September starts in just TWO DAYS!  Do you know what that means??  My BIRTHDAY!!  Just kidding.  Well, not really.  My birthday really is on September 1st (Saturday) but that day also marks the start of Strike Sugar September!

Who has consumed more than enough sugar this summer?  I know I have.  It’s not like I eat a lot of it, but with summer tends to come more fro-yo and ice cream than usual.  I’m ready to kick it to the curb but let’s be honest, I will probably start on September 2nd.  Sugar may or may not make it’s way into my body on Saturday and I’m not going to hold back, especially if Dean gets me those milk chocolate salted caramels that he promised.  My birthday cake is going to be a little different though.  I’m not a big cake person anyway, so I have decided I am going to make this:

It’s the Ooey Gooey Chocolate Chip Bread Pudding from The Eat Clean Diet Vegetarian Cookbook.  Theresa made it when the book first came out and I have been dying to try it ever since.  Paired with vanilla ice cream and I think we have a dessert from heaven!  Shhh don’t tell Tosca! 😉

There is also a contest going on where you can win a pretty amazing prize pack.  All you have to do is take a photo with Instagram to show how you are striking sugar from your Eat Clean Diet meals (don’t forget to tag @eatcleandiet).  You can read more about the contest here.  The prizes are pretty awesome so go check them out!

Throughout the month I will be posting some recipes, ideas for sugar alternatives, ways to beat cravings, and even my own personal experience with cutting sugar.

Sooo…the big question is WHO IS IN?!

What is your favourite kind of cake?


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    Good luck on the sugar strike! I know it can be tough. I did the same thing in the beginning of the year, but once you make it through it isn’t that bad…

    That bread pudding looks fantastic…wish i had some myself!

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    My birthday is the 7th!! Happy Birthday!! I’m NOT in the sugar strike!! I try to stay low sugar but not no sugar!! I don’t think I can pull it off!!

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    I try to stay low/only naturally occurring sugar because my cravings get out of control otherwise. I’m currently suffering from withdrawal from my beer and/or ice cream after dinner habit that I started this summer.

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    I’m not a huge cake fan, either. I would much rather have that, or ice cream! 😀 The sugar strike is a good idea! I know most people consume waaaay too much of it. That’s for sure. What counts as sugar, though? Fruit? Stevia? Or am I getting way too deep into this 😉

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    Cindy says

    Hey — MY birthday is in September….the 23rd! I have been ‘good’ but not “really good”….so I am in for the challenge!!!

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    Of COURSE I’m in – I adore Tosca/ ECD/ and of course your lovely self :) I have to warn you though.. This will be very hard for me, I consider Skittles to be a core food group! Excited to see your suggestions and alternatives for sugar alternatives! :)

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    good lordy, i saw u say something about this sugar kicking biz on twitter!! u my dear are quite the brave one…i’ll be thinking of ur healthy body detoxing high fructose-moaiernoa- noaenf and all that stuff while mine is..well, toxified! jk 😉

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    what does no sugar mean exactly??? I wanted to join this time 😉 but I do eat fruits, and some things have sugar in them. I don’t think I’ll have a problem eating NO white sugar or added sugar though – so if that’s all I have to do I am SURPRISINGLY IN 😉 …..going to eat some chocolate right now so I can stop tomorrow ;P

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    Okay so I would love to join you in this sugar strike but….wait who am I kidding, I need my candy fix in the afternoons, I don’t think I could give up that! lol
    But good luck girl! You definitely inspire others!

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    I am definitely in! I have been enjoying the Baked Peach Cobbler Oatmeal from the Eat Clean site for the last couple of days- that’s all the sweet I need. It’s delicious!

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    Ali says

    I am in!!! Have a bbq today but all the treats I made with Stevia. On this strike are we also doing no “natural” occuring sugars like fruit??? I would be willing to try that for a month, that is if you are doing it….need the support! Lemme know

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    Baby! HAHA oh this is why I love you. YOU make me laugh. LOVED the way you opened this post. That comment about Dean and the chocolates? PRICELESS. Thanks for the laugh, hunnie :)

    I hope your birthday was AWESOME. That picture of you and the bread pudding!? CUTEST EVER. Ahhhh I love you and I hope your birthday was amazing baby :) I was thinking of you ALL day!

    I really want to do this challenge with you, girl! I told my Mom about it, too… Maybe I can get her to do it.

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    I’m so IN! If it’s not too late..? No, can’t be, never to late for ditching sugar!? I’m right at it, starting tomorrow (it’s 10 pm where I live, and I’m off to bed..)

    – Sister in Iron, Norway!


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