This is how we roll…

…animal print pants outta control.

This weekend was epic.  These are just a few of my favourite photos from Saturday’s Tough Mudder (thank goodness for waterproof cameras!).  I had the time of my life and could not have asked for a more supportive, motivating, and entertaining team.  I am so lucky to have such amazing people in my life!

I hope your weekend was just as fabulous!  Did anyone run any races or participate in any events?!


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    Looks like you had a blast! No races for me this weekend but I have a half coming up in two weeks and I am getting nervous already! Love the pictures!

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    Haha those pictures are awesome! The best is Dean sliding down the mud into the water, total action shot! Glad that you had fun! I did the Midsummer Night’s 30K. The way my legs feel today I wish that I’d have done TM instead. LOL

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      It wasn’t easy, but it wasn’t as bad as I anticipated. It’s a really fun time, especially because of the people I was with. We didn’t try to race it. We just laughed and crawled through the entire course together. You should totally do one!

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    Q says

    OMG!!! My cheeks hurt from smiling through these pics. Seriously. Amazing how each of these pics immediately brings back the exact moment that I can live through again and again.

    LOL @ Vanessa’s Zoolander comment…so true. amount of mud, ice or electric shocks could interrupt his camera awareness…that boy knows where the lenses are at all times.

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      I’d actually say the HILLS were the hardest! I thought I would have a really hard time with the obstacles but really if you can’t do them, you can either walk around them or fall in water. I attempted all of them but fell in the water when I tried the monkey bars and the rings. It’s okay though because you get the mud washed off you 😉 The TM here was at a ski resort so we had to run up and down so many ski hills throughout the course. No one was even running, that’s how steep them were! The obstacles are really fun and if you’re doing it with a team you guys will have a blast!


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