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I posted this a picture on Instagram this morning and actually thought about things a lot while I was at work so thought I would write a post about it.  Today was National Teachers Day.  I had absolutely no idea.  The first thing I saw then I walked into the staff room at work was a gigantic table full of sweets.  Cookies, brownies, pastries, cake…you name it.  Everyone was indulging in a little something.  SInce I recently made promises to myself and am participating in the ECD’s Clean Carbs Challenge, I decided to forgo the sweets and just take a bunch of grapes.  I didn’t want to look like a snob and act as if the food wasn’t good enough for me, you know?

I find that I get a lot of weird looks and comments when I choose healthy options, especially when I’m at work.  People either telling me to put some meat on my bones, that I look like I’m “melting”, and that it’s just one piece of cake and “it won’t hurt”.  Thanks, but why is it okay to criticize people when they are making healthy choices but not okay to tell people that they are slowly killing themselves when they eat fried cafeteria food every day?  It just doesn’t make sense.  Maybe I have goals or perhaps I don’t want to feel like I need a nap after I eat.  Heck, maybe I’m even going on a trip next weekend and want to look my best.  When I try to explain they just don’t get it.  At all.

Right now I’ve made the choice to give it all I’ve got.  I am ALL FOR indulging but there is a time and a place.  I am also very selective.  Costco brownies just don’t do it for me.  I would much rather not give into the social pressure to eat treats that don’t even taste good to me.  INSTEAD, I will wait until the last day of my trip next weekend to eat cupcakes, bagels, and pizza (can anyone guess where I’m going?? 😉 ).  There are so many other things I’d rather have.  Hello, froyo and pumpkin spice lattes!  I swear I don’t even like coffee but those are laced with crack.

One more thing.  I also have the mentality that if I eat a “cheat” or “treat” meal (whatever you want to call it), the rest of my day is completely shot eating-wise.  It sort of becomes a “waste of a day” for me and I fall completely off track.  Hence why eating brownies and cake at 8:30am would not have worked out very well!

I think I’m done with my rant for now!

Do you ever deal with what I’m talking about?  What do you say to people?

Any fun plans for this weekend??


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    Shaylene says

    My guess is you are going to New York. ha. I am the same way when I eat something thats not so great. I can downward spiral for the rest of the day as well. Its a mental thing. Every minute is a chance to start fresh. I have to remind myself of that.

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    Minnie says

    Love it! This actually happens to me every day and I chose to just laugh. It is ok to people indulge with lots and lots of junk food and alcohol but when they see me refusing those things they look at me as an Alien. It was really frustrating at the beginning but now I feel proud of myself, because I’m different and I’m making the right choices. And every now and then some people ask for my advice when trying lose a few pounds. That made me believe that at least I’m creating doubt into others about their eating habits.

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    I work at a school too and there are always goodies: pizza from the teacher’s union; extra cinnamon rolls from breakfast; cake for baby showers; etc. I hear about how ” you can afford it”, but I tell them that I do not like how my body looks or feels when I eat certain things and at this point ( 3 years) at the same schools, they don’t really give me a hard time about it. It is frustrating to hear comments like that and watch others piles their plates full of snacks and the cafeteria lunch (I still don’t understand how the meals meet dietary guidelines). I am picky about my goodies too. I’m not going to eat a chocolate chip cookie from Kroger or Sam’s Club, I’ll save my treat for something homemade.

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    I’m dealing with this sometimes as well … people are not always critisizing me , but I get weirds comments like “it won’t hurt” “eat something !!” “tour “slim” enough to have a cookie” … and I’m not talking about the fact that I’m not drinking alcohol (or rarely) …. that, I can deal with it quite good but the most difficult is my schedule : saying at a party that I won’t stay for long (cauz’ I have a running session or a workout early in the morning) is like a disaster !!! I think some of then are just jealous in a way of what they want to do but they cannot accomplish half of it !
    (sorry for my english ^^)

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    NYC! Didn’t dawn of me when you mentioned cupcakes, bagels and pizza until Shaylene mentioned it. Oh my! How exciting and worthwhile. Totally worth not eating a Costco brownie.

    What do you teach?

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    This happens to me all the time. I’m a vegetarian and sometimes people tell me that I should just eat a burger!! It’s annoying how people think they have the right to tell you what to eat or how much to eat…I think I’m old enough to make those decisions for myself, thanks. I’m running a marathon on Sunday. Not my first but I’m still nervous as heck. Eek!
    Happy Weekend!

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    I’ve experienced both sides of this. When I was in college back in Illinois, people would give me weird looks when I’d eat my healthy food and say NO to cake. But now that I live in California, I find the complete opposite happens. Everyone around me eats so healthy and it seems like everyone resists the desserts when they are everywhere at work. My friends all eat very well and are very active so I don’t experience that. In fact, when I am munching on candy or something equally as unhealthy, people say, “how do you stay so thin eating that junk?” and then I feel guilty for eating the candy. P.S. I’m not thin. I’m average. I think it’s just people’s way of saying, WHY ARE YOU EATING THAT CRAP?

  8. 9


    PEOPLE are hypocrites. I found I got the same treatment while striking sugar. The bottom line is – people would be appauled if you said “Are you sure you’re going to eat all that cake??” or “you’re fat you need to lose weight” or “argh, can’t you just chose healthier options once in a while”

    Now, while I always indulge, I never care what the hell someone else is eating – FACT. WHY is their body my concern??? …oh right, it’s not.

    You go eat your grapes….and you look healthy and SEXY! …if I were you, I’d tell them what I wrote above next time 😉

    not the “you’re fat” but more like “how would you like it if I said…..” b/c it’s really the same thing! YOU GO GIRL!

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    Karla says

    Yup, I get that a lot. I get criticized for drinking green juices! LOL and “Eat a burger”or “You eat weird food” is often heard. I do eat burgers, by the way, I LOVE black bean or chickpea burgers smothered with avocado. I am also very picky when it comes to treats; after having eaten some out of this world cookies (among other desserts and dishes) from my favorite vegetarian restaurant, I have become very selective. Once you try the best, you won’t settle for less!
    As for my answer to people who question my food choices: ” I like to take care of my body and give it the energy it needs to get through the day.”

  10. 11


    Ooh I’ve had plenty of these moments and plenty of these rants! As hard as it is to do, I have come to peace with the fact that some people will simply never get it. It’s unfortunate, but that’s just the way it is. You can plead your case until you’re blue in the face and they still won’t get it.

    So, I’ve decided to shrug, accept their criticism and know in my heart I’m doing something positive for my body. That’s all you can do!

  11. 12


    I absolutely know where you’re coming from and I also get that A LOT! It really blows my mind. I completely agree with Ali as well and dare everyone who puts up with social pressures and/or criticism for making healthy choices to do exactly what she suggests because she’s right — it really is the same thing.

    I am very fortunate though and have to share that I have become quite the “healthy influence” in my office. Our staff is incredible and always goes above and beyond with food and knows I’m super strict. It started with special foods and treats just for me, but has slowly transformed into more and more for others. Example, at our last sale meeting the staff made gluten-free, vegan waffles — AMAZING! Aaaand people were asking for more:)

  12. 13


    I can totally relate, and that’s what I struggle with the most. The social aspect of it. Sometimes I feel like I have to decline social outings just because I know it’ll involve eating out – foods and money spent that I don’t need. Sometimes I lie and come up with reasons why I’m not eating something, e.g., not feeling well, already ate…I would love to know how to deal with this. Definitely frustrating, because I may start off really not wanting something and then somehow get pressured into it…and it’s not even that good :/

  13. 14


    I HEAR ya. This was the thing I hated most about going to work in an office environment… people jumped at every chance under the sun to eat CRAP! And I didn’t and even when I was as polite as I could be or faded into the wall so they wouldn’t notice, someone always did. Good for you that there were grapes there, at least.
    Now, on a FUN note, you MUST be going to NYC and you are gonna have a total blast!

  14. 15


    I am not even close to being as disciplined as you and when I pass on something or order my food a certain way, I get the same kind of thing. There is always a ton of food at work and half of the time I pass on it because it isn’t really that good and I would rather waste my cheating points on something else. My rule is that if it doesn’t taste super good, then I take a bite of it and that’s it! Do your thing girl. You look amazing and you have worked hard to look as great as you do! Maybe one of those people who made a comment to you will be inspired by you one day and make some positive changes in their life! By the way, I want to see those progress pictures you mentioned a week or so ago so I can be jealous of you! Haha! You know I love you!

  15. 16

    Carrie Kennedy says

    I totally agree why is it okay to criticize someone for eating healthy??? I’m a teacher also and today our staff had a lunch together…it was meat pasta covered in cheese. I brought my own lunch because I figured they wouldn’t serve anything healthy enough for what I wanted. I had comments and some people even said…figured you wouldn’t eat this…what can I say? I also want to feel better, and as soon as I eat food like that I feel tired, headache, and horrible. I came home and made the pumpkin cranberry cookies from the new special issue of Oxygen Mag, Off the Couch…soooo yum!

  16. 17


    It happens all the time! Healthy or un-healthy, whatever choice you make, if it’s different than someone else they’re gonna wonder why you made that choice… It can be so annoying and sometimes frustrating [if they then follow-up with reason why you made the “wrong” decision]!

  17. 18

    Katie says

    I always try to turn annoying/sad/scary things into funny things.. It’s how I deal with life. :)
    I try to laugh it off and tell people I just want to look good naked!

  18. 19

    Sailor says

    I get it a lot from my work environment. It’s particularly hard at times as I am not in control of my food for half the year as I am at sea. I bring with me many of my “Clean Treat” which are great and I raid the fruit bowl. However, I am constantly nagged by my shipmates to eat the fish and chips or some such meal. I just don’t like deep fried food. Admittedly, I really struggle with the fresh made chocolate chip cookies. The cooks are great and they work so hard and they really do their best to meet everyone’s needs, but I do like being at home and preparing my own food. Thank goodness there are so many options out there now.

    Keep up the clean eating and don’t let people get you down. It’s really their own short comings that they are faulting not yours. They are just jealous. Beauty and health starts from the inside. Spread the joy.

  19. 20

    Heather says

    Totally hear you – as a former teacher there were always treats around!! After last months sugar strike I have been really thinking about what/when to indulge. And you are right – Costco brownies are totally not worth it, ha. I am going to have some sugar again, but it is going to be carefully selected….I’m thinking Dairy Queen or homemade chocolate chip cookies. Make it worth it!! Good for you and your fit bod :)

  20. 21


    I definitely understand where your coming from. A lot of comments like that from people stem from jealousy that they aren’t able to have the same control as you do. I know this from experience when I was overweight in high school. I used to tell my skinny friends this all the time, and it was honestly because I was jealous. Now, I have the opposite problem where I won’t let myself indulge in anything “unhealthy”. Ha ha. And that is not healthy either, moderation is the best thing for our health!
    Now I experience the same thing you do with people questioning my choices and trying to “force feed” me things I don’t want to eat. I just try and say I’m not interested, and try and stay positive in the situation and not even talk about the food! Move on to a more fun discussion. I am so curious to find out where your going! I’m guessing somewhere outside Canada though:)

  21. 22


    Way to stick to your goals! It can definitely be annoying though. I don’t necessarily get the same comments but I used to work in a big hospital where people brought treats and had potlucks almost every day. At that point I had switched to gluten free diet for personal health issues and people were always saying “oh come on, just have a little bite or just try it, it wont hurt you.” They were right, it probably wouldn’t have hurt me to have one bite, I don’t have a crazy severe allergy to gluten. But it would have made it ok to always have just a bite or two, and would have thrown me off my gluten free track. It’s just not worth it!

  22. 23

    Tami says

    Any type of treat that is store bought does nothing for me. I am always disappointed and mad at myself for just trying it so I don’t even bother anymore. If those were homemade treats then I would try it but otherwise I have convinced myself nothing that comes out of a box is better than someone’s oven!!
    Just tell them next time when they say it is “just one piece”, that you have to add more time on your run to wear that off so you would rather save that time for something else you enjoy doing!!

  23. 24


    I get the “you need some meat on your bones” comment all the time when I turn down something unhealthy at work or at a party. I wish it were OK to retaliate with “you need less fat on your bones,” but of course that would be offensive.

  24. 25

    Tina says

    I agree with you almost 100%, store-bought baked goods are never worth it! Thankfully, as a professional personal trainer I don’t have to deal with those types of comments as much, but one of my best friends has to deal with that from her in-laws quite a bit.

    As far as the “one treat and the whole day is shot” thing, however, I think that kind of thinking can be self-defeating in the instances when you do allow yourself a treat. Much like the thought that “every day is a new day and new chance to start over,” I think the same can be said with every moment of the day, and writing off the entire day can compound the damage significantly. Or to put it another way… http://pinterest.com/pin/72479875224357924/

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