It’s ooey, gooey, and delicious.

First off, I would like to say THANK YOU to each and every one of your for my birthday wishes on Instagram and Facebook yesterday!  I was overwhelmed with happiness and gratitude for all of the amazing friends I have.  I received so many beautiful comments and compliments that left me with a perma-smile all day long.

You know what else game me a smile?  This:

I talked about how I wanted to make Tosca’s Ooey Gooey Chocolate Chip Banana Bread Pudding and man, am I ever glad I did.  This is heavenly.  And it’s clean.  And so so easy to make.  If there was any recipe to convince you that you need The Eat Clean Diet Vegetarian Cookbook, this is it.  I’m not even saying this because I’m an ECD Ambassador and in love with Tosca.  I am saying this because this is one of the greatest things I have ever made.  You need it in your life.  Now.

Other things that made me smile:

Yes, Princeton is wearing a bow tie!  I got it from The Hydrant.  Lyndsay is amazing and has a gazillion colours and patterns to choose from.  I called her on Friday and told her I needed it by the next day.  She had it done within a few hours.  The coolest part?  The bow slips off and the collar can be worn on its own.  He looked so fancy.  And no, we weren’t matching. My top was orange, his bow was red.  The lighting just made our colours look very similar!

The only regret I have about yesterday is that I didn’t take enough pictures!!  There were 10 of us and and 95% of the pictures on my camera were of my dog or bread pudding.  No variety.  I am ashamed but I have learned my lesson.

Oh yeah, and STRIKE SUGAR is in FULL FORCE today!  Read here and here for details and jump on board!

What are your plans for the rest of the long weekend?

Do you like to bake?


  1. 1


    miss your birthday ! shame on me …. it’s never too late so “Bon Anniversaire !!!!” 😉
    you look really pretty with that coral top , and the recipe as well !!! haha 😀

  2. 5

    Brittany says

    Love , love , love your skirt!!! Where is it from? Happy belated birthday, looks like you had an amazing time!!!

  3. 7

    Julie says

    Happy Birthday!!!! I was out of town. I just said my favorite people have birthdays in September….
    I Need to get that book, I want that recipe. It looks so good & my birthday is coming up too. I want that for my birthday treat :)

      • 9

        Julie says

        I just got this book from the library!!! Whoop!!! Going to try this recipe & some others. Looks like a great book. I think I’ll ask for it for my birthday.

  4. 17

    Heather says

    We almost share a birthday! (mine is Aug 31) I should have known you are a fellow virgo! I hope you had a great day :) I will have to try that recipe soon.

  5. 31

    Carrie Kennedy says

    I made the Ooey Gooey Chocolate Chip Banana Bread Pudding also today for my Mom’s birthday…same day as you! Happy Birthday! It was super easy and delish…I will be making that one again for sure!!!! My dad had 2 helpings!

  6. 37


    Looks like your birthday was great from the big smile on your face! I knew that Lululemon would be one of your gifts! I haven’t been there in a while but I have been eyeing some stuff online. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

  7. 39

    Meghan says

    Happy Birthday!!! Princeton just seems to get more adorable, especially with a bow tie on. I’m dying from an overload of cute here. And don’t even get me started on your skirt. It’s amazing! Plus, even if you weren’t trying to match Princeton’s new accessory, you guys look great in the pictures together!

  8. 41


    You are just the cutest! I love all of these pictures! Don’t feel bad for not taking enough pictures, love! I think that means you were living in the moment and soaking it all in! Memories are good too <3

    Happy birthday AGAIN :)

    I love you

  9. 45

    Sherry says

    Happy belated Birthday! I love your FB posts! Would you be able to share the ooey gooey recipe? Maybe just a tease to entice us to buy the book???


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