I am SO not ready and a weak week

Tough Mudder is in five days.  DID YOU HEAR ME?!  Five days!!!!!!!!!!  I don’t even know what the heck I am thinking even trying to attempt this.  I thought I would have been a bit more prepared by now but I’m not.  At all.  The only thing I can say that I do have is my outfit.  My amazing friend Quinton found these fabulous pants online (our team name is Animal Print Pants Outta Control):

I ordered #464 and cannot wait to rock them.  That’s the part I am most excited about.  I am depending on all of my teammates to drag me through each obstacle and yes, the pants might get ripped and dirty but it’s better that it happens to these (they were $7) than a pair of Lululemon tights.  I am definitely not ready for this but I am still looking forward to it (a little).  I won’t even read the emails that TM is sending me.  I don’t want to know the order of the obstacles or anything. I am just going to go there and fight for my life.

This past week/weekend was so busy.  Dean has family here from out of town, it was my cousin’s birthday, and Dean and I went condo shopping (!!!).  I thought I’d be able to get all of my planned workouts in (especially my runs) but that didn’t happen.  Here’s what went down:

SUNDAY: 6 mile run
TUESDAY: Crossfit + Insanity Fit test
WEDNESDAY: Hill training (2 miles, 4 hills) + foam roll
THURSDAY: Insanity Plyo Cardio
FRIDAY: 3 miles + Insanity Cardio Power and Resistance

This week I want to get in more runs and more foam rolling.  Why can’t I ever foam roll???  I am on the right track with the running so far, got 7 miles in today:

Maybe I can foam roll during the commercials while I watch Bachelor Pad tonight. 😉

Have you ever gone into a race or event unprepared?

What days do you usually take as rest days?


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    Fun pants!!! They will most likely get destroyed but you are so right, better them then a pair of $90 Lulus :)

    I think you will do better than you expect. You are super fit and strong which are key. They only other part that is crucial is mental endurance so just go into thinking “I WILL DESTROY THIS”!!

    I can’t wait to read you recap!

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    Flora says

    I am sure you will crush it. Like the other poster said- it is more of a mental challenge. Tough Mudder is all about comradery, everyone is willing to help out. Just like a marathon, you’ll hit the wall so have your mental pump up speech ready! Have fun! I did one last year and it ranks in my top 5 all-time best experiences!

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    Agreed! Have more faith in yourself! You’re super fit and awesome. I’m feeling unprepared for it too, but I think it’s going to be fun. And a lot of running to the obstacles and waiting to cross them because there will be so many people there. Good luck!

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    This weekend I am doing the Spartan race and am not very prepared at all! Saturday is always a rest day for us but lately there has been more and more, just to enjoy summer!

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    OH. MY. GOSH. I have to order some of those pants!!!! Those have to be the freaking coolest things I’ve ever seen!! 😀
    Oh and you’re totally gonne own that Tough Mudder my friend, you’re a beast!!

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    Karen says

    Love how high your fat burn is when ever I go for runs my fat burn is so low compared to when I lift weights. I’m doing around a 10 min mile like you sure wish I had that fat burn on my run days…. I have the same polar as you did you do anything special with your settings that I may have forgotten….


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    Oh my goodness I love, love the pants! So much fun!! I want to come and do the race with you so bad. I am so proud of you for getting 7 miles in this morning and kicking the week off with a great run.

    So glad I’m not the only one that watches Bachelor Pad. 😉 Totally going to foam roll to it tonight. Woop, woop!

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    Kimberly Louis-Jean says

    Fabulous! You are going to have so much fun. Love the pants, where did you buy them from? My nickname in the obstacle racing community has become the Neon Ninja because of my affinity for day-glow. I have a few tough obstacle races coming up and don’t want to ruin my expensive neon pants, and need to find some cheaper ones that won’t matter if they get ruined.

  9. 10


    Nice! I have a serious weakness for all things animal print!
    I did the Mud Hero race in Calgary and the obstacles weren’t as tough as I had imagined them to be. You’ll be just fine!

    Where do you find (or purchase) the insanity workouts? Would love to try.

    xx Atlas Grace

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    Diana says

    Good gracious – I did my only 10k two years ago after going on two runs to ‘train’… Not the best idea, but since my cardio capacity was pretty high from working out at the gym 6 days a week, I still managed to finish (although in 54 minutes, not under 50 like I had hoped). In a pleasant contrast, my very first half marathon this weekend went wonderfully as a result of decent preparation – I demolished my sub-1:40 goal with a sub-1:34 finish, and placed 66th out of a field of 7500 entrants. Much better :)

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    Love the pants! Condo shopping..hmmm! Do I hear wedding bells too? You know how I am always bugging you about getting married! I love the two of you together :) You will great at the TM. You are so in shape and you eat all of the right things! Have fun!

  12. 16

    Rory says

    Dude, how do you keep managing to compete in these things with no prep, I’m so jealous!! You’re last run, you’re bike race and now Tough Mudder!!

    So jealous, I would die without preparing!!

  13. 17

    Erin says

    On tip I will give you:
    TM does have plenty of snacks/drinks at their water stops. However, I put two of those Gu energy gel things in my sports bra. That way I had it for when I really needed it, which was not near a water station. I only ended up using one of them, but was nice to have the other for emergencies or for someone else.

  14. 19


    No words can describe just how awesome those pants are. Y’all are going to put everyone else’s outfits to shamee!!! Oh girl, I can never get around to foam rolling. I know I should, but I just hate it & never feel like it.

  15. 20

    Julie says

    Love the pants!!!
    Good luck with the race, you will be fine. I am doing a dirty girl mud run in a few weeks & I am nervous too.


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