Ugi at Home System Giveaway!

I announced the winner of my Six Pack Fitness giveaway in my last post and like I said, I wasn’t planning on holding another giveaway so soon but the opportunity arose and I figured I love you guys so WHY THE HECK NOT?!  Remember when I reviewed my Ugi at Home System last week?

Welllll Dave over at Ugi Fitness contacted me and offered a Ugi at Home System to one of my readers!  How nice is that?!  You can read my review if you would like to know more about it but I can easily say that this is an essential component to any home gym.  It is so versatile and challenges your body in so many different ways.  I actually will be using mine to do this Bodyrock workout later today!

Here is what the at Home System includes:

  • Ugi ball in the weight of your choice (6, 8, 10 or 12 lb)
  • 5 Total Body Workouts on DVD with instructions, tips, modifications, and 150 exercises
  • An easy-to-follow Ugi workout guide that you can take with you anywhere
  • A no-nonsense guide to making good eating choices
  • Free Ugi iPhone app with interval timer

To enter, just head on over and “LIKE” and the Ugi Fitness Facebook page (and mine too if you don’t already!) and leave me one comment below telling me that you did!  If you don’t have Facebook, just leave me a comment telling me what your workout is today!

P.S. I know Facebook has gone a little cray these days and not everyone can see my posts/giveaways.  If you want, feel free to subscribe to my blog (enter your email address in the little box in my left sidebar), that way you will get an email every time a new post goes up!

Contest ends on Tuesday, September 25th.  Open to US and Canadian residents.  GOOD LUCK!


  1. 5

    Shauna Thomas says

    After reading more about this system I certainly “liked” the FB page! I’m 5mo prego and looking for ways to drop baby weight after I have my little girl, so you can imagine my excitement with this giveaway! Thanks for the into to Ugi!!!

  2. 9

    TheQuirkyGlutenFreeRunner/Amy says

    Awesome. This fitness system sounds amazing. I liked UGI Fitness under my regular name and under my activity name :-)

  3. 15

    Julie says

    I just liked Ugi on FB. Would totally love one!!!
    And I would be contacted on my birthday, so it would be a very nice thing :)

  4. 27

    Janneza says

    Thanks for the awesome opportunity!! I liked both pages and and crossing fingers, toes, and legs for this! I attempted to mcgyver my own Ugi ball for working out at home, but that ended in a very big mess…needless to say I should probably stay away for DIY projects.

  5. 34

    Tanya Montgomery says

    I had already liked the Ugi page quite sometime ago….. I did like your page too! An Ugi at home fitness package would “complete” my new home gym! I LOVE the concepts of the Ugi ball!

  6. 35


    I’ve been wanting one of these since starting body rock in February!! Love the Ugi’s and you! For my workout today…most likely do an at home body rock circuit or another interval circuit workout. :)

  7. 44

    Isel Falcon says

    Hi Christina

    OMG I would love this, I need to wok out I haven’t in a couple of years working out that is. but thank you It would be wonderful=))))))))

  8. 48

    Brooke Sopher says

    Wow! Since your review, I’ve had this on my wishlist. I’ve had to cancel my gym membership so this would be perfect! Liked Ugi, and I’ve been following you for quite a while.

  9. 50

    Lisa says

    Wow, loving all of the giveaways! You have the best ones! I’ve been bodyrocking for about 6 months and have been drooling over one of these. I would love to win! Oh, and I like UGI and you on fb :).

  10. 60


    I already liked your facebook page and Ugi facebook page =)
    I hope I could win the Ugi ball. Its expensive so I can’t afford to buy it.
    But it looks like I can add so much to my workouts using it.
    Thank you for this giveaway! <3

  11. 62

    stephanie rochon says

    I already liked Ugi facebook page and I like you page too.
    I’m doing bodyrock since april, and I woold love to win a ugi ball system to help me improve. :)

  12. 63

    Carol says

    Already “like” the Ugi page and I’m headed to your page now. So glad to find your blog. . . I love inspiration from others!!!

  13. 74

    Natasha says

    I liked ugi! And I have been following you for a while in the lurking style. Love reading your posts. I’ve seen ugi on bodyrock, looks awesome!

  14. 78

    Lynn says

    What a neat system. I would love to have more at-home options for work outs. Today’s work out is a short run after work and perhaps try out some of the moves from New Rules of Lifting for Abs which I am reading right now.

  15. 79

    Cassandra Cisneros says

    Liked the Ugi page and have ‘liked’ yours for months! I just posted last night on my page that I need to change workout to keep from getting bored. This is perfect!

  16. 84

    Brittany says

    LIKED!!! Love this!!! I am a stay at home mom so I only workout at home and am always up for trying new things to switch up my home workouts!!!

  17. 92


    Liked and already liked you! OH I HOPE I WIN!!!! i wanted to review the Ugi ball for my blog! Lucky girl, hope to have people calling me one day too!!!!

  18. 96

    Jayne says

    I lOVE ugi fit – just wish there is a love button on FB. Off for my morning class today with Tanya Armstrong. Hope I win!!!!!

  19. 98


    I want to try the UGI out. I have been looking for new workouts to try and I think this would be perfect for me.

    Also, thanks for showing love to us “non-facebook” people. :]

  20. 100


    I liked both of the pages!!!! This is a completely awesome giveaway! I would love one of these! I hope I win :) Btw, bodyrock workouts are awesome, they always kick my butt! lol

  21. 101

    Jaclyn says

    My workout for the day is this new Barre dvd I bought called~Xtend Barre! 😀 It incorporates the Barre Method w/ dance + pilates. *WeRK!*

  22. 105

    Renee K says

    I would love to win this! I am trying to build up my BodyRock at home gym. I have been trying to make them at home and ended up on my butt between two high stools.
    Today’s workout is a 5km run & BodyRocks Sexy Killer Curves – (one of the best no equipment ab workouts)
    Thank you.
    Oh and I did like Ugi on FB too.
    Renee K

  23. 112

    Meaghan says

    I love Ugi!! So wish I had one! Found them thru bodyrock, and jut love how they are so easily incorporated into so many at home workouts! I only workout at home (poor nursing school student can’t afford the gym, lol), so this would be AMAZING to win!!!! Went onto fb and liked both yours and Ugi’s pages, you guys both rock!! Thank you so much for offering this giveaway!!

  24. 113


    I like Ugi and YOU on Facebook! I saw on OpenSky a couple months ago and really wanted to try it–but couldn’t muster up spending over $100 on a system. I would LOVE to win this so I can try it out!! I was afraid of buying a system that was too heavy or too light. Do you recommend going slightly heavier so you can still get more use of it? Or just doing more reps?

  25. 114

    Tanya Johnson says

    I do pilates and yoga everyday, but would really like to add some weights to define and tone more after losing over #280 over the last five years. Thank you for this opportunity to win a Ugi fitness system that could help me to tighten up the loose areas that I am embarrassed by. I am also the administrator of a facebook group site called, ‘For The Health Of Fit’ in hopes of encouraging others to change their attitudes, minds, behaviors, habits and to help make a permanent healthy lifestyle change in eating and exercise for themselves, like I did. I just ‘liked’ Ugi facebook page and have been a fan of your website and facebook page, as well! Thank you for this wonderful opportunity! Have a beautiful & blessed day!

  26. 124

    karla gonzalez says

    Liked you and UGI on Facebook. I’m ready to win the UGI ball. It would be nice to have one for my bodyrock workouts:)

  27. 136

    Michelle M says

    I already liked your page and Ugi’s in the past!!! Ive been in love with the Ugi products just never been able to afford them :(..but I know if I had an ugi ball it would make such a difference in my workouts! I hope I win!!!

  28. 139

    Lisa B says

    I am so excited about this. Thank you and Thanks to Ugi. I LIKED your Facebook page. I had already previously liked Ugi Facebook page as I have been drooling over these since I first found BodyRock videos. I would LOVE one, but the cost just does not fit in my available funds budget. Some day..

    My workout planned for today is a ZWOW video.

    Thanks again for this great opportunity. Have a great day.

  29. 141

    Mary Beth says

    Already ‘like’ you! Now I also ‘like’ Ugi! Been thinking about getting one of these for my homework outs. Finger and toes are crossed!

  30. 143

    Jennifer says

    Did my Bodyrock workout this morning! The ugi ball would be a great addition to these workouts! Thanks for offering this giveaway!

  31. 144

    Tracy Sheehy says

    Liked and like. did a Cathe Friedrich Lower Body workout DVD today. Would love to try a Ugi workout and have the body of the gals in the Youtube BodyRock series!

  32. 149

    Michele says

    I have been stalking the UGI phenomena for a while now, I know it LOOKs deceivingly easy, but it will kick your booty!

    My workout for the day is X-Train Fit at home (Circuit Burnout).

    Thank you for the opportunity for adding this great piece of equipment to a lucky winner!

  33. 151

    Bonnie Day says

    I liked your page and already like the Ugi FB page this looks like an awesome workout something a bit differnt and unigue can’t wait to try it

  34. 152

    Nicole says

    My workout today will likely be a run on the treadmill, followed by some upperbody work……I hope my arms will be shaking by the end!

  35. 153

    Erin Kosinski says

    Liked the fb page, and already like yours!
    I would love to win this, it would make working out at home much easier!

  36. 155

    Kai says

    I’m gonna do the recent bodyrock post on 12 different exercises combined, in another 5 mins time!! I sooo want the ugi ball to complete my workout! My 21st birthday is in 2 weeks (would be a fantastic gift, teehee!). 😉

  37. 159

    Patricia says

    Would so LOVE this for my home gym……and would DEF tell all my fitness friends about it….cant wait to try it..!!!

  38. 161

    Alyssa says

    Liked! Thanks for this – your site has definitely helped me to shave off 30lbs – just another 60 more to go!! The Ugi could really help me break this dreaded plateau :)

  39. 162


    I liked them on Facebook! I’ve tried these balls out at workshops before and LOVE THEM!! Can never afford them though :( Would KILL for my own system for myself and to use with my PT clients :)

  40. 163

    Kelley says

    A little Ugi, a little TRX, a little power yoga, a lot of sweat!…my quick-fix workout this morning. Thanks for sharing the benefits of an Ugi workout with us!

  41. 165


    I liked both pages ~ I am a personal trainer who is always looking for new tools to use to train myself & clients. Your product ~ the Ugi ball~ looks like a great addition to add to my arsenal of body reconstruction tools.

  42. 167

    Teresa C. says

    I “liked” both pages! I would love to win this because I have a fear of the gym. I prefer doing workouts at home and am always looking for new and exciting things to try. This workout looks great! Thanks for the drawing!

  43. 168

    Emily says

    I liked Ugi’s FB page, and yours! Thanks for the giveaway! I just found your blog and am so excited to start reading everyday!

  44. 171


    Both pages were liked a long time ago;-) Love all your post! I want Ugi ball so stinkin’ bad. I can’t even begin to tell you! LOL. For the last week I keep hovering over the BUY IT button on their website;-)

  45. 174


    Very cool giveaway, I’m totally jealous of this set!! You’re going to be better stocked than most gyms 😉 If I visit Toronto anytime soon I’ll just apply for a day pass at your home gym hehe 😀

    Liked Ugi on FB and you KNOW I like you on FB!!!

  46. 183

    Jessica B says

    Wow, would love to win the Ugi ball giveaway! I already like your page, of course! Also “liked” Ugi fitness page!

  47. 195

    Faith says

    I liked on FB! I want one of these soooooo bad! I love Bodyrock workouts and have been slowly trying to get all of the equipment. Thanks for the chance to win one!

  48. 196

    Allyssa says

    I liked Ugi’s FB page and already like yours! And just for fun, my workout today was an 8 mile run and my daily 100 abs moves.

  49. 198

    Miranda says

    I have been toying with the idea of buying a Ugi ball for awhile due to its use in the workouts. I’ve been deterred due to the expense. I would love to win one and add it to my fitness regime! Pick me, pick me! :) Today I will be bodyrocking and using an app on my phone called workout trainer to complete an additional workout. I have a one year old, so these quick, efficient, hard core workouts are best.

  50. 206


    That thing looks awesome! I don’t use facebook, so I will tell you that today was my first day back working out after getting home from 10 days of backpacking in Yosemite. I ran 2.5 miles up the hill to my house from town, and then did Day 10 of the ‘Strong Like Us’ 30 Day abs challenge (youtube). Feeling GREAT!

  51. 209

    Erin says

    Please enter me in for the Ugi giveaway. Loved your review, already liked Ugi on Facebook, will do the same for you as well, and did a 6am circuit with my trainer today.

  52. 211

    Lisa Murphy says

    Have liked both your page and the UGI page on facebook. Have seen it used on the BodyRock site and said I need to find how I can get one. Today’s workout was doing Hula Hoop for 30 mins this morning. Currently in a 30 days for 30 mins of Hula Hooping challenge. I will spice it up and sometimes hoop on my bosu ball. The UGI would be a great addition to my home gym :)

  53. 215

    katharine says

    Workout today was 5 tempo miles and some body weight strength work followed by some crazy fast 400’s. That Ugi would really be fun since I mostly workout at home or in the building (read crappy) gym :).

  54. 218

    Terri says

    I already like both pages on FB and would Love to win this in order to complete my at home bodyrock gym! It’s the last piece I need :)

  55. 222

    Catherine Anne says

    I liked Ugi’s page on Facebook! I need to work on incorporating more strength training into my workouts, so this would be awesome! Today was a 4.5 mi tempo run, and it was beautiful in the Fall weather!

  56. 228

    Cassie says

    I liked the Ugi page, and I already liked your page, of course! I LOVE Bodyrock, and I’ve been DYING for a Ugi ball. Fingers crossed.

  57. 229

    Shannon says

    LIKED (both)!! I’ve never tried a Ugi ball but read an article about one today and want to try one so much!! Thanks, hope it’s me :)

  58. 230

    Debbie says

    LIKED!!! so looking for something different and new to shake up the workout routine – UGI would be just the thing :) thanks for offering such great giveaways!!

  59. 231

    Kristina says

    LIKED!! I have wanted one of the Ugi balls for so long!! I often enter your giveaways, but have yet to win….crossing my fingers for good luck!!

  60. 233

    Ellyn says

    Love to try UGI. Already liked them on Facebook and just found your amazing site. Like it on Facebook now too! I did a circuit training group today. I am sore!! Off to rest the legs for tomorrow’s workout!

  61. 234


    Today my workout was

    Walk with jogging stoller with my two youngest and walk my oldest to and from school.
    30 minutes of whatever cardio (today was HIIT) with a bit of Core.
    and in about 15minutes I’ll be doing weights calves, hamstrings and glutes!!
    Because right now I’m a stay at home … work from home mom the Ugi would be great to add in to my home workouts since the majority of my workouts are at home!

  62. 244

    Leanne Stack says

    Already liked you! I “like” Ugi now too! I’ve been debating getting a gym membership again ever since moving last month or doing home workouts with baby #1 expected in Jan. I could totally use this!

  63. 251

    Michelle says

    Oh man this system is the coolest!! My workout today was a 60 min TRX workout. (and my trainer said my oblique crunches looked ‘amazing!’

  64. 257

    Kaitlyn says

    The Ugi Home system is a must have! I have a few pieces of equipment from bodyrock that have challenged my work outs! My gymboss & sandbag come everywhere with me! I would absolutely love this system to maximize my potential for workouts! I liked both of the pages on Facebook & also follow both on twitter! I’m a huge fan! :)
    My workout today consisted in teaching a TRX class & participating to push my clients as well as 45 minutes on the stair master followed by some circuit training !

  65. 258

    @pluvk says

    Had to deactivate my Facebook account… too addicting! :-) My workout today was an upper body Tabata and cardio circuit. Got me sweating!

  66. 261

    Diane says

    My workout was just walking today! I live in a rural area without easy access to a gym so Riis would be perfect for at home workouts!!

  67. 264

    Jessica S. says

    I liked both pages. I would love this because I do Bodyrock and have been wanting to add the Ugi ball to my workouts!

  68. 269

    Donnie Flaherty says

    What am awesome giveaway! I would live to own this and at it to my at-home gym equipment. I just finished week 17 of James Wilson’s program and am still living it. I am just trying to figure out what my goals will be once I complete it:)

  69. 273

    tee-w says

    I don’t have facebook but I do “like” you (&Dean & your little doggie too!) Ugi’s are pretty cool! my workout for later today will be 18 rounds 20/60sec
    1. side lunge touch
    2. burpee
    3. knee kick L
    4. knee kick R
    5. squat jump tuck
    6. squat front kick
    7. plank knee to elbows
    8. side kicks
    9. side to side pushups
    feel free to try! :)

  70. 277


    I’m a fan of UGI – a new fan of yours!
    I’m going to have to check out your prior posts… looks like I have some great stuff to read about :)

  71. 279


    I liked Ugi on FB and already liked yours. I’ve wanted one of these for a while for my home workouts but it’s not yet in the budget. Maybe for my birthday coming up.

  72. 281


    There’s so much Ugi love; amazing! I’ve always had to sub pillows or medicine balls or whatever else in my Bodyrock workouts. Count me in on the giveaway :)

  73. 285

    Joanna says

    Like the pages already. :) My workout this morning was the latest Bodyrock routine! I love bodyrock to death and the Ugi ball would be a perfect addition to my other equipment!!!!

  74. 294

    Raina says

    Liked and liked! Would really like to win this for my husband so we can do Ugi workouts together (the couple that exercises together, stays together!)!

  75. 298

    Kymber says

    liked both on FB. Never heard of Ugi until recently when I started stalking BodyRock…and now that I’m starting to BodyRock…I WANT and NEED the Ugi system. Great giveaway!

  76. 302

    Jess says

    push-ups and sit-ups. Keep it simple Friday. (If you call 16 loads of laundry and cleaning an entire house to prep for company simple.)
    I am intrigued by the Ugi, especially since I am getting bored with my kettlebells.

  77. 310

    Lana Ventnor says

    I “Liked” both of your pages. I am trying very hard to she’d some pounds, and just live a healthier, happier life in much better shape than I currently am. As you know that is a complete life style change and not an easy step to take, but its time. I would love a chance to win your giveaway and use your program.

  78. 315

    Amy S says

    Liked both! Bodyrock totally inspired me when I was having some major rut issues with my workouts. I’d love to have an Ugi!

  79. 317

    Sarah S says

    Thank you for hosting such a fabulous giveaway! I was already following Ugi and they just posted this giveaway. Of course I had to subscribe to your website and like your Facebook page. I’m looking forward to seeing your posts. Ugi is such an awesome and dynamic product.

  80. 330

    Jessica Sooter says

    This is soooo exciting, I have been following you and!! This is such a great giveaway, sooooooo excited for the opportunity!

  81. 343

    Melanie Gauthier says

    Awesome giveaways lately!! Going to try my luck at this one … I have been wanting to try the Ugi since I started doing Bodyrock…. Fingers crossed ! Liked the page.. Thanks Again!!!

  82. 344

    Carolina Lovato says

    I just liked the Ugi Fitness page on Facebook and I have been a loyal follower of yours for a while. Keep up the great blog :) xoxo

  83. 345

    Sailor says

    I’m liking it all. The Ugi ball looks like a great work out tool. I’m always looking for new ideas. My work out today included 30mins on the bike (stationary only because I’m stuck on a ship right now) and 40mins of TRXing. That’s after working a 12 hour shift!!

  84. 349

    Jennifer says

    Liked Ugi! Dying for this giveaway! My man keeps threatening to get back in shape and I’m thinking this is exactly what we need for some at home workouts!

  85. 350


    I totally liked their facebook page!! I’ve been wanting one of these for SOOOO long now!! I’m totally crossing my fingers!!! This would totally amp up my workouts! IF I win I’m totally blogging about it!! hehe. Thanks girly!! xoxo

  86. 354

    Nicole r says

    So glad I found this page! I have spent hours reading your blog. It is great to find one that you love! I also love the body rock workouts but they are hard to do without all the equipment. The ugi would be a huge help. Thanks for the great blog and the cool contest!

  87. 356

    Kristen says

    I liked ’em! Love your blog! And I am looking forward to my hot yoga workout this afternoon for my sweat badge of honor!

  88. 359

    Raymond says

    I love the UGI ball, my fiancé has one and won’t share, would like one of my own – :) – I also enjoy the information on your site for men!

  89. 361

    Marilyn says

    I love the Ugi Ball! I attended my first class monday morning and it was awesome!
    I had an easy 3k run workout and did some HIIT training. Thanks for the chance to win!

  90. 364


    I would love to win this set. I’m an at home wife and I need so bad to lose 10 pounds. My husband does not believe I can do this so I need some help from anyone that is willing to help a 58 year old get a better body. I do not use facebook so I hope my like here will still be valid. Thank you.


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