A purple run and protein chips

First things first.  I appreciate all of your amazing comments from yesterday.  So many of you took the time to write really sweet comments sharing similar stories/situations and offering words of support and encouragement.  So thank you!!  I’m happy to know I’m not the only one who faces awkward situations.

This morning I woke up with every intention to go for a run before I did anything else.  But then my GPS wasn’t charged and my iPod hadn’t been updated in light years so I spent a good chunk of time putting together a new playlist that may or may not include Niki Minaj and Selena Gomez.  I finally got out to do a 4-mile route which I plan on running in under 30 minutes one day.

I was feeling purple today.  All shades of purple.  Sometimes you just gotta stick to the same side of the colour wheel, ya know?? 😉  My pants are from lululemon and my jacket is from da active.  I reviewed it a while back if you want to check it out here.  It’s the perfect jacket for running in fall weather.  I love it.

Chips are one of my favourite treats in the whole world.  Nachos, kettle chips, Lays (they were right when they said “betcha can’t eat just one!”), you name it.  I went into a health food store last night looking for a huge water bottle that will help me with my promise but couldn’t find one so I bought these instead:

I’ve seen them on blogs/Instagram before so I got curious.  Protein in chips?  Sign me up.  The stats were good and the flavours sounded yummy so I thought why not?  And I will never buy them again.  They are pretty expensive and they don’t taste that great.  They do not, I repeat DO NOT, taste like chips or resemble chips in any way, shape, or form.  They weren’t the worst things I ever tasted but maybe my expectations were just a little high.  They were also super garlicky and I won’t be surprised if people choose to stay away from me for the next week or so!

What is your favourite workout song right now??

Do you know where I can get a huge water bottle (1L or 1.5L)?  I have checked nutrition and health food stores and no one seems to carry them!


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    Cara D says

    I have a huge water bottle from Sport Chek that is fairly big, probably close to 1.5L but it is one of those Gatorade ones that hockey players use so it doesn’t have a leak proof cover. I find it really good for around the house or in class.

  2. 2

    Caitlin says

    Try going to a water store. I couldn’t find any water bottles either in those sizes, but when I went to a water store to fill up a jug, they had a stash of water bottles in those sizes. Most are metal, but you may be able to find other ones as well!

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    cj sime says

    I am jealous of your running outfit!

    Favorite song is a toss up between Can’t Hold Us by Macklemore and Where Will We Go by Iamdynamite

  4. 6


    I LOVE your purple outfit, so cute!! Hehe you’re making me wish I had bought the purple wunder under crops at Lulu!! Haha you totally don’t help my Lulu addiction with your cute outfits :-)

    I’m a huge fan on Bobble’s 1L bottles! They have a filter and they’re only about $15!!

  5. 7

    Wendy says

    Rubbermaid makes one that holds about a litre. Those would be found in any Real Canadian Superstore or Walmart.


  6. 9


    Do you guys have an REI (outdoor store) in Canada? They sell Nalgenes, they come in all sorts of sizes and are the most durable things ever!
    I often just put on the Laga Gaga station on Pandora on my phone and that has a wonderful mix of songs that make me wanna dance on the treadmill. :)

  7. 11


    That purple is so cute on you! Can’t help with the water bottle – my Eco Bottle is only 800 something but I love it.

    Music…. there is one song I am so loving right now (other than anything by Queen, I know I am old) is WE ARE YOUNG!

    We were at the Victoria Marathong finish line today for a couple of hours and the music was awesome!

  8. 12

    Corinne says

    I tend to feel protein is overdone these days. Chips are chips, and should just be enjoyed for what they are. If I want a *healthy* crunchy snack, I tend to go for dry roasted edamame beans (http://www.freshfood.net.au/Natural%20Harvest.htm both the wasabi and salted are good), or crunchy chickpeas.

    Love the matching purple!

    I don’t know about where to get the water bottle, but I think sometimes a small one is good – good excuse to move around through the day to keep refilling :o)

  9. 13


    Oh, my heart started racing when I read the headline but I guess it´s a no on the protein chips (not that I would be able to find them here anyway…). I´ll stick to enjoying my greasy favourites every once in a while instead!

    Can´t help with the water bottle, I use my Smartshake for everything! http://www.smartshake.com/bodybuilder/
    but now I want a blender bottle

    Use mine for both water and protein shakes. Don´t mind the refilling, gives me a chance to get up from the desk every now and then :-)

    Favourite workout song right now: “Dance, Pause”. Yep, it´s swedish but the language of music is universal, right :-). My kids love it too, fun to dance around to. Check it out!


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