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I bet you were expecting to see me flexing showing you some crazy muscles that magically formed while I was away in NYC.  Not the case.  Those still don’t exist.  There is someone that did go through quite the transformation though and his name is Princeton.

How stinkin’ cute and bald does he look?!  I swear he should have his own Instagram account because all of my friends on there like him way more than they like me!

 I die.

On a different note, I am finding it really hard to get back into the swing of things since coming back from NYC.  Both nutrition and workout wise I just feel lazy and unmotivated.  I think I’ve worked out twice since I’ve been back and I’ve been living off more protein bars than actual food.  It’s been one of those weird weeks though where everything isn’t going the way it should.  I still have some promises that I made to myself that I want to try my best to complete over the weekend, one of them including cooking with eggs.  I am thinking either these egg puffs or protein bars…or maybe even both.  I also had a goal to run 20 miles this week and I think so far I have run maybe three during my treadmill sprints the other day…so that leaves 17 more…over two days.  Right now sleeping the weekend away sounds more desirable but let’s see if I can change that!

Happy weekend!

What do you do to get motivated?

What is your favourite way to eat eggs?


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    I’m feeling that too. Last week I was stressing about some personal issues and I only did 2 workouts that week. It didn’t help that I ate a bunch of refined carbs, sugar and fat. I feel so sick to my stomach from eating the wrong foods, but today I’m back on track. We’ll see how tonight goes with my boys cubscouts hayride event tonight. We’re having hot dogs, hot chocolate and s’mores at the campsite!

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    Sarah says

    1) your dog is SO cute! Before and after the haircut :)
    2) I always have a hard time getting into a routine after being away for awhile. It’s always difficult to convince yourself to eat healthy after indulging on so many treats. But after about 3 days it becomes so much easier!

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    Your dog is so cute!

    I love scrambled eggs. They’re pretty unhealthy if you eat them out at a cafe or something because they’re loaded with butter and cream but if you make them yourself they’re super healthy and you don’t even have to use butter or cream (just make sure you constantly stir them or use a good non stick pan and add a dash of milk instead of cream), add pepper and parsley and they’re deliscious! :)

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    Sometimes we all go thru those slumps. YOU CAN DO IT…run like the wind. Call a friend to run with… I made the egg puffs a couple days ago and as always…they were delicious! I use pure almond extract…SO good!

    xoxo from Trinidad

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    Princeton looks adorable, he just needs a little tie now to go with his polished look.
    After travelling I find it can be difficult to get back into the swing of things. You’re pretty good about giving yourself some slack and then picking right back up. I find that if I focus on this too much and think about how poorly I’m doing, then I just keep spiraling down. But if I give myself the ok to readjust, and set a goal for when I’m back to following normal routines, it’s much easier that way and I’m more successful. Welcome back girl!!
    Come visit Buffalo and we can work out in my backyard and then eat homemade kale chips! :)

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    I think that airline travel is very unhealthy (recirculated air) and that it takes a toll on the body. Rest if that is what you are needing!

    And don’t discount that FALL thing we have going on too, where the natural tendency is to den up and hibernate… we are ANIMALS after all!

    Get out in the sunshine when you can. Bundle up and soak up some healthy energizing rays.

    And kiss that adorable furry little face for me! He is so sweet and you are lucky to have each other!

    :) Cheers!

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    I’m in the same boat. I forced myself on a run today but I wouldn’t say I felt motivated (before or after the run.) Princeton looks great with his haircut, but you look cute too!


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