Coping with baldness and August goals

Princeton was starting to look really dishevled so Dean and I took him to get his first haircut yesterday.  I was so nervous because he is so cute and fluffy and I wasn’t sure what he would look like if he lost his fluff.  Let me tell you, I almost had a heart attack when we picked him up.  He looks bald.  He is still so cute but looks so different!

I love that his black tips were trimmed so now he’s pretty much blonde but I can’t wait for a couple of weeks to pass so his hair can grow a bit and he won’t look so scrawny!

I will often post goals at the beginning of the month but I am really bad at going back at the end and seeing how committed I was and if I stuck ith them 100%.  Let’s try to change that this month.  My birthday is in exactly four weeks today so that is the perfect reason to buckle down so I can feel my best.

1.  Stick to my half marathon training plan as closely as possible.  I am one week in and so far, so good.

2.  Cross train 4-5 times a week.  Whether it is CrossFit, an Insanity workout, tabata, cycling, or hot yoga, I need to do something else besides run  (especially on those days I’m only supposed to run a couple of miles).

3.  Foam FREAKING roll so my legs don’t break (I am so bad at this).

4.  Eat as close to a plant-based diet as possible.  Animal products = stomach issues = bad runs = unhappy Christina.  Now that I have my spiralizer, I shouldn’t have any issues eating tons of veggies.

5.  Try my absolute hardest NOT to go out to eat until my birthday.  I have been spending so much money on food and I have no reason to not cook.  I am off all summer which leaves me plenty of time since my only responsibility is to walk my dog.

I think five goals is enough for now!

Did you make any goals for August?  Tell me one!

Are you training for anything in particular right now (races, fitness competitions, hot dog eating contests)?


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    I love the new puppy cut! Goals for August…Well, I have a half marathon coming up in a little less than a month and I really want to do better than I have in my last two. Both of those half marathons were during or coming off an injury so I should be able to do a little better this time around. What half are you running? Are you doing with Dean? Your goals are very achievable and I think you will do great in your half because you are in such great shape. Don’t forget to get a new lulu outfit for that half hehehe!!

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    I just set my goals for the next 2 months – basically eat clean and stick to my exercise program. I’ve got a half coming up in early October!

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    Whenever Bentley gets his haircut, he is BALD. I usually hate how he looks when he first gets it done. But in a week or two, his hair is absolutely perfect so just wait!!! I promise it will look better :) Love your goals!

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    Princeton looks adorable with the haircut. Good luck with the half training. I am supposed to be starting that myself but I am waiting for my foot to feel better :( Great goals! Reminds me that I haven’t made any for August yet.

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    I agree, a girl has got to do more than run!
    Princeton looks adorable in his new do… don’t worry, Mama, it will grow in!
    Have a great long weekend, C and D and P!!

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    Aww you pup melts my heart, so sweet!

    My big goal right now is marathon training. I’m 5 weeks out now and it’s giving me heart attacks to think about!! Were you super nervous before your first marathon??

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    Jessica says

    I just love how adorable Princeton is!! :-) TOO CUTE!!

    My goal for August is actually for the next 6 months – to save up every spare penny to move out to LA in January. I’ve already gotten my boss to agree to it without losing my job, now it’s in my hands to make it happen. It’s one of the Most Focused things I’ve ever taken on, I have a list I work off, and I now write down everything I’m spending so I can save as effectively as possible. “Would I rather move or have those new shoes? MOVE!!” 😀 It’s exciting and Tough!!!

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    Princeton is still absolutely adorable even have his haircut! I don’t think I could everr be mad @ that little cutie if he did something wrong. Just looking @ his face would melt my heart haha.

    I’m with on foam rolling girl. I’ve been slacking hardcore on it, and I’m thinking my body will soon be paying me back for it :(

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    Princeton looks adorable! I was so scared the first time I got Carly’s hair cut but she looked just as cute!
    Those are great goals. I am so bad at doing strength training so my August goal is to strength training at least 2 times a week.
    Good luck in your half mary training, I am in Week 4 of my training, running a half on September 29.

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    Ah! I finally busted out the foam roller after starting my half plan! I am awful at it as well. Peter and I would like to buy a place and not eating out is SO difficult to accomplish lately. We’re trying to buckle down – but it is way easier when nyou lead such busy lives!

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    Aww Princeton looks great! Your goals are awesome and I have no doubt in my mind at all that you will accomplish all of them. Have a great day and enjoy the rest of Summer. :):)

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    Those are great goals. I need to follow your lead on the foam rolling! I find my muscles cry for it and I just go “maybe later” but later never comes. lol so it’s a goal date – I’ll try to foam roll more….starting right now.

    I like Princeton. Although his fluff was cute! I just cut my own hair last night and it surprisingly looks great! I’m so happy I can now save money.

    I am doing a plank challenge, spread the love challenge, sticking with Z’s workouts and training for a half as well…..which half are you going to do??

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    Did I ever tell you you’re too adorable?!! Seriously! So excited your bday is coming up!!!!! Tell me you’re coming to visit me!?!?!?! 😀 Princeton looks adorable, I love foam rolling, you’re making me want a spiralizer even more, and you rock. Love your goals lady!

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