GIVEAWAY: I’m going to show you my Six Pack…

…BAG, that is!!

Isn’t it beautiful?

Corrie from Six Pack Bags sent me this beautiful piece of awesomeness a while back and I still haven’t blogged about it. Why? Because today is a very special day. Keep reading.

So why is this bag so awesome? Let’s begin. If you’re like me, you like to eat more than three times a day. You like your food to stay fresh and cold. You like your meals to be organized. You drink lots of water and are always carrying bottles around. Combine all these things and the Six Pack Bag is your answer. It is the ultimate meal management system.

Now I don’t eat like a bodybuilder or fitness competitor. I am far from it, actually. That just goes to show that you don’t need to stuff all of your containers with chicken breast and broccoli if you don’t want to. This bag is for everyone, fitness buff or not. It is a great way to stay on track with your goals, whatever they may be. I personally want to make sure I have fresh, wholesome food to eat every few hours and this bag makes that very easy to do.

The bag comes in two sizes. The one featured in this post is the smaller of the two. You can check out the bigger size here though! The front zip opens up to a shelved area (who else puts shelves in a lunch bag?!) where your plastic containers are stored. Then there are two side pockets which store bottles, fruit and cutlery really well. Finally, the top zip opens up to an organized compartment where you can store your nuts, dried fruit, protein/granola bars, and supplement/vitamins (if you take them). There are also two slots where the ice packs fit into very nicely.

This bag trumps any other lunch bag or cooler (in my honest opinion). When my Six Pack Bag is packed, I know that I will have a good day. As cheesy as that sounds it is 100% true. There was one day this week that I got called into work unexpectedly and I wasn’t prepared food-wise. I grabbed an apple, banana, some cheese, and almonds, hoping it would just get me through the day alive. I lived but I felt like a bag of beans. It is so important to fuel yourself throughout the day with proper meals not just because you want a six pack, but also because you want to avoid feeling like a ravenous animal.

Okay let’s get back to why today is a special day. Oh yeah, because you have the chance to WIN a Six Pack Bag (300 Durus model) for YOURSELF!!!! I promised you an amazing giveaway to celebrate my new blog design, didn’t I?! πŸ˜‰

Here’s the deal – I’d love for you to like 6 Pack Fitness on Facebook and that’s it. I’ve stated in other giveaways that I technically can’t force you to like any Facebook pages but I really want to show this company some love. Once you’ve done that, leave me a comment below telling me you did and that is your entry! If you’re really feeling generous, you can like my Facebook page too (if you don’t already!).

Don’t have Facebook?! You can still enter, don’t worry!! Just leave me a comment below telling me where you would take your Six pack Bag!

Contest ends Wednesday, September 19, 2012. Good luck!


  1. 1


    girl this is an amazing giveaway and YOU KNOW I would use this ALL OF THE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!! I pack ALL OF MY MEALS for a day of school and carry them around with me from class to class πŸ˜‰

    I like both you and six pack bags on FB :)

  2. 6

    Lo says

    What an amazing bag! I’ve “liked” you for quite a while and find inspiration and tons of info from your posts on facebook and via your blog (and IG!)! Bottom line, you’re awesome! I have now liked their FB page as well. Love anything that helps anyone get their eating in “right”. <3

  3. 7

    Christie says

    I already like BOTH your pages on FB. I bought my bf a bag as part of his Christmas gift last year and he totes it around like a toddler and his stuffed toy. He loves it!!

  4. 8

    Kerry says

    Love your new look!
    I would love to take my six pack to work!!! we don’t have a fridge any more and I miss some cold meals I used to bring!!

  5. 9


    Umm I thought the point of giveaways was to make people do stuff. hee hee just kidding! That cooler makes me SALIVATE! I love all the compartments! If I win, maybe I’ll become a body builder! I liked them on facebook and I’ve already like you for a long time, of course.

  6. 11

    amanda says

    Hi! Love the new blog look!! Awesome!

    I already like you and now I like 6 pack fitness as well on FB!!
    (If there was a love botton I’d click it too lol)
    I just found out I’m pregnant and this would be an awesome way to keep me and our baby on track with healthy snacks on hand all the time!!

  7. 12

    Kyrstin says

    I need this bag!

    My lunch pail (cooler) is just not big enough some days. My only wish is that the containers had glass options available too, BPA free is nice but i feel better using glass!

  8. 13

    Karine says

    I realllyyyy want one of those! It would be great for travelling and road trips…
    And I like both your page and 6 pack Fitness’s page on FB :-)

  9. 15

    christina mayfield says

    I need it! I can not afford to buy myself one! Please, Please! I saw this and wish I had invented a magic lunchbox like this! It’s so obviously a great thing! I love ur page!
    Thanks for sharing all that you can with us! Motivates me everyday!

  10. 22


    Liked them!! Would LOVE this! I’m headed back to work full time next school year and need something like this! I’m used to having my fridge so close to me πŸ˜‰

  11. 23

    Esther Pavletich says

    I love this 6 pack bag, been eyeing one for ages. Thanks for this giveaway, and I have already Liked 6 pack ftness facebook page . If I won this bag it would help keep me on track with my eating.

  12. 26

    Sabrina Shields says

    Holy cow this is an amazing bag! How did I not know about it sooner. Thank you so much for telling us about it and for the awesome giveaway!

    I’m already your FB follower and also liked 6 Pack Bags now too.

    Sabrina. shields @

  13. 27

    Danielle says

    Love your new look to your blog,and love reading what you have to say. I liked the 6 pack fitness page. Their cooler bag would be great for me!! I am on the road most of the day away from your typical office setting with a fridge etc., so this would be great to keep me on track instead of driving-thru fast food.

  14. 28

    Staisha says

    I Love these bags!!! Ever since I started the Livefit trainer I have been eyeing them!!! This bag would help me a ton with my eating and crazy schedule!!

  15. 30

    Shawnta Sax says

    I wish there was a love button!!!! I can’t believe this give away its amazing! I have been saving for one, but with now pcsing its just not going to happen right now. I’m training to compete in bikini next February and this bag would make my life that much easier. Thanks for always being so wonderful to your fans!

  16. 31

    Missie says

    I just liked 6 pack fitness and I already follow you on facbook! I would love to have one of these it would come in handy when I travel and sub at school. Thank you for doing this

    • 33

      Steve g says

      I travel between Detroit and Pittsburgh to spend time with my first grand child. The 6-pack will allow me to carry appropriate road snacks and keep me away from the fast food & Cinn-a-bon shop on the Ohio turnpike.

  17. 35

    Kimberly Smith says

    I’ve “Liked” you for awhile now and just “Liked” 6 pack Fitness on Facebook too!! You are such an inspiration! You go girl! :-)

    • 36

      Kimberly Smith says

      I forgot to mention how I would use the bag. I commute an hour to and from work so this bag would definitely come in handy and make my life so much easier since I pretty much eat breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks while in the car and/or at work. :-/

  18. 37

    Amy says

    I liked 6 Pack Fitness on Facebook! Would love to win this, it would make packing lunches, meals, snacks, etc so much easier! I love your new site so much. It’s much more fun than your previous page and, although I don’t actually know you, I think this page is reflects your fun personality waaay better! Thanks for the awesome blog.

  19. 43


    I already liked both your facebook page and 6 Pack Fitness facebook page.
    I SO SO SO want this cooler!! I eat every 2-3 hours but dont have a cooler. hard to being things that wont go bad.
    And this cooler is So cute!! Please let me win! <3

  20. 45

    Enrica Howard says

    I already liked your FB page :) I just liked 6 pack’s page.

    I would so LOVE this cooler. It would help me AND my family eat clean on the go!!

  21. 46

    Meghann says

    Ahh I love this bag!! Starving as I type this, lol, so this would prevent that from happening again. Liked both your and their FB page

  22. 47


    What an AWESOME giveaway!! This bag would be so perfect for school!! I have already been pondering how I’m going to carry everything and keep it all fresh! I have liked 6 Pack Fitness and of course I already like you!! :)

  23. 49

    Cara D says

    Love the new look! I’d take this on long drives and vacations! I always try to keep on track during those times and this would help!

  24. 50


    I liked the 6 Pack Fitness Facebook page, and I already liked yours! :) This is SUCH an awesome giveaway, I’ve been wanting one of these for so long, because as a full-time student and with working full-time I am never home and this is such an awesome way to have my meals prepared for the whole day! πŸ˜€

    Thank you so much! πŸ˜€

  25. 52

    Charis says

    Liked their page on FB. These bags are amazing and have wanted one for a long time….very fun giveaway. Excited for whomever receives it! :)

  26. 55

    Nadine says

    Just liked 6 pack fitness! this is a great giveaway too…i’m big on home work outs but i’m gone most of the day and my lil ol’ lunch box just doesn’t do the job when it comes to having healthy fresh snacks all day! this would be awesome!

  27. 57

    Melanie Gauthier says

    Awesome giveaway – awesome new look! ‘Liked’ 6pack fitness on Facebook – and already ‘liked’ your page a long time ago!! πŸ˜‰ Thanks!

  28. 58

    Jessie says

    Liked 6 pack fitness – what an awesome cooler! I would put it to very good use :) Thanks for the opportunity and I love your new blog look!

  29. 59


    I can believe I’ve never seen these before! What a great bag. Especially when you leave your house early for a work out, then work and then workout after work. Thats a lot of meal times you’re away from home. This bag would be perfect. Definitely liked them on facebook!

  30. 61

    leslie says

    IT’S PINK!!! I am always trucking to and from work with my meals packed in mis-matched Tupperware while praying that it doesn’t leak in my car during my commute. This little lifesaver could be a treat that would be mine, all mine, and then of course, because I will have a super jelly husband in the house – I will have to order him a black one! (P.S. I liked the 6 pack page today and your FB page has already been liked.)

  31. 63


    I have liked both pages for quite a while, love y’all! A 6 pack bag would make it do much easier to have my meals any and everywhere during my comp prep, and every other day of the year!! ❀❀❀

  32. 65

    helen says

    SUPER CUTE!! I so want it. My favorite color pink. I’m a mommy of 4 girls, this would help pack healthy snacks for myself & them. So much bigger not to mention cuter than the one I have. I’ve liked your page for quite a while now & now 6 pack fitness. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to win this.

  33. 66

    Ashley says

    Hi! I liked their page! This bag looks awesome! I never win anything and was thinking about just skipping it and reading your blog but decided to go out on a whim..haha. And of course I already like your page on fb, and follow you on Twitter and IG. Love your stuff!

  34. 70

    Megan says

    I liked 6 pack fitness. This looks like a clean eater’s dream come true. I never leave home without my lunch box; although I am going to have to upgrade soon. Now that I am back in school and lugging around my huge backpack (thanks to lifting, it’s not as heavy to me as it used to be), I have to choose between my lunch box and my purse. Obviously, my lunch box wins. There’s no way my 3meals and numerous water bottles would fit in my backpack or purse.

  35. 72

    Jessi says

    I liked Six Pack Fitness on Facebook for my entry to win! I already like your Facebook page of course. I would use this every day for work! I currently carry around a regular lunchbox, another bag of dry foods, and multiple water bottles!! This would make my life so much easier! :)

  36. 73

    Kaitlyn Kutschke says

    Already LOVE you on Facebook and Liked 6 Pack Fitness!
    This bag is all over the healthy eating blogging world and I’d love the chance to check it out!
    P.S. Nice new design! LOVE it :)

  37. 74

    Stephanie Harris Olmsted says

    I seen this on my facebook this morning since I have liked you on Facebook. I didn’t know about this product but it looks amazing. It would be perfect to take with me when I make the trip from VA to MI. I am now following them on facebook too!

  38. 75

    Melaina says

    I liked 6 pack fitness!!! I already liked your page! πŸ˜‰ have a blessed day! Thank you for the opportunity to try and win this bag!

  39. 78

    Kathleen says

    I liked/loved the 6 pack fitness bag! I obviously already LOVE ur fb page πŸ˜‰ Have a fabulous #strikesugar wknd! xo

  40. 81

    Arlena Cordero says

    This is an amazing giveaway! I’ve been wanting to purchase one of those 6pack bags for the longest time. I usually carry two lunch bags with me to fit in my meals throughout the day, but this bag does the job right. Plus its PINK and so pretty! By the way, I love your blog and I think it looks great!

  41. 84

    Lindsay says

    Love the new look! I have been wanting one of these bags for so long, I spend long hours at school and bring all my meals with me. Liked their page, and already liked yours :)

  42. 85


    Hey there! I love this 6 Pack Bag !! It would be perfect for my long days between work, school, and the gym! Not to mention a great bag to bring on day trips..!

    I do like 6 Pack Bag on facebook, and I also like your fb page too! :)


  43. 86

    Danielle says

    I just liked their bag and I’ve loved your page for awhile! I’ve been thinking about getting on of these bags for awhile since I’ve heard lots of great things about them!

  44. 94

    Lauren says

    OMG I’ve been wanting one of these bags for awhile now! So cool! I just liked there page. I would literally take this bag with me everywhere! I only have a tiny little lunch box now so this would be great. I’ll cross my fingers. Thanks for the opportunity!
    Have good weekend! :)

  45. 96

    Martine says

    The Six pack bag would be sooo helpful…the lunch box I have ryt now can only carry about 2 small containers and small one fruit. I just can’t find a convenient lunch box anywhere!! I hope I win!! : ) If not, I have to buy one!!

    I liked them on fb!!

  46. 102

    Sam says

    I would take mine to school! I’ve got grad school Mon-Thurs and it would be awesome to have a big bag that can fit everything (and keep it cold!). I don’t have facebook or I’d like the company (and your page, of course).

  47. 104


    LOVE the new blog layout! It looks so pretty!!

    I don’t have a public facebook, so here is my entry :)

    I would take my 6-pack to work. I have a fridge in my office, but my biggest problem is when I am traveling for work – on a plane, to events, blah blah. I try so hard to stay on track, and bring food that doesn’t require refridgeration, but that really limits what I can eat while on the road for a few days in a row!

  48. 108


    I would take the Six Pack to the beach, to work, to school, and on the airplane! This will ensure that I have enough fuel for the day, and also that I am eating clean throughout the day!

  49. 109

    Cydney says

    I would take it everywhere! I already have 3 cooler bags I pack around to get me from breakfast to dinner or post bootcamp classes, and having one bag would make things so much easier! :)

  50. 110

    Maya says

    I work in a laboratory with no refrigerator, and often it is hard to find time to make it to the kitchen between experiments! the six pack bag would be AWESOME for lab re-fueling!

  51. 115

    Kristen says

    I love the organization of this bag. My current on has the space for the food and a small slot for utensils on the side. I would definitely use this everyday for work, but a great itm to take to the beach for the day:)

  52. 118


    Oh this is so awesome! We don’t have a fridge at work, so it is so challenging to bring foods along that need cooling, or need to be stored! Liked the page!

  53. 119

    Julianna says

    Oh this is an awesome giveaway!!! I would LOVE to have this bag! I have super long days at work and really need something like this to keep my several meals fresh!

  54. 120

    Cori Beard says

    LOVE IT!!!!
    ps and she and I have the same name :) I am trying to find a routine myself…this would make it so much easier!

  55. 125

    Marla says

    Congrats on the new blog layout. It looks great :)
    I don’t have a FB page but I would love to win one of these cooler bags! I would take my bag to work filled with delicious and clean foods.

  56. 127

    Carrie Kennedy says

    Just like you, if I am not packed and prepared I feel like a bag of beans! I would take this bag to work and rock my lunches!

  57. 134


    I ‘like’ this 6-pack bag so much! It’s awesome, you’re awesome! I hope I win. I work 12 hour shifts 4 times a week and there is not enough room in our staff fridge for my healthy meals! It would help me out big time!

  58. 140

    andrea says

    Liked…done! This bag looks awesome and would work so much better than the cooler I currently use! Fingers crossed…

  59. 141

    Colleen says

    Amazing giveaway! I’ve been looking into cooler/lunchpacks for quite a while and keep going back to this one… someday I’ll own one!

    FB sites liked.

  60. 142

    CJM says

    I’ve been a fan of both pages for a while now, love you both!! The bag is definitely THE premiere bag for fitness and clean-eating enthusiests, it has absolutely everything you need to help keep your body fueled throughout the day…and your page has amazing recipes and advice to keep those of us just starting out informed and motivated!! Thank you for doing what you do…love the new look!! =)

  61. 144

    Taylor K. says

    I liked the FB page! I would take this with me to work! I carry around my stuff in a jankey paper bag and my shakes always spill everywhere. I would love this!!

  62. 145

    Elaine says

    Ok..long story short, I am a police officer, work 12 hour days and 12 hour nights…guys at work always make fun of my lunch bag because it’s GIANT, OLD, STINKY, RIPPED…blah blah blah….I eat so many times a day, training for my first figure competition. So I would use this bag every day and night and tell ***everyone*** how AWESOME it is! Thank you:)

  63. 146

    Katelyn says

    Liked! This bag looks amazing and perfect for travelling. I have CD so must prepare almost EVERYTHING I eat (not to mention, I would rather eat food I have prepared then anything store bought!) This would be a life safer for my OCD organizing needs! :)

  64. 147

    Jennifer says

    Liked the Facebook page!! Dying for the bag! Thanks for always keeping us informed about all the cool new fitness products!

  65. 152


    I’ve liked them on Facebook πŸ˜€ I’ve seen them before and they looks amazing! Especially to someone like me who loves to be organized :)

  66. 155


    i just liked them on facebook! oh my gosh what i would doooo to win this! i practically live out of my (pathetic) lunch bag on a daily basis- weekends included! and i would LOVE this!!

  67. 156

    Maggie says

    No facebook, but I work in sales and work out of my car so this would be a fabulous way to keep me healthy & able to bring my own lunches!!

  68. 161

    Crystal Froemming says

    Love six pack bags, I take a cooler with me wherever I go and would like one with multiple compartments! Amazing giveaway!

  69. 163

    Ashley Connors says

    Please please please pick me πŸ˜‰ Im a busy mom of 2 young boys always
    On the go , this would be great for me and my family plus pink is my
    Fav color πŸ˜‰

  70. 165

    Cindy says

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this bag!! I pack TWO bags everyday …. one for me, one for hubby. I love the beverage holders on the sides and the shelves in the bag is SOOOO smart! If I don’t win this one….I will just need to buy two!!
    Thanks for your awesome posts and giveaways.
    Oh….and i love your new website! Looks fabulous!

  71. 166


    I would take it with me to work, or just when I’m out running errands. I think it would even be helpful to have around the house when I’m caring for a newborn in a few weeks so I have healthy stuff planned out!

  72. 168

    Laura says

    Liked both 6 Pack Fitness and The Athletarian!

    These bags are so cool! If I don’t when one, maybe I will get one for Christmas (hint, hint…hopefully my husband reads this). :)

  73. 169

    Terri says

    I have “liked” your page for a long time! I just heard about the cooler from a dear friend and would really like to take it to school with me everyday. As a teacher, I need to keep my energy up all day!

  74. 174

    Colleen Keith says

    I liked them on FB! It looks SO AWESOME, especially useful for when I go stay at my bf’s house for the weekend and all he has is frozen fast food, microwave popcorn and minute rice hahaha!

  75. 175

    Catherine Anne says

    I just liked them on Facebook! (I already like you!) I would LOVE to have this bag! I’m a very busy science PhD student, and I’m away from my apartment from very early in the morning, until late at night. This bag would help me pack all the healthy goodies I need to survive a long day, and prevent me from buying something less healthy on campus if I can’t get home in time for dinner.

  76. 176

    Melissa Dahlberg says

    I already like you and 6 pack! I really need this to get through the next 3.5 months of work (travel mon-Friday every week). Right now I’m stuffing my meals for the week in two small lunch bags and a canvas tote. By Friday I’m out of food and it sucks!

  77. 177

    Stacy L says

    As a busy group fitness instructor always on the go, this pack would be AWESOME!!! I’ve done my “liking” on Facebook. :) Thanks for the opportunity!

  78. 178

    Julie says

    I would love this! I am always on the go teaching pre-k & fitness classes. This would be perfect. And I love the shelves!! Are you kidding me? Someone as crazy as I am about organization.

  79. 182

    Jenn says

    For some reason I didn’t already like you on facebook, so I went ahead and liked you and 6 Pack Fitness. I’d love to win this bag, as I have a job where I am constantly out at a client site where I may or may not have access to a refrigerator. I try really hard to eat clean, but sometimes in the absence of refrigeration I am forced to eat out for lunch and/or dinner and have limited options. The 6 Pack bag would definitely solve that problem!

  80. 189

    B Vero Oviedo says

    The first time I saw this on your page I looked it up and fell in love! I saw your giveaway and my heart melted. I liked the page!

  81. 192

    HC says

    Don’t have FB so I can “like” it on this page?? Would love this awesome bag especially for traveling and avoiding fast food places to stay healthier.

  82. 197

    katharine says

    No Facebook here, but I’ve got four kids and spend my days running around like a madwoman. To karate, to harp, to piano, to the gym, the park, etc. I can attest that all days go better with a liitle preplanning especially where food is concerned.

  83. 199

    Maggie says

    I would totally take this bag EVERYWHERE with me. To work, especially – it would be nice to just have ONE bag instead of the multiple smaller bags I normally shove in the fridge. And think how awesome it would be on a road trip. Woohoo!!

  84. 200


    I like your page and 6 Pack Fitness! GREAT GIVEAWAY! I would love this bag! My boyfriend introduced me to weight lifting in October of 2010 and I LOVE it! The changes in my body are great…not to mention sexy! πŸ˜‰
    Jordana Dec

  85. 203

    Jess says

    I would absolutely LOVE a six pack bag. I would take it to work and my 15 hour car trips home. It looks perfect for a gal with food allergies.

  86. 205

    Luvena says

    Liked 6 pack on facebook!! OMG I have been dying to have one of these. Please please please oh please pick my number!!!

  87. 206

    Renee says

    I just fund your blog and love it! Love this giveaway! I liked their page on Facebook as well as your page! Man I would love to win :)

  88. 208

    Rebecca says

    I don’t have Facebook. Only time I use it is at a friend’s house :-( But I would love this bag because of my crazy hectic schedule. I live an hour from my job and cooking/getting food during the day is very difficult. This bag would really help me out with packing for the day!!

  89. 212

    Kathryn says

    These bags look absolutely awesome! Definitely “liked” them on facebook as I have been lusting after one for some time. I love you blog and the new look!

  90. 213

    Rhona Lettau says

    Love the bag. Would love to have the bag!!! And love your new page layout. Keep up the great work. Your blog gets me through many a bad day. :)

  91. 214

    Brittany says

    I have been following your blog for a while, and love the new layout by the way! I already “like” you on facebook, and same goes for six pack bags! I would love a bag myself, but who really could use one is my sister! She has a three year old and a six month old and is really struggling to lose her baby weight. I told her it was all about being prepared (she loves fast food), and I think this may be JUST the thing for her :) Thanks for the opportunity!

  92. 216

    Bec says

    Liked on FB! What a great invention, sure would make carrying my lunch, snacks, water, etc. to work a whole lot easier!! Gonna check out their website too. Thanks!!

  93. 221

    Lindsay says

    I work 12 hours a day at 2 different jobs and am always lugging around 2 lunch bags to keep things seperate and small enough to keep in the mini fridge. It would be amazing to have one bag to put all the food and drinks I’ll need throughout the day!!

  94. 227

    Stephanie Domchick says

    I have “liked” your page and 6Pack Fitness for a while now ~ I would absolutely LOVE to win this giveaway. These truly seem to be the perfect solution to those of us who eat 5-7 meals a day and are eating often enough that they have to pre-pack multiple containers to get them through the (in my case) work day. My current bag is struggling and I love the fact that these 6 Pack bags seem so durable and really look like the perfect meal management system bag to keep you on track! ~sd

  95. 232

    Ashely says

    Hi! I somehow came to your blog today by clicking stuff and have been reading away. The pink and grey bag is on my Santa list, but how awesome if Christmas came early! I liked both FB pages today!

  96. 233


    I’ve seen a few of these bags around work and think the are AWESOME!!! I soooooo would LOVE to have my own to tote around my clean eats, making life so much easier and organised! :) How cool would that bag look in my car, at the office, on me! YAY! :) I’ve like the 6-pack page and I’ve been a fan of yours for a long time. Fingers crossed! :)

  97. 234


    Awesome! i have seen these quite a bit! Would LOVE one of my own!!! Especially since i am in sales and my car is my office. So i have to eat out all day! This would be PERFECT!!!!

    Just liked Both pages!!- Mercedes

  98. 235

    Kendra Jones says

    This bag looks to be truly ah-mazing!!! I have looked at these before, but they are not in my budget; so I tend to carry a very old and worn out cloth-type cooler that my parents gave me a year ago or so. Thanks for sharing :)

  99. 236

    Amanda Legare says

    This giveaway is amazing!! I’ve been eyeing these bags for awhile but I haven’t wanted to spend the money for one! This would be amazing to win!!

  100. 237


    I already “like” six pack fitness on facebook! And of couse, I already “like” your page too. I saw this earlier this year and wanted one but not in my budget for now. I could have really used this for my family vacation to Disney World! :)

  101. 241


    I liked them and you on FB. I can’t believe I didn’t know about you already. I’d love one of these bags. My snacks and lunches never all fit in the one I currently use.

  102. 244

    Erin Kosinski says

    I liked their page. I’ve been coveting one of these bags for a while now. *fingers crossed*
    Love the new blog design, it’s so cute. :)

  103. 247

    Joanna says

    I’ve liked 6 pack fitness on FB :) and already like you!

    This bag would come with me EVERYWHERE. It’s such an amazing product. I was eyeing it at a recent tradeshow I went to and regretted not getting it then! What a great product to enhance your healthy lifestyle. LOVE IT !!!

  104. 249

    Whitney says

    This is awesome! Thanks for introducing me to their product! I liked their Facebook page and checked out the pictures. This is a must-have for my clean eating lifestyle!! I’m forever lugging tupperware and ice packs in old grocery bags :( to keep my food cold til I’m ready to eat in an attempt to eat more healthy and – and even so I inevitably forget one of my meals!

  105. 250


    I Like 6 pack Fitness of Facebook! And I already like you on FB πŸ˜‰ Is that travel fit photo up there an example of your meals??? I would love to know what theyarebecause thye look good and filling!!

  106. 251

    Stefenie says

    Page liked….(Shhh it already was!) Of course your page is “super” liked :)
    I would also like to state (I know it’s not required) that I will take the bag right to my mom’s house and show here how prepping healthy meals is important and can also be fun! Thanks for all you do….you inspire many!

  107. 256

    Jenn says

    I already “liked” you:) and i liked 6 pack!! I love this bag and saw it at the toronto pro show….it is on my wish list!! PS. love the new layout!

  108. 258

    katherine dibello says

    liked on fb :) I LOVE THIS GIVEAWAY – it’s right up my ally. Normal lunch coolers or insulated bags are never big enough for my enormous amounts of fruits and veggies.

    katherinedibello (at) gmail (Dot) com

  109. 261

    Marisa Martens says

    I’m already a fan of Six Packs and ur facebook page. If I won this bag I would use it all the time as a mom sometimes it is hard to stay on track and eat clean all the time so this would be an amazing bonus for me….I would take it with me to the office for my 11 hr days and also on weekends and when we travel as a family.

  110. 263


    Already “liked” you, and just “liked” 6 Pack Fitness! That bag is great!!! You seriously have no idea how many bags I carry in to work everyday. Healthy food takes up a lot of space! lol

  111. 266

    Alison says

    I liked them on FB and I LOVE these bags! If I don’t win, this is going on my Christmas list! (and of course I already liked you on FB!)

  112. 270

    Jane Farr says

    Didn’t have to like your FB page or the 6-pack bag FB
    page- already like them (no, really love them) and have for a while now. I’d love to get the 6 pack bag!!! Fingers crossed!

  113. 271

    anika says

    Carrying my good ole’ blue big cooler everywhere.. looking like a gypsy everytime I walk out in the morning… Cooler (with food for all day …day starts at 730am ends at midnight!) gym bag with all kinds of stuff..preworkout..BCAAs..showergear.. change of clothes..second gym clothes… versa grips.. iPod.. workoutbook, handbag… study books for my ACSM exam… yes a nice fancy cooler..would def rock..especially when my food would actually be in order once I try to eat it and not like someone just had run over it :) hahaha BUT enjoying clean healthy eating anyways :)

  114. 272

    Kim Cameron says

    Liked it !! This is uber awesome and oh so gorg!!! I would love to own something like this. Great for when we go camping.

  115. 273

    Kim O'Keefe says

    B/c of you I have now just discovered this VERY cool bag! I put it on my wish list on Amazon but would obviously LOVE to win one! Thanks :)

  116. 276

    Thea says

    Liked! I would take this bag EVERYWHERE! I go back and fourth between two gyms a day – often on the go from 5 am until 7 pm. Would make it so much easier – and well more organized!

  117. 280

    Brittany Atkins says

    I would totally take this with me every where I went… I don’t even care if people think I’m weird! It would be perfect for work and school! You always have the most handy things ever!

  118. 281

    Regina says

    I finally got to see the large one when a trainer at my gym came in with it. I’m sure the person that invented it knew a nurse because it has enough space to cover food for 12 jr shifts and make the vending machine totally avoidable.

  119. 282

    Stacie says

    Liked :) Honestly, I would love to win this for my brother. He bought me the pink 6-pack for Christmas and I absolutely love it! I would love to surprise him with the same πŸ˜€ PS- LOVE your blog!

  120. 284

    Carreen Bruning says

    I pack around food for myself and 3 kids daily and this would be so wonderful to help me organize it all! Cool bag for sure!!

  121. 285

    Colleen says


    I liked 6 Pack’s facebook page and I already love your FB page, which is how I found out about this awesome give-away!! Have a great day!! I love reading your blog! :-)

  122. 286

    Lisa says

    I have liked both of your pages before this!!!!!!!!! Must have the six pack in order to get my “six pack”. I am an RN on a busy cardiac unit. I work 12.5 hour shifts and almost NEVER buy lunch or dinner as it is so unhealthy. I pack, but it is hard to keep everything separated and cold. Our fridge is always full, esp when alot of the people I work with bring their own food/snacks for our long shifts. Most of the time I don’t even have time to go downstairs for anything hot or cold. I would absolutely LOVE THIS BAG. Thanks so much!!!!!!!! blessings to you. Lisa

  123. 287

    Kristin Harris says

    I love 6 pack bags but still haven’t bought one. I’ll be starting work and school soon and need one bad! I liked their page ages ago!

  124. 288

    Tracy Agol says

    Just “liked” 6 Pack Fitness =) This cooler is just what I need to keep me on track and well hydrated. Great for my kids stuff as well!

  125. 289

    Debbie krumsiek says

    I am so into to this…. I eat “clean” 6-8 times daily. I work out and run an average of 40or more miles a week. I do it to keep seizures under control. I was having seizures about 15 times a month for 12 yrs :( now I’m no longer on meds and have been seizure free for 10 months ;). My new love of eating clean and being healthy are my focus on a daily basis with that being said its hard for me to pack the meals I need everyday. I could use this everyday. When I visit I have to take my meals with me which my friends and family don’t understand. They try to but can’t wrap their heads around it. This would be such an easy way for to pack :). I love your meal ideas and have been able to handle my health situation a little more. Junk food will never pass thru my body ever again

  126. 293


    It is beautiful! I’ve heard about the bag here and there but never went over to their FB to like it until now. If anything, I can now get their daily updates :) Definitley a product I’d use A LOT and one I can recommend to my training clients

  127. 295

    Lisa says

    I liked the page and love that company!!! Can’t wait till I can get one of these bags!!!! It would be awesome to have since I’m always on the go and work 12 hour shifts!

  128. 296

    Marisa Gillispie says

    I “liked” 6-pack bags but I would “love” them if I could. I do home health and would use my bag for snacks and lunch in the car everyday! =)

  129. 297

    kelsey says

    I’ve wanted one of these sooooooo bad for such a long time!! I am just starting my internship at a hospital and I NEED this to keep my clean dirty in check while i’m there for hours on end!!! I’ve of course already liked your Facebook before this:)

  130. 301

    Stacy says

    Would love love love this bag!!! Thousand times like!!! I’ve liked their page on Facebook!! Could so use this bag, I pack my meals in a regular lunch bag and grocery bags for work- definitely need more convenience!

  131. 303

    Megan Vick says

    Wow…!!!!!!! What an AMAZING giveaway I have been wanting one of these for the longest time!!!!!! I NEED it to track all my meals and well keep my food cold and as a student I am always on the go so this would be amazing!!! You rock girl well hopefully I win!!!! xoxo<3

  132. 304

    Vanessa says

    My boyfriend is obsessed with his 6 pack bag, and has been bugging me to get one forever! Winning one would be so much better πŸ˜‰ I went and showed them some love on facebook! <3

    Thanks again for another chance to win something awesome!

  133. 308

    Molly says

    I liked Six Pack Fitness’ FB page and would love this six pack bag! I would take it with me to my graduate practicum site. I got to school full-time, teach undergraduate classes part-time and work at my prac site every chance I get. I am always trying to find ways to keep good food around me, so I have energy and get through my chaotic schedule!
    Thanks! I love your website!!!

  134. 311


    I would love this bag. Especially for work purposes. I always pack my lunch and my mom’s too. I like to suprise her with the dinners I make. This would be an awesome bag. I dont have a facebook page though… :[


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