#isuck at #ipromise (week 2)

So remember about my friend Theresa’s weekly #ipromise challenge I talked about?  Well last week didn’t go as well as I had hoped.  Theresa, why the heck would you make week 1 during THANKSGIVING?!  Just saying.  Anyway let’s review last week’s promises and see what worked and what didn’t work.

#ipromise to eat a completely plant-based diet – Goat cheese sneaks into sandwiches.  That’s all I have to say about that.
#ipromise to stick to clean carbs for this month’s ECD Challenge – YES.  It’s been all about clean carbs (except for Thanksgiving).  Whoops.
#ipromise not to have any treats this week (my trip is coming close!) – YES.  No treats except for Thanksgiving.  Pumpkin Spice Lattes don’t count.
#ipromise to keep it clean on Thanksgiving this Sunday – NO.  Big fat NO.  Stuffing and pumpkin pie coma.
#ipromise to increase my water intake to at least 3L a day – YES.  Totally increased but maybe not quite to 3L yet.
#ipromise to be in bed by 10pm so that I have energy for my 4:30am workouts – YES.  I was always in bed early but a lot of times I didn’t actually sleep until later.  I’ve been having a hard time sleeping these days…
#ipromise to get a sweat session in every day for the rest of the week – YES YES YES.

So now what?  Time to make more promises and KEEP THEM.  I bought a 1L CamelBak bottle off Amazon to help me with my water intake and then the next day Dean found this at WalMart:

So now I have no excuses.  I have to finish both bottles everyday, bringing me to 3.2L.  Perfect.

Also, the whole plant-based thing didn’t work.  With meat already eliminated from my diet I feel like I’m starting to restrict myself too much if I take out dairy too.  I do eat it in moderation though because my stomach tends to hurt if I eat too much.

Let’s talk new promises then.

#ipromise to only drink ONE Pumpkin Spice Latte this week, possibly with a muffin that was looking at me last week 😉
#ipromise to have a David’s Tea once a day to save me from becoming a raging sugar-addicted monster
#ipromise to incorporate high intensity workouts into my already existing love for steady state cardio 6 days this week
#ipromise to make something with eggs this week that doesn’t actually taste like eggs because I hate them
#ipromise to carry my water bottles everywhere I go and drink every drop of water even if it means peeing 37 times a day

There we go.  I think having five goals is attainable.  I don’t want to stress myself out, panic, eat a pumpkin pie, and then feel like a failure.  Baby steps.

Tell me one promise you are making to yourself this week!

What food do you most look forward to eating on Thanksgiving?


  1. 1

    Lisa Murphy says

    I promise to try a tea from David’s Tea as my treat! Instead of reaching for the chocolate or cookies or candies…..my fave thing on Thanksgiving is …..pumpkin pie…..

  2. 2


    Ohhhhhh the temptations of the holidays:) One of my BIGGEST challenges is drinking enough water. I am right there with you in disciplining to chug enough water — we gotta do it, no matter how much we end up having to pee throughout the day hahaha!!

  3. 3


    I promise to not give into my afternoon sugar cravings, reset my sleep pattern to suit daylight savings (early nights to help my early mornings) and go for at least 1 mountain bike ride with my hubby! So that’s 3.. I think that’s attainable

  4. 4


    I’m promising to eat clean again this week, I’ve fallen off the wagon since the marathon (<– last MONTH)!! I've learned the hard way that I can't give up sweets 100%, I just don't stick with it and I need to find a balance that I can make into my lifestyle. I know myself well enough to know that I won't stick to it if I cut it all out so instead I'm focusing on eating well 95% of the time… So there are still some treats to look forward to :) I'm surprised how much better I feel already!

    As for the pumpkin spice lattes (SO jealous, I think I miss them the most of everything since I moved to Cape Breton, we have no Starbucks here!) – but David's Tea Pumpkin Spice Chai is pretty incredbile! I drink it with a splash of milk (but I bet almond milk would be amazing with it) – you won't even want Starbucks after you try it :) :)

  5. 5


    You’re awesome!! I’m not sure what I promise this week. Oh wait, I promise not to drink a glass of wine until I get to California to see my mom on Wednesday night. :)

  6. 6

    Carrie Kennedy says

    Oh for sure baby steps! I eat a plant based diet now but I can’t tell you when I started because I did it so slowly, one day I just thought…hey I haven’t had any animal foods in quite a while…it will come if you want it to!

  7. 7


    Don’t be too hard on yourself girl ! 😉 you’re certainly not a failure if you eat a slice of pumpkin pie (althought that’s what I’m thinking about myself everytime I cheet haha^^… but, well …. mine are more binging than cheeting … :S) Not anyone is able to do what you’re doing ! YOU’RE A ROCK GIRL !!! :):):)
    The promise I’m making to myself this week (and I long as I can) is to drink more more more !!! Just realize few days ago, I was only drinking about 3 cups some days !!!!! now I’m sticking to my 1,5 L /day … and will increase slowly
    and for thanksgiving …. don’t have to “worry” about that , we are not celebrating it in France ^^

  8. 8

    Sara says

    I’m also doing this challenge on my own blog as well! Some of my promises for the week:
    #ipromise make it to the gym at least 3 times this week.
    #ipromise to make mindful choices when it comes to snacks
    #ipromise to not eat within two hours of going to sleep
    #ipromise to drink DavidsTea (red velvet! mint chocolate rooibos!) when I feel that sugar craving coming on
    #ipromise TO KEEP MY PROMISES!

  9. 10

    Marion says

    Way to go! Keep up the great work! You’ve inspired me to set up some of my own goals for the week ahead. A great start to the aftermath of Thanksgiving;)

  10. 11


    #ipromise to limit my sugar intake to 35g or less everyday this week
    #ipromise to eat clean healthy meals and snacks
    #ipromise to drink at least 2.5L of water per day
    #ipromise to sweat for at least 45 minutes 4 times this week
    #ipromise to limit my night time snacking

    I love Thanksgiving and I think we are doing round two this week or next so I’d better keep my promises all week so I can indulge..again :)

  11. 12


    OMG!!!!! I loved this post !!!!! You soooo cracked me up :-)))) It’s awesome to see such honesty , mixed with great humor and still willingness to be dedicated and motivated to go forward . Gotta luv Ya Christina :-))))))

  12. 13


    Alright now all your promises have been noted…now you have to stick with them! You have several acountabilibuddies (south park reference) here to make it happen!

  13. 17


    mmmm David’s Tea. It’s become a daily habit for me. I am following the iPromise challenge as well. You had a bad week. Just try to make this one a better one. To me that’s what the challenge is about.

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