trioBike photo shoot

Okay Tough Mudder is tomorrow.  TOMORROW.  We will talk more about that later tonight.  I just wanted to share some photos with you first.  Dean’s bother, Alex, had the opportunity to try out and review a trioBike for a few days.  Dean and I got to ride it around for a bit yesterday and of course we brought P-Dawg with us.  Here are some of the photos Alex got of us:

How fun??  I think it’s the perfect vehicle for carrying your boyfriend and dog.  Hah.  No but really – Imagine you are going to the park or beach to do a workout and need to carry your equipment with you.  You can throw it all in the front!  Equalizers, sandbag, Ugi ball, free weights…anything, really.  I am in love with it and really didn’t want Alex to send it back!  He took it around the city with his kids in the front and they had a blast.  They even went through a Tim Horton’s drive through in it!  It isn’t available in North American stores yet but it’s available to order on their website.  I think the base line model is around $2500 if anyone is interested.  It’s pricey, but if you think about the cost of a racing bike it’s pretty much the same.  It all depends on what you’re looking for and what suits your lifestyle!  I thought it was pretty cool! :)

I will be back later with a Tough Mudder non-training update.  I’m dead.



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