I might have to take up drinking

I am absolutely not a drinker.  I never have been.  I think the last time I tried an alcoholic beverage was about six years ago.  I don’t avoid it for any other reason than the fact that I hate the taste of it.  Don’t even try to convince me “you can’t taste it in this one, I swear!” or “this tastes just like fruit punch!” because IT DOESN’T.  Any and all forms of alcohol (yes, wine included) taste like gasoline to me (not that I’ve ever tried gasoline…but you know what I mean).

This only happened because Dean bet me a Tiffany necklace that I wouldn’t take a sip of his drink. Don’t mess with me and Tiff. I WON.

My hate for alcohol has never been a problem.  I save money, I can eat my calories instead of drink them, I am never hungover, and I can take care of everyone else who drinks by driving them home if need be.  This weekend though, Quinton is having what he calls his Second Annual Beer Run.  I didn’t go last year because I was busy…or maybe I just thought it was weird to run and drink at a man’s house who I met over the internet.  All is good now, we ran Tough Mudder together in animal print pants, and I know he is normal.  But I got suckered into the beer run.

Here are the rules: drink, run a kilometre, repeat until you have run five kilometres.  Drink options: beer, vodka shots, root beer.  Now I know there is root beer on there but have you seen the sugar content in a can of that stuff?!  First off, each can has 152 calories and then the sugar is just out of whack – 39 freaking grams per can.  That would take me to 760 calories and 195 grams of sugar.  I am not a huge calorie counter but no thanks.  Beer isn’t any better so I am left with vodka as my “best” option (I think…am I right?  Is it even the best option?).  I won’t even lie when I say I don’t think I have ever even had vodka.  I am scared.  Really, really scared.

I really want to participate because it is so different from anything else I have ever done but I am terrified for my life.  I need advice from you seasoned drinkers…

Is five shots of vodka really that much??

Do I need to take up drinking tonight and tomorrow to practice?  Please say no.

Any other non-drinkers out there?

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        BARF! I’m a seasoned drinker, vodka fan, and even my tummy is in a twist thinking bout FIVE vodka shots! I will say if you have a chaser, it’s better HOWEVER, in a short amount of time AND being a non-drinker you. will. get. shitfaced.

        Since you NEVER drink, your immediate sphere might be pushing you for the shots route and selling you on the idea by pointing out it’s less calories and BLAH BLAH BLAH merely because I cam CERTAIN you. will. be. HILARIOUS!

        This is what I would do… (if can) Start with two shots of vodka and taper with three beers.

        Whatever you do — do not consume any sugar. If you drink and have sugar you. will. hate. life. HANG OVER CITY!

        PS: This post is awesome–you’re awesome:)

        ut I would seriously consider BEER. hahaha I didn’t

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    haha this entry is priceless! I gotta say, by the end of 5 vodka shots, as a non drinker, you WILL be drunk! but this sounds like a LOT of fun, i think you should try it out. This coming from a drinker though 😛

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    Brooke @ Exercise For Fries says

    5 shots of vodka in a short amount of time is a lot. Especially if you don’t drink. You will definitely vomit. Just stick to the root beer (do you have to drink a whole can at each kilometer?) you’ll be far better off.

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    I agree with the other posters, 5 shots of vodka, in that little amount of time is a hell of a lot of alcohol. I would be tempted to do 1 beer, 1 root beer, 1 beer, 1 root beer. Regardless of sugar or calories. Sometimes you just gotta forget about the calories your consuming for the sake of having fun.

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    Lisa says

    Do you think you could maybe get an exception because your not a drinker. 5 shots of Vodka is def a no no! maybe 1 shot for every 2 km?

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    Can you do shots of root beer instead? Or even shots of say a mixed drink – more oj than vodka? 5 shots of vodka would be awful. (Trust me, based on an experience in college, you don’t want to go there.) 5 cans of root beer would put me in a sugar coma LOL, but five shots wouldn’t be too bad and you’d run it off…

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    hejnks says

    you’ll be fine. 5 shots of vodka you wont be able to feel yourself run

    seeing as your not a drinker you will be in a very good place after 5 shots, and its ‘less’ liquid so it wont be sloshing around in you’re stomach making you feel ill

    good luck!!

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    Melissa says

    Ok, is the object of this run to see who will throw up and/or pass out first? It just seems cruel to me. In my head, exercise (ok, any physical exertion) and drinking don’t mix. You drink, you gt dehydrated, you have bad judgement, and then you also run? Doesn’t make any sense. I’m with another commenter – take a sip and spit it out. Out of all the “options,” vodka is your best bet in terms of calorie/sugar content, but none of the options are really good if they contain alcohol. YUCK!
    (And yes I drink. Mostly wine. A lot. Give me a break, I have two boys. But I cannot drink and run. My bod simply cannot handle it. No way.)

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    Um you will absolutely get completely bombed off 5 shots of vodka, especially that close together. Mixed with the fact you don’t drink at all and have zero tolerance AND will be running, it’s likely you’ll get sick. That’s a short amount of time to pound 5 shots of liquor. Not to mention vodka tastes awful. Can you get tequila?? Lol…just kidding. I’d go with the beer personally if I were you but if you don’t want alcohol then go with the root beer. I think the vodka would be a bad choice for someone who doesn’t drink and you’re tiny!! You will be hammered.

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    Oh my goodness…5 shots of vodka and you will not be able to walk. Seriously. Don’t do it! Is the only reason to avoid the root beer the calories? Because a standard shot of vodka (at 1.5 ounces) is 109 calories anyway….so even the vodka is going to be nearly 600 calories. Just drink the root beer, girl!

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    Wendy says

    You will NOT vomit from five shots unless of course you took them right after each other, which you aren’t. Have fun!!! You never do it, so get silly and enjoy yourself.

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    I don’t want to scare you or discourage you either but 5 shots is an awful lot, especially as you don’t drink. Obviously the alcohol content of vodka is high, you’re smaller in size, and you probably won’t have a ton of food on your stomach before you run…no bueno in my opinion. If you choose beer would it be a whole can each time like the root beer? Yikes – 5 cans of either is a lot. Maybe they can adjust amounts for you? I’m sure it will be fun nonetheless. Please be sure Dean gets some good photos of your drunkenness. Hee!
    Good luck, girl! Oh and congrats on the necklace! 😉

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    Lindsay says

    OMG vodka is the worst! Even back when I used to drink that would do me in. Now, I wouldn’t make it past shot number two I’m sure. If I were you I would try a shot of it one day just to see how it sits in your stomach. Maybe when you take the shots you can ‘accidentally’ spill most of it, or dump some (or all) out. I’m sure you can be sneaky!

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    Leah says

    I am a drinker!!! Clean eater, bikini competitor, fitness freak. I haven’t had a drink of alcohol for about 2 months due to the fact I am training for a competition right now-and boy I cannot wait to have a cold one.
    However, with that being said, since you are not a drinker I would NOT do this event (I would love to participate in something like this) But 5 shots of vodka is quite a bit, even without the running it will have you feeling like someone ran over your head with a bicycle. I am guessing, with the added running, you would probably end up puking. I think if you did this event, sad to say, but you would hate alcohol even more (the smell of it will probably make you queazy)

    If you do decide to do it (which would be a great experience!) I would definitely “practice”, because you will need to build up your tolerance. I would suggest having a nightcap every night leading up to the event (preferably with vodka) so you can get used to the taste.


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      Okay first off you are amazing for training for a bikini competition. I am itching to do it one day but know I can’t say no to chocolate for an extended period of time. Truth.

      Thanks for the tips. I only have today and tomorrow to “practice” and I doubt I can build my tolerance in two days haha! I have no idea what is going to go down on Saturday but I’m sure it will be an experience to remember…or not remember…who knows!

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    Colleen Keith says

    My friends and I consider vodka shots the nasty of nasty shots. They are honestly the worst. I’m a once a month for a big party type of social drinker only, so I’m right up there with you where most if it tastes like gasoline (you should try Palm Bays, but try not to poplar the sugar content hahaha). However, my heavy drinking friends even hold their noses through vodka shots. You will die. And have no taste buds or stomach lining.

    My solution for you: have you heard of Zevia? It is soda flavoured with stevia! Sugar free! Surely you could bring your own root beer? I’ve tried that flavour and its pretty close to the real thing :) or tell them that you have an infection that causes you to avoid sugar to recover (my friend had that, she even had to avoid fruit! How are you acting skills hahaha)! You can do it! Just gotta be clever about it!

  15. 57


    The sugary root beer would give me cramps, and I’m no liquor fan. I have, however, always wanted to do a beer run. Maybe one day… 😉

  16. 59

    Kristen says

    I am so glad to hear that someone else doesn’t like alcohol!! I can’t stand the taste or the smell of it. I have also had people say that you can’t taste it in a “fruity” drink but yes you can. I think vodka has the highest alcohol level of all the options. I would probably do the vodka anyways because I know I couldn’t do the beer. And I don’t like root beer either.

  17. 61

    Kim says

    Did you ever see Coyote Ugly? Take the shot, don’t swallow, then spit it back into a water bottle. It will just look like you’re chasing the shot or cleaning your mouth out. And, no one will see because water and vodka are the same colour. Problem solved, and I’m sure you’re allowed to have water with you for the run! Good luck! I’m sure you will have a great time :)

  18. 63

    Julie says

    Sounds kinda fun, but 5 shots is a lot. Especially if you are not a drinker. I rarely drink either. 5 shots & I’d be hammered. I think if I drank 5 cans of sugary pop during a run I’d throw up (5 shots would do it too). Try to drink something else.
    No matter what be careful with this race.

  19. 65


    I can’t believe you are doing this! I would stick to the rootbeer or maybe get a diet rootbeer! I think you are going to end up sick! Oh and please have Dean give me a call, I would like to place a few bets with him lol!! I need a new LV!!

  20. 66


    I’m not a drinker, either. I’ve actually never even tasted a sip of alcohol. It’s not for lack of access, although I am still 6 months away from 21. I just don’t see the point in losing control, drinking something that doesn’t taste good just to feel a “buzz,” and most importantly, the ridiculous amount of calories! I’d rather eat ten bowls of ice cream (okay, maybe not 10) or a slab of chocolate fudge cake, than waste a days worth of calories on a drink that has a bitter taste to it.
    Even to me, 5 shots of Vodka sounds like a LOT of alcohol. My friends all make fun of me and say I’d be gone after 1, so I think I’d be dead at 5, ha

  21. 67

    brista says

    If you NEVER drink, then yes, five is too much! Your tolerance level is probably two shots, okay, three shots, DRUNK. Five would make you super drunk and probably throw up. If you’re going to do alcohol, then I’d alternate rootbeer and vodka (if you’re allowed).

  22. 68

    Gemma says

    5 shots is way too much for a non drinker – do the root beer shots or the root beer cans. Good luck and keep us posted!!!

  23. 70

    brittany says

    In university we had an annual Run N’ Chug.. only beer was allowed but they were the mini pony beers (still added up to be a lot by the end!!!)..I’ll just say unless you burp the whole time you’re running..most people end up throwing up along the way or at the end…either one you choose will be tough to handle because you’re not used to it..BUT if you do vodka maybe use a sip of rootbeer after it to get rid of the nasty taste!!
    I think either way it will be a blast and you’ll be happy you participated !! :) have funnnn!!!

  24. 71

    Kayla says

    This is hilariously awesome! I may have to steal this idea. :) You can totally do it though, you’ll be tipsy by the 2nd km and having fun!!

  25. 72


    The good news is you will probably win because taking a shot is WAY FASTER than drinking a WHOLE beer! Hahah this sounds so fun, I need to implement this in my life. 5 shots is a lot for someone who doesn’t drink, but I still think you will survive without tossing your cookies or you know…blacking out. aha.

  26. 73


    First off, I think that’s great that you don’t drink, that is a good thing. You take in a lot of empty calories with beer and wine. I drink sometimes, mainly at special events.

    For the beer run – I’ve done the beer mile before (4 beers, 4 laps), it took me about 14 minutes to do. At the end, I was dying and felt awful. And I swore that I’d never do another beer mile again. haha You just get so full of carbonation that you can’t burp it out and you just feel awful.

    Since you aren’t a drinker, if you have 5 vodka shots you will be in really rough shape. My guess is that you would puke once either during the run or after. Especially since you will be working out, and working out processes the alcohol even faster as opposed to if you were doing nothing – since your metabolism is going faster with working out.

    5 beers is probably just as bad as the vodka shots, since you will be totally full from the carbonation of the beers, plus you’ll be drunk by the end.

    So I would choose the 5 root beers, since even though you’ll be really full from the carbonation, at least you won’t be drunk at the end. Just try to burp a lot during the whole thing! Really curious to hear what option you choose and how it goes lol

  27. 74


    o my gosh you are teeny tiny and don’t drink, so 5 shots is NOT a good idea! beer is a better choice :) orrrrr you can do the run part and i can drink!! <–that sounds like a better plan

  28. 75

    gabsgranny says

    You could be risking your life.
    Alcohol poisoning is a serious — and sometimes deadly — consequence of drinking large amounts of alcohol in a short period of time. Drinking too much too quickly can affect your breathing, heart rate and gag reflex and potentially lead to coma and death.

    Binge drinking — rapidly downing five or more drinks in a row — is a main cause of alcohol poisoning. Alcohol poisoning can also occur when you accidentally or intentionally drink household products that contain alcohol

  29. 77


    I drink beer and wine and can hold my own, but I am a lightweight when it comes to liquor, 5 shots of vodka would do me in and for someone that doesn’t drink, that’s pretty risky. Christina, if it was me I wouldn’t do the shots or if you do don’t do all five.

  30. 78

    Susan K says

    The thought of booze and exertion makes me feel ill just thinking about it. If its bring your own; vodka and water look the same! I know because as a teenager I used to pinch my parents vodka and replace with water. That was until my Mums bridge ladies busted me :)

  31. 79

    Q says

    Everybody Calm Dung.

    First of all…nobody would let Ms. Christina drink 6 shots of straight vodka. Maybe watered down vodka cooler or something. She will be in good hands. Sloppy – but good hands. We’ve got quite a few non-drinking volunteers helping to make sure things stay safe. And you can be guaranteed that Dean will get some good freaking pics.

    Second of all…there are lots of examples of where taking two or more great things and putting them together…make the combination fantastic. Peanut butter and jelly? Pie and ice cream? Yoga and mats? I’m sure back when the first guy said “Let’s swim AND bike AND run” he got some slack. Now these ironmen are touted as heroes.

    Anyway, this is the SECOND “Q’s Annual Beer Run”**. If we’re doing it again this year with so many competitors that must mean that the first one was a tremendous success!

    There are a very many strategies on how to approach and compete in such an event…many offered up by the countless great beer runners before us. Their legacy will live on through us tomorrow. On top of that, there is a ton of excellent advice right here from all of C’s followers. But all of the advice is as useful as a warm bucket of hamster vomit…because tomorrow…anything could (and prolly will) happen.

    **Truthfully…I don’t actually remember the first “Q’s Annual Beer Run”. But I’ve been told it was wicked awesome.

  32. 81


    Ok after reading some of these comments I can see why you’re worried!! I’ve done the Beer Mile before (it’s a real thing- google it!) It’s brutal haha, but awesome. Life would be pretty boring if we chose the healthy option EVERY time – you have to live a little too! You might get sick.. But that’s ok, not the end of the world! And if you have friends there to make sure you’re ok, you will be fine. It’s a life experience – go for it!

    I’m sure the Beer Mile was not exactly the best choice I’ve made for my health, but it sure wasn’t the worst either! And I look back at it and I’m glad I did it, it was hilarious and awesome and I loved being the only girl willing to brave it. Go do it and have fun!!!

    And definitely make a vlog… hehe after those 5 vodka shots, I’m willing to bet it will be pretty entertaining 😉

  33. 82


    I want to come just to see you on 5 shots of vodka. I hate vodka – I prefer tequila. My advice – if you down a glass of water with every shot, you’ll be fine. SUGAR is a hangover – alcohol is a great buzz (in moderation) – HAVE FUN!

    • 83


      after reading all the other comments – I will agree = YOU WILL BE DRUNK. so drunk. like super hungover the next day drunk. but it’ll be fun. and I stand by my huge glass of water per shot…..it works for me!

  34. 84


    Okay, just read this and is it bad if I think you would be fine. I used to party a lot and I definitely could do this. But, on the other hand I drink. I think 4 would be a good amount for you, 5 may push the limit. I mean, you’ll most likely be fine just a little funny running;) And I totally wish I could do this! It sounds like a lot of fun to me! You have to take pictures and have fun!!

  35. 86

    Someonewhocares says

    So how old is Quentin? 12? no one should be drinking that amount of alcohol in that short a period of time. No matter how experienced a drinker they are. It’s dangerous and it’s unhealthy. Would you counsel your students to do it? or to do things for gifts or money that are against their principles? Good grief.


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