#ipromise week 4

Vacations throw me off.  You can even ask Electra.  She probably thought I was a major eat clean phoney after she saw me eat while we were away!  Problem is, it didn’t stop when I got back.  I have that mentality where if I start the week on a bad note, might as well “start fresh on Monday”.

Not a good attitude, I know.  I’m working on changing that.  Good news is TODAY IS MONDAY!  Here are the promises I made to myself during my vacation week:

#ipromise to be more lax about treats until Tuesday and get back to clean eating when I get back on Wednesday – lax on vacation – YES (too much maybe?), clean eating on Wednesday – NO.
#ipromise to get 1-2 workouts in while I am away – Electra and I got a killer Crossfit workout in together!
#ipromise to spend whatever free time I have walking around the city exploring – Total YES!  I think I walked 579 blocks on my last day.
#ipromise to run 20 miles by the end of the week (this will help me get back on track when I get home!) – Ummm no.  I lost my motivation, remember?
#ipromise (again) to make something with eggs when I get back – I finally did!  I made Petite Athleat’s coconut flour pancakes yesterday.
This week…
#ipromise to NOT eat any protein bars this week.  I have ben eating a lot of them in place of real food lately and that is just wrong!
#ipromise to have one amazingly delicious treat this week, which is still unplanned…dun dun dun.
#ipromise to wake up early and get a workout in before work each day.
#ipromise to manage my time in the morning so that I can sit down to eat a proper and nutritious breakfast.
#ipromise to not be tempted my the treats in Dean’s cupboard.  He will not sabotage me.  He will not sabotage me.  He will not…

He tortures me.  I don’t like it.

Tell me one (or more) promise you are making to yourself this week!

Is there one candy you just cannot say no to??


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    OMG, coconut flour pancakes are my favorite! Even my dad, who doesn’t eat pancakes, loved them which is good! And I am so thankful I learned about Electra through your twitter feed. What an awesome person she is! Loved reading her “What’s Beautiful” post.

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    Everyone deserves a little vacation once in awhile! Don’t sweat the small stuff, you’ll get back on track once you settle into a routine again. My parents stuffed me to the brim all weekend with my favorite foods and I’m looking forward to going back to a healthier eating plan. It’s so hard to say no when it’s right there in front of you!

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    Julie says

    Good luck! I should make some of those promises to myself too.
    I am having a big Halloween Party on Sat. & I make loads of spooky (not healthy at all) treats. I say I will allow myself one and it usually ends up being about 95 treats! LOL

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    This week I am promising myself to make sure to enjoy my vacation! So far soooo good…:)

    Wicked to hear you and Electra got to meet up and kick some tail!

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    Sarah Elizabeth says

    Great entry! It’s inspired me to make some ipromises for myself. I’m studying dietetics, and even though I know about eating right and exercising, the stress of school drove me to eat a lot of treats and cheat meals. I realized I had a problem when I bought Sugar Crisp cereal for breakfast. UGH! What was I thinking?!?
    Today actually is the start of my change, where I must eat a healthy breakfast, lunch and snacks, and if I must have a treat I have to stick to small portions. Next week I’m starting a Turbofire challenge with a group of girls, it’s going to be intense!
    By the way, I’m definitely a lurker on your blog and this is my first comment, but just so you know I read every entry and you’re a HUGE inspiration!! Thanks!

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    I’m the exact same way…..I am always using the monday excuse 😉 lol …I’ve been sooooo bad with eating and it’s showing in my waistline. It doesn’t help that I can’t seem to get rid of this sickness and whenever I’m sick I eat so poorly. I don’t know why…..I need to make those pancakes! yum!!!

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    We all have slumps and dips in motivation, you know it – we know it. No sweat, you´ll get back to it in no time and in the meantime your body uses the rest and extra energy to fuel up for awesome workouts to come (at least that´s what I tell myself!)

    I´m a huge chips addict. And chocolate. And about three million other things. Nowadays I can, and do, say no lots of times. Not always, I believe in balance and that I can eat anything – just not always. fresh baked cinnamon buns (the swedish kind, of course, not the icky ones you guys have over there!) are hard to pass up though! They are almost always one of my weekend treats :-).

    This week I´ve promised to take a walk on every lunch break. It´s getting so dark now and I need to catch some daylight to keep my spirits up. I´ve also promised to relax as much as possible. It´s been a hard couple of weeks and I´m stressed out, don´t sleep well, am a bad mom (well, not a very patient one) etcetera. Still doing my workouts though and eating…fairly clean. Have also resorted to bars and shakes more than I like since it´s better than eating nothing. Will not stress over that part this week though, i need to catch my breath and get into to it and by next week my clean snacks will be back :-)

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    Hi there!
    I absolutely love your blog, and IG!

    I am local- only in Buffalo- but I am going to Toronto from Thursday-Sunday for work and was wondering if any of my awesome Canadian neighbors could recommend restauraunts, or any great things that are a “must” see “must” do!

    Thank you!

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    lolol I love this post! I support you and your motivation

    this week I pomise not to indulge in treats too….until Satnight for my cheat meal…Ive been giving myself way to many cheat options these days….le sigh

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    Anonymous says

    Maybe you should just let yourself eat the foods you obviously crave and enjoy. Neither life or health is about deprivation.

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      Hi! I completely agree with you. I do eat the foods I enjoy but I like to try and maintain a bit of blance. Eating too much of what I crave wouldn’t be healthy either. I’m pretty sure chocolate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner wouldn’t be the best thing for me! 😉 Thanks for your comment and have a great day!


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