WIAW: Confession Edition

Instead of telling you what I ate today or yesterday, it’s time for a confession.  My willpower left me a few days ago and I can’t seem to find her.  Sugar got the best of me and I am so mad at it!!  I swear Tosca is right when she says that it’s legal cocaine!  I was completely fine for the first two weeks of Sugar Strike September, drinking my tea and striking my sugar like it was a piece of cake (hah, cake).  Then this happened:

Look closely at the creases in my thumb. Do you see a happy face?!

Damn you, Drumstick!  P.S. My girl Corey recently made HOMEMADE drumsticks that I am totally going to try.  But I will wait this time! 😉  She’s probably the one who fuelled this craving.  Bad, bad friend.

And this:

Go away, rocky road cheesecake (and also the most delicious thing I’ve ever eaten)!

There are probably a couple of other things that I am missing but let’s not talk about it, mmk?

When Ali tweeted me that she ate a Timbit I told her not to stress and just to jump back on the wagon because everyone slips sometimes!  Instead of being hard on myself I am going to take my own advice and just roll with it.  I am back on the wagon today and going full force until the end of the month (or longer).  In most cases I really wouldn’t care or talk about the fact that I “slipped” because I think everything is okay in moderation.  It’s just the fact that it’s Strike Sugar September and I wish I could have had more willpower!  Bah. Ah well, move on.

Those of you who I scared with the title of yesterday’s post, I’m sorry!  There is nothing to worry about.  We are still a happy family!

Today is the LAST day to enter my giveaway so don’t forget to get your entries in!

I have a relaxing night ahead of me (finally!) so I am excited to catch up on all of my favourite blogs!

Cheesecake or ice cream?

How are you doing with the Strike Sugar Challenge (if participating)?


  1. 5


    Cheesecake! And concidering I am drinking a Coke right now (first one in ages) I am failing. However, I had a craving so I gave it…it happens to us all!

  2. 7


    You guys are so cute, one day I want to crash your wedding… will Princeton be the ring bearer? He’d be so cute in a tuxe.

    Moving on….great cheat choices! I started the challenge a bit late due to my sister’s wedding and my birthday, but I am 1 week sugar free today!

  3. 10


    No sugar, no problem here! However I’ve gone through more almond butter than I’d like to discuss. It’s crazy how addictive this stuff really is (sugar.) If you are like me, you eat one thing and the flood gates open! I will say though, that cheesecake you posted would 100% be worth it for me. I’m a huge huge HUGE cheesecake girl!

  4. 12


    Is it weird that I find it kind of relieving to read this post?? I say that because I REALLY struggled with this challenge (um, ‘gone down swinging’ might be more accurate.. lol) I was doing well until after the marathon – then suddenly after 4 months of trying to eat well, I went a little hogwild on sugar and other naughtiness!

    Don’t sweat it, we all have slip ups! You’re awesome for fessing up to it – it definitely makes me feel better about how bad I’ve been – and it makes me want to get back on the ‘strike’ train!!

  5. 13


    I ate cheesecake at the wedding I went to! I was actually going to do a post on how striking sugar impacted me both negatively and positively…..I think I will at the end of the month.

    I actually LOVE that you ate some good treats :) much better than caving with a timbit 😛 lol I think you’re still an inspiration. Don’t worry WE CAN DO THIS!

  6. 16

    Julie says

    It happens. I think most of us are the same way. You do so good, everything is great with your eating plans & then you give in to “one tiny little piece” which opens the gate to sugar hell. LOL

  7. 17


    is dark chocolate okay? or a spoonful of nuetella/cocoa almond butter? I try to limit my sugar intake as well, but i find i “want” something sweet as a nightcap and tend to go to one of those.

    great advice just to roll with it and not to let it get the best of you.


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