just eat the foods I enjoy and not deprive myself ofthings that I crave.  Thank you to whoever it was that wrote that because I’d love to address it.  I don’t want my readers to think I don’t eat what I want because I definitely do.  Example:

Last night I went out with a friend and we wanted froyo so we went and got some.  Knowing that I promised myself one indulgent day for the week and I still have Quinton’s party/beer run tomorrow had no effect on my decision.  So what if I break my promise and eat some pie tomorrow?  If I want froyo on a Thursday night I will eat it.  And if I want pie on a Saturday I will eat that too.

These promises are more like challenges for me because I love love LOVE sweets and it is not healthy for me to eat exactly what I want each day because I’m pretty sure chocolate doesn’t have that many nutrients in it.  Ice cream probably wouldn’t work well as pre-workout fuel either.

It took me a long time to learn balance and I am still learning but I said sayonara to deprivation a long time ago.  Eat ice cream, be happy.

Then get some kisses from your puppy and life is good.

Do you schedule treat days or do you eat what you want when you want?

What the heck are vodka coolers and can someone recommend one that doesn’t taste like gasoline?


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    I don’t schedule treat days because they happen naturally with holidays, birthdays, events, driving by Menchie’s…etc. That way when I indulge on a whim, I don’t feel bad.

    Vodka coolers don’t taste like gasoline hahaha. Try a lemonade or pink grapefruit one perhaps?

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    I think we are relieved to know you will not die tomorrow. I hope you have a blast!

    I definitely have treats when I want them, but I try to resist and exhibit self-control from time to time because if I didn’t, I would be on a strict diet of cookies and ice-cream. I don’t deprive myself of anything and I am learning moderation. Rather than eating 10 cookies, I can now have 1 and feel super proud of myself.

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    Shaylene says

    The Tropical Orange Barcadi Breezers is a good vodka cooler. I find them sweet though so I am usually good with one. I dont plan treat days per say just more of what i am feeling throught out the week. I was just on a cruise and had ice cream everyday so this week I havent had the urge to eat many sweets. Balance everything in moderation!

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    Ice cream is the key to my heart and my happiness. It’s a necessary part of my day. I don’t really have “treat days” but occasionally I do overindulge, I guess. It’s usually when I’m at home and my parents throw food in my face. Otherwise I try to stay balanced

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    Q is a funny man. Sounds like tomorrow is going to be a hoot! Just dilute the booze with pie;)

    I think anonymous comments are funny, they are only anonymous when they are critical. Wish critics had the balls to just say what they want and not hide behind a mask. But that’s life, critics are usually cowards that just think its easier to judge others rather than face their own bull crap that makes them imperfect.

    Hope you’re doin well otherwise! It’s been awhile since I’ve stopped here.

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    I don’t schedule treat days. I eat my treats when I want to but definitely know my limits! I love cupcakes and eat them when I feel like it. I don’t crave them everyday but I won’t give them up. I know you are a smart girl and wouldn’t do anything stupid so I am not overly concerned just wanted to make sure you knew what would happen since you are a non-drinker. I bet you didn’t think that so many of us care about you, did you? We love you and that stinkin’ cute puppy of yours too!

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    Ha ha. I’d have bad recommendations for you because I like plain vodka…like no chase or anything. That’s a pretty awesome response though. And obviously you will be responsible:) I don’t like the idea of scheduling “treat days” just eat what you want if you enjoy it! I like your style.

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    I’m so glad to hear that you have people looking out for you! I know you are a smart girl and would never do anything to jeopardize yourself and of course Dean will be taking care of you too!
    Good luck and I hope you have fun!

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