WIAW: Clean and Dirty

I love reading people’s WIAW posts.  LOVE.  It gives me so many meal ideas.  I think I have only taken part in WIAW once before.  I don’t know why I don’t make it a weekly thing, and I probably should since I get so many emails asking about what I eat.  Maybe it’s just that I don’t think my meals are that exciting?  I don’t know.

Anyway, Jenn, who hosts WIAW every week had a theme for August:

One of my summer staples has been salads.  Why?  They are easy, fast, and don’t usually require any cooking.  Instead of showing you everything I ate in one day, I want to compare two meals I’ve eaten in the last week – one clean, one dirty.

Let’s start with the dirty, shall we?

I see all you Americans (HI!!!) eating Chipotle all the time and though we’ve had it here in Toronto for a while now, I’ve never tried it.  I know, I know…what rock have I been living under??  Anyway, one just opened up at the mall right by my house and so I went there after a shopping trip with my mom and Dean.  This is what I ordered:

Holy heck it was good.  Okay so I didn’t get it as an actual burrito but this thing was still far from healthy.  In the mix was cilantro-lime rice, black beans, veggies, about a cup of guacamole and cheese (no joke – there was SO much), and salsa.  Sure it doesn’t sound so bad but I am almost 100% sure they lace all of their ingredients with some kind of fat-laden substance to make it taste delicious.  Oh, and I just checked the website which estimated my meal to be about 695 calories.  Don’t care.  It was good and it doesn’t happen often.  Let’s move on.

Here is my attempt to re-create my Chipotle experience using 100% clean ingredients:

I had a huge pile of romaine and topped it with black beans, corn, tomatoes, avocado, salsa, low fat sour cream, a sprinkle of cheddar and some jalepenos.  This was equally as good as the one I had at Chipotle, believe it or not.  WAY healthier, easy to make, and it didn’t cost me $10.  AND I have leftovers so I get to eat it for lunch again today.

I love me some Mexican (inspired) food.  Because this is definitely not real Mexican.

Have you ever eaten at Chipotle? 

Do you like Mexican food?

Should I continue with the WIAW posts?


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    I have ate chipotle..I have to say I enjoyed my experiences there until I saw the south park episode that featured them…the one about micheal jackson’s soul being stuck in stan’s little brother’s body? Anyone else see that? enough said! Hehe

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    Yes, yes and YES! love that you re-created it. Mexican can be such a go-to when hosting a bunch of people who don’t eat clean, although I always try to win them over to the dark, I mean right side. 😉

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    I love Chipotle but don’t go too often! I get the veggie bowl because I don’t really care for the meat. I eat meat but don’t really like the taste. I also love their chips! I am bad… I know. Keep posting WIAW! I love your fancy food! You remind me to try to eat better!

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    Amy says

    Yes, keep doing the WIAW! Your food is always creative!!! You should post what you ate for the whole day though so we can get a better idea! :)

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    I must be the only person in existence that does not rave over Chipotle. I mean, it’s good but I just don’t think it is THAT good. I would rather have the Mexican inspired salad made at home OR real Mexican food. Luckily, I live in Texas so that option is always there:-)!

  6. 29


    I LOVE Chipotle!! If it was not so expensive I would get it more. I have tried to recreate it and it always is good, but there is something about the way it tastes there!! haha:)

  7. 31


    I love Mexican food, but I almost never go to Chipotle. I either go out for Mexi and eat dirty (extra cheeeeeese!) or make it healthy at home. It’s so easy to healthify!

    I’m a sucker for WIAW posts. I like them, but I know they’re not for everyone.

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    Laura says

    Thanks for your post. I LOVE mexican food and am excited to try your re-creation.
    The WIAW posts are awesome – I hope you post more.

  9. 37


    We get chipotle every now and again. It’s good, clean and healthy. Granted I split my buritto into 2 meals so i don’t over do it in one sitting. Yep, not true Mexican food, but still pretty darn good. :) I tend to get the vegetarian burrito with grilled veggies.

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    Debbie says

    I haven’t made it over to Chipotle’s yet, but has anyone tried the new burrito bowl-type thing at Taco Bell? I heard it is really good veggie style or with the grilled chicken . . . but looking at the stats online!! WHEW!! And I’m sure it’s not clean :) -db


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