ECD for Men and Chocolate Mousse

This weekend was full of a lot of non-exercising.  Sometimes that’s just the way it works out!  There’s something that I just love about waking up early and getting a good sweat in before work.  On weekends even though I have more time, I kind of like being lazy, resting, food prepping, and hanging out with my dog and Dean.

Speaking of Dean…the ECD team actually just sent him a copy of The Eat Clean Diet For Men!

He was so excited to get it.  It’s actually the only one from the collection that we don’t have so we immediately started flipping through it looking for new recipes to make.  He’s already promised to make me sweet potato pancakes and coconut rice.  YUM.  Dean put the book to use immediately on the weekend and made the black beans and rice recipe:

He is also very bad at taking focused pictures.

Since Operation Lean is in full effect because of my big surprise (which I promise you will find out soon), I have figured out a way to eat guilt-free chocolate.  For the longest time I have been seeing/hearing about people eating casein before bed (it’s slow digesting and helps maintain muscle in an anabolic state).  I didn’t really think anything of it because I try to stay away from animal protein powders.  I’ve had bad experiences with whey and never wanted to go back.  Meg is always talking about her casein fudge and that girl has never steered me wrong so I decided to give it a go.

Verdict?  Yummy.  It may not look appetizing but it definitely is.  All I did was mix one scoop of casein with just enough almond milk to make it thick and pudding-like.  I popped it in the fridge for about 30 minutes, topped it with PB2 and unsweetened coconut, and voila!  It was very mousse-y and didn’t have that weird animal aftertaste that whey powders often have.  Bonus: one scoop of casein has 24g of protein.  So I’ll just eat this four times a day and I’ll be good to go.  KIDDING.

Have you ever tried casein?

Do you use protein powders?  What kind?

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  1. 1

    Gemma says

    I had sweet potato pancakes for breakfast – sooo delicious! I am lazy on weekends too – it’s okay – we need time to recharge :) Happy Monday!

  2. 2


    Hey I would totally dig trying out the Eat Clean Diet for Men. And shoot since i got back from Alaska I think I am going to need it!

    Casin? I know Casino….but the chips are not that tasty….

  3. 3


    Hmm…I’ve never had caseine before but have heard great things about it. I do use Sunwarrior Raw Protein powder made with brown rice protein, and I really like it. Makes me less bloaty than normal whey, plus it doesn’t have soy which I cannot have. So it works all around!

  4. 6


    I use whey protein powder. I like to use it in my pancakes, oatmeal, baked goods, etc.
    I’ll have to check out ECD for men, I bet with super bowl around the corner I could use a few ideas! :)

  5. 7


    I think if I got my husband the eat clean diet for men, he might be offended. . :( Though maybe if i cooked from it for him. . . and he enjoys the food, maybe he’ll get the hint.

    I have had the sunwarrior protein and made the mistake of buying it flavored vanilla. I really didn’t like it at the beginning, but it’s tolerable now, though not a favorite. i might give the unflavored version a try.

    Never knowingly had casein.

  6. 8


    Oh I am loving that picture of the Dean Machine on a Monday morning! You better start showing more Dean porn on the blog with all of his fancy man recipies. :)

    I better back track and read up on this operation lean!

  7. 10


    yummmmmm! the fudge sounds amazing! i probably say this every time you post a pic of Dean…but he makes me laugh…every single picture. holy cow. what a nut! im with shell…i need to read about operation lean. now that the ultra is past…i need to GET LEAN!

  8. 16

    Renee K says

    Is Casein easier to digest than Whey?
    I have been avoiding dairy and grains and still looking for a quick emergency protein source like a shake.
    PS. Thank you for your blog. I really enjoy reading it

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