WIAW: Fall into good habits!

The amazing Jenn has come up with another amazing these for WIAW this month: FALL into good habits!  Time to make some new goals and FALL into good habits this month!  So along with showing you what I eat on these days, I will also be sharing a goal I wish to accomplish or a habit I hope to develop!  FUN, right?!  One huge goal of mine is to stick to Strike Sugar September 100%.  It’s been going great so far and I’m going to keep on pushing through.

For my eats, today was a weird day in terms of appetite.  I didn’t eat as many times as I usually do (5-6) but I didn’t find myself very hungry.  I woke up and did a fasted hill training session which took me about 45 minutes on the treadmill.  I can’t really eat before I run unless I have at least 2 hours for my food to digest and I had things to do today so I had to get it done FAST!  After my run I had to scurry to my grandmother’s house so I could take her to the doctor so I grabbed some quick food:

I know, not the best fuel after a 45-minute sweat session but it worked.  I literally had zero minutes to prepare anything!  After the appointment I wanted something sweet (what else is new?!) so I decided to make a GINORMOUS vegan pancake (the size of a PLATE!) and topped it with Powercakes’ chia jam (and coconut flakes)!  I had never tried this jam before but kept seeing it on her Instagram and I am SO happy I finally did.  This meal was heavenly.  I will try and post the pancake recipe tomorrow but you can find her chia jam recipe here.

Then it was time to hang out with my puppy!  It really is the best part of my day.  We went for a walk and only about 19 people stopped us today to pet him.  We met Dean at his work, went to go check out a puppy training place, bought some new teas at David’s Tea (!!!), and then decided on Chipotle for dinner even though I can make a better one at home! 😉

I got the vegetarian bowl and it was extremely delicious.  Lots of rice and beans are hiding under all that lettuce!  Hats off to you, Mr. Chipotle.  You make some good guac.

Now it’s time for some Insanity and then I will eat again (wahoo!) but my PWO meal is still undecided…

Now I know I don’t eat a lot of protein.  I have a feeling a lot of people are going to comment on that.  This is what works for me though.  When I was doing James Wilson’s program, I talked to him about it and he said as long as I am getting in enough healthy fats to keep me satiated, I will be 100% fine.  Almonds, chia seeds, coconut, olive oil, etc.  I LOVE FAT.

What’s the best thing you ate today??

Favourite healthy fat?


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      Hi Kristen! Thank you so much! I am training for a half marathon right now so once a week I try to do some hill training. Since I don’t have any big hills near my home, I do it on my TM so I can easily adjust the incline. Today I had 8 hills scheduled so I would run for 0.25 miles flat, then the next 0.25 miles I would crank up the incline (and kept repeating this)! So basically I was climbing two hills every mile. I repeated this until I climbed 8 hills in total! That’s it! It was tough but a great workout. I tend to run at a slower pace during hill workouts or else I would probably die!

      Hope you had a great day!

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    I’m so stoked for that pancake recipe– that looks so delicious!!! I made Kasey’s jam the other day for the first time too and I’M OBSESSED!!! SO yummy :)

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    I officially just bookmarked that chia jam recipe and am highly debating going into the kitchen to whip some up now for tomorrow morning! Thanks for the link! P.S…I think most athletes who don’t eat a ton of protein get questions about it…but I really think (after reading a ton of research on it) that we don’t need as much as everyone thinks we do…ya know? I’m with ya girl!

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    My favourite healthy fat is definitely AVOCADO :) I can never get enough avocado :) NEVER EVER.

    I can’t remember you doing a WIAW before?? Maybe I’m going crazy, but I loved it :)


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