Vegan rice rolls and two things that make me happy

I hate sushi.  Hate.  How anyone can crave raw fish and seaweed really boggles my mind.  I am probably going to get hate mail for saying that but I honestly could never understand it.  I feel the same way about mushrooms and eggs.  I found an alternative to sushi though.  Have you ever tried rice paper wraps?  Same deal, you just don’t feel like you’re eating leaves from the bottom of the ocean.  Dean and I got crafty and made some some fancy rolls the other night.

The rice paper comes dry so you just have to soak it until it becomes flimsy, fill it with goodies and then wrap it burrito-style (except it is much smaller than a burrito).  I filled mine with tempeh, carrots, cucumber, and spring mix.  Dean added red peppers and chicken to his.  I made the same honey peanut lime dressing that I posted here for us to use as a dipping sauce and it was absolutely delicious.  I loved how versatile these were and am looking forward to making them again.  Next time I think I will add avocado!

I went shopping with my mom, Dean, and Princeton (!) yesterday and found these TOMS that put a huge smile on my face.

Aren’t they beautiful?  Colours and patterns make me so happy.  My birthday is in exactly 22 days and if they don’t miraculously appear on my doorstep I might just have to go get them as a present to myself! :)

More happiness ensued when my mother went into Banana Republic and people in fancy outfits started coming up to us asking if we wanted wine (I don’t drink), mahi tuna (no thanks), roast beef (no thanks again), chocolate covered vanilla cake pops (heck yes but forgot to take a picture), and bite-sized lemon meringue pies (not even joking).

They were having some special event and I guess they thought food = happiness = customers spend more money.  That theory didn’t work for us but we each got a couple of bite-sized treats and didn’t complain one bit.  I think every store should feed their customers.

Do you like sushi?

Do you buy yourself presents on your birthday?


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      Yes! It’s the seaweed that gets me every time. I don’t like fish so I can’t get the ones that are just rice and fish. Then all of the veggie ones are wrapped in seaweed and the taste and texture freaks me out. I can’t ever learn to love that taste!

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    Angela says

    I don’t care for sushi or mushrooms either. And for some reason when people know you’re a vegetarian they automatically assume you like mushrooms and/or pasta. Those are your only options in restaurants. I’m also trying really hard to like avocados, but I just don’t like them.

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        Angela says

        I can’t stand pasta with mushrooms and they look at you weird when you say you don’t want mushrooms. I don’t like guac and I keep trying the avocado in black bean wraps but I can’t stand it, I’ve been picking them out lately. Maybe I’ll give up on them…..

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    I am a notoriously picky eater, but I LOVE sushi and raw oysters. Seriously, just talking about them is making my mouth water! I sometimes think that we can learn to love things as we get older, but there will always be things that we will never grow to love. For me, those things are chicken wings, acorn squash, and brussel sprouts!

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    abbey says

    I agree… raw fish!! and i’m not sold on ceviche either!!!
    I do like cucumber and avocado sushi though 😀

    love the TOMS. I got the pink sparkle ones and people just look at my feet haha. I’m 18 and people always think I’m 13 so i guess the little kid like sparkle shoes don’t help with that!!

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    Vanessa says

    Oh man i wish i could change your mind about sushi! It is my favorite thing to eat, i would eat it everyday if i could. Haha! And i like mushrooms too…people think i am weird for that one quite often. Those TOMS are adorable! I have a hunch you will be seeing those for your bday girl! :) Happy Friday!

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    I don’t like sushi either, simply because I hate the seaweed wrapper… argh!
    Finally someone who also doesn’t like the seaweed, yes!!!! No one else can understand me on this, haha!
    I do like fish, but not raw, no thanks. And I do like eggs (love eggs actually), and mushrooms.
    My son though loves sushi, so we buy/make often, and I found some soy wrappers at Whole Foods that are fun and colorful, and I make veggie wrappers for me with either that or using rice paper like you just did. I love rolls made with rice paper, they are so colorful, fun and delicious to eat, really love them! Maybe you can look for them, here is a link so you can see the wrappers:
    It is fun! (and you don’t need to use for just sushi with rice, you can fill them with wathever you like too.

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    I think we are soul mates. I too hate sushi, seaweed, mushrooms AND eggs. Also Josh ALWAYS eats those rice wraps and he uses this delish peanut sauce from Oxygen mag…I will find out what issue the recipe is in and send along!

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    I didn’t like sushi until a couple of moths ago. I don’t know what happened… one day I just craved it!

    Your wraps are so neat and tidy. You should see the one I posted Wednesday. It was my first attempt. They were good, but not too pretty! :)

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    Falon says

    Those toms are sooooo cute! I have been dying for a pair for months and yet I just keep buying more Sperrys and no Toms.

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    hahahaha. food definitely = happiness but they must have missed how it then leads to a blissful state where i dont need any further shopping therapy;) haha! jealous of those treats! i dont like sushi either. it seriously makes me gag in agony. i wish i were exaggerating;) miss youuuu friend!

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