The city of cheese

I’M BAAAACK!  All I have to say is New York is amazing.  I can’t get into full details but what I can tell you is that I got to meet Electra:

We got to workout together:

We took a lot of pictures while exploring the city:

But then after three amazing days we had to say goodbye:

This girl is amazing.  Even more beautiful and inspiring in real life.  I honestly felt like I have known her forever.  I couldn’t have asked for a better partner in crime to tackle NYC with!

Oh, and my whole promise about being more “lax” about treats while on vacation was taken to a whole new level.  I think cheese is considered a food group in NYC.  Bagels with cream cheese and cheesecake were the best things I ate.


I won’t lie, my stomach didn’t agree with the excessive amount of dairy I was eating and I found I was less energetic than usual.  It’s crazy how stepping out of your eating comfort zone can affect your body in so many ways.  With that being said, I still think vacations are for trying new things (especially food) and not regretting any of it!

Fill me in!  How was your week?  What’s the best thing you ate?  Have you ever been to NYC?  Where is the best place you have travelled?  Do you try to eat clean when you go away?


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    Jeez, I thought you were going to Jamaica, not NY lol…glad you two had such a great time! I long for the day I can have a weekend with a blogger friend lol…someone who I won’t drive crazy talking about all things blogging, fitness, nutrition, etc..haha, my family and friends have heard enough!!

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    for sure, I’m a fan of this pic of you both at the gym !!! 😀
    Hummmmmm the best thing I ate … I guess a kind of cheescake (we call that “fromage blanc” cake, contains less fat than a classic cheese cake ;)) I’m going to US on may 2013 !!!!! so happy (well not really NY but Vegas / SanFransisco and a lot more !) otherwise I’m going to Italy for 5 days next month :):):) <— happy girl !
    I'm always trying to eat clean, I have to I have the "lazy stomach syndrom" which means always having discomfort if I'm eating to bad or too much fat :( …. but I'm less hard with myself when I'm going away 😉

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    That’s cool you guys got to meet up in NY, I’ve always wanted to go to the big city. My stomach gets upset if I eat too much dairy or wheat, kinda like my experience yesterday. I got invited to go on a Pure Michigan Ag tour to local dairy farm and we got to sample milk, chocolate milk, cottage cheese, more milk and cheese all day! LOL
    Glad you guys had fun!

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    It’s amazing how sensitive our bodies become when we deprive ourselves for too long. I stopped eating soda a few years ago and now even the fizziness in a lemonade fountain drink makes me sick to my stomach! But I’m glad you had such a great time in New York and were able to push yourself out of your comfort zone! A new york bagel is worth it 😉

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    brittany says

    can’t wait to hear why you guys were there but looks like you had a blast!! where is your denim shirt from? i love it!!!

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    I can’t wait to get in on the secret you ladies are keeping! :) I would love to workout at that box! I’ve never been to NYC but when I do get there you better believe that will be one of my stops!

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    So jealous — I have been infatuated with NYC for as long as I can remember and STILL haven’t had the chance to visit!! I will one day — for sure:)

    No matter where I am I tend to eat as clean as possible, but I’m not a robot — I definitely indulge, even if it’s “just a bite” =)

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    I LOVE NEW YORK! I have only been once and I can’t wait to go back again, the city is amazing! Glad you have a good time!
    P.S. the bagels there are amazing!!!

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    I am a 45 minute train ride away from the city so I go quite often! It is amazing each time, although I can’t help feeling a little grimy when I get home.

    I’m so psyched you 2 got to meet up! You’re equally wonderful and I adore you both!! Looking forward to hearing the reason why you were in the city. Sounds exciting!

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