What is “allowed”?

Happy Friday!!!  I was so happy to see that a lot of people are jumping on board with the Strike Sugar Movement!  Now I have been getting a lot of questions about what is “allowed” so I dug deep and checked out Tosca’s “Sugar!” post on her blog from back in January.  She talks about how sugar is the “legal cocaine” so if you have time, go check out her post!  To make it easy, I put this little chart together to show you what is and what isn’t “Tosca-approved”:


So you will see that there are a lot of options to use as sweeteners BUT like Tosca says on her own post, these still have to be consumed in moderation.  Basically, don’t go eating a whole bunch of bananas or chugging maple syrup, mmmk?  Sweeten you tea with some honey, drizzle some maple syrup on your pancakes, and you won’t die.

YES, YOU CAN EAT FRUIT!  That was a big one for me.  I freaking love fruit and when I hear people say they eat half a fruit a day or even no fruit at all, it drives me insane.  Fruit is beautiful.  It is healthy.  It is delicious.  Eat it and enjoy it.

Princeton says hi.  He hates all sweet things (including fruit – crazy dog) so he should be good to go for the month of September! 😉

Please let me know if you have any other questions about Sugar Strike September!

What do you think is going to be/would be the hardest thing for you to give up?

Are you a fan of nutella?


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      Hi Lynsie!! I am actually finding out RIGHT NOW! I knew people would ask and even I use that sometimes so I am ON IT, don’t you worry!! I think it should be okay since it is naturally occuring but I want to make sure 100%!

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    I cut sugar long ago! It’s amazing how it sneaks into nearly EVERYTHING. for the most part, I avoid the syrups and honeys too. However, I do think fruit is an important part of a healthy diet! As a sub to sweeten smoothies and pancakes I like to use stevia or xylitol.

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    This list is great! I am totally guilty off way too much sugar in my diet. I’m trying to eat a little healthier for the next few weeks (I’m running a half at the end of Sept. and would like to be properly fueled!) and maybe, MAYBE I can try to stick with this at least until then!

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    I’m IN! I’ve done a sugar detox before and realized how prominent sugar is in so many every day foods! I kicked it and felt great but haven’t been paying as close attention lately. I need a reboot so this is a great opportunity!

    Do I like Nutella? I’m Italian, it runs through my veins. LOL

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    Hi Christina ! I am just psyched there is a YES list !!
    It sounds fair enough to me :-))) . As far as nutella goes , 2 of my 5 kids are highly allergic to hazelnut ! So it’s a no go in my house.
    Love your posts !!!

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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY for Saturday… whew! Didn’t want to forget that!

    I think sugar is sugar whether it is honey or corn syrup. I don’t see how you can allow all that sweet stuff and call it a sugar strike…. perhaps a PROCESSED sugar strike… just my opinion.

    I wish you well with it… I am loving my copy of the ECD vegetarian cookbook.. it has some wonderful recipes in it!

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      MDK says

      Elle-i agree with you on the sugar thing: rapadura=sugar•honey=sugar•maple syrup=sugar etc. We really need to wean ourselves from ANY sweetener that is added to our food. I’ve convertedto Stevia but am still trying to cut that!

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        Hi Elle and MDK! I like your idea about calling it a “processed sugar strike”, Elle! I agree with you two. They are all still forms of sugar, just some are natural and some are not. I think this challenge will be great for those who regularly consume refined sugars as part of their diet. It is a good way to teach people to read labels and see that sugar hides everywhere!!! For those starting out, Tosca’s approved list is a great way to begin their journey to sugar-free! Thanks for your comments, ladies (and for the birthday wishes, Elle!).

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    Brittany says

    I was wondering if Agave fell into that list. I know it’s become a bit of a contraversy, but I continue to use it because I am unsure of which side of the fence I fall on.

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      Hi Brittany! If you read Tosca’s post that I linked up above, she talks a bit about agave on there. I’m not an expert on it, but I’ve read so many conflicting articles that I just started to avoid it as best as I can!!

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    Lg says

    I agree with the previous poster. I thought the challenge was to cut out all sugar? If you already eat clean there is no extra challenge.

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      Hi Lg! Of course in a perfect world we would all eat 100% clean and be able to avoid all things sweet!! This challenge is just meant for those who consume refined sugars on a regular basis and may need a little help or motivation :) Like Tosca says, those natural sugars should still be consumed in moderation. Thanks for your comment! I hope you have a great long weekend!

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    I love pdog! He’s the cutest small dog I’ve ever seen and I LOVE that his spiky hair is growing back. He looks badass again :)

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY (again) and I am happy those things are allowed. I already instagramed a pic of my morning oatmeal, the only sweetener being a FRESH PEACH! YUM!!!!

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    I seriously want to participate in this, but don’t even use the allowed sugars except fruit and stevia :( I’m so lame. Sorry babe. However, I do want to try a few recipes that call for molasses :) Maybe that’ll be a nice challenge for me :)

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    Although I won’t be joining in completely as I am going to be doing a fair amount of traditional baking this month but excluding homemade baked goods I am going to making a real effort to cut back on refined sugars! I will of course still be eating fruit, like you I adore fresh fruit and I refuse to see it as bad for me if I eat it sensibly :-)

    P.s. Princeton is so cute!

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    I think giving up my sugar free vanilla syrup from. Starbucks is gonna be the killer for me.. I rarely eat anything from a box. But I need to check!

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    Lo says

    What about Agave? I know Tosca Reno is no the fence about that one recently. Do you suggest to just leave that one entirely out?
    By the way I love Nutella, I am from France and grew up eating that for my 4 o’clock (after school) snack on baguette. I now stay away from it and have it on rare occasions.

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      Hi Lo!! Yes, I would leave it out only because there is so much uncertainty. This was on Tosca’s blog:
      “Agave nectar is a sugar substitute that is hotly debated right now due to its processed nature. I initially recommended it in many of my early books. Now, I am a little more cautious about its use due to its controversial nature. My concern is, that the way to get the Agave Nectar into a edible format requires so much refining that the result is a high level of highly refined fructose – similar to High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS).”
      I hope that helps!!

      And I agree – Nutella is AMAZING!!

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    NO sweets for GiGi EXCEPT Stevia!! I even made a video on my love for the stuff, ha ha ha! I haven’t had sugar or any of it’s other buddies in 10 years, how nuts is that!!! Not even one little taste either.

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    Kim Whitbeck says

    I realize it’s late into the month but this post has been the push I need to finally cut out sugar, at least for two weeks to stop the horrible cravings :) I’ve been thinking about doing it for a while, but your little chart/guide with the “acceptable” forms of sugar is what made me come back to the idea- because it makes the process seem more manageable knowing that I can eat natural forms of sugar :)


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