Our 8-hour blate!

If you follow Corey from Learning Patience (which you should!), you will know that she is a travel queen and came to Toronto on Wednesday for eight hours in between flights.  I was so pumped to meet this girl as we have been blog friends for quite a while.

I picked her and her husband, Glen, up from the airport at 12:30pm and we went over to my place to have some lunch and hang out with Princeton. Corey took the cutest picture of him and posted it on her blog today in her Toronto recap.  While Glen napped, Corey and I talked and I swear my face still hurts from laughing.  She is the funniest person I have ever met!

After lunch we headed downtown to do some shopping while Glen went to the Hockey Hall of Fame.  Corey and I did very well at H&M and Lululemon.  We even bought the cutest matching dresses.  I am so proud of Corey for holding up for so long wihout her boot.  She is going through a rough time right now with a foot injury but I know she will be back to running sooner than she thinks!

We picked up her boot before dinner and met Dean, walked over to Marché Restaurant, where we also met Glen, and had a great dinner.  Before we knew it, it was time to take Corey and Glen back to the airport.  I was so sad to see them go but so happy and grateful for the opportunity to meet them both.  They are expats living in Trinidad right now so I am hoping that Dean and I get the chance to go and visit them soon!

Thank you Corey and Glen for being such amazing guests!

Have you ever been on a blate (blogger date)?

Where is the last place you vacationed?


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    Ahh you guys are so cute, love the matching dresses :) I want to have a Blate!! I’ve never had a blate – shocking, but not too many bloggers seem to travel to Cape Breton, NS. Haha I should move somewhere cooler 😛

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    I love it when bloggers meet up. It’s so cool! I haven’t ever had a “blate” but maybe one day I will have the opportunity to meet some of you great people! I hope Corey’s foot feels better soon! Injuries are just not fun and hard to deal with!

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    Hey Girl!!! Never been on a blate :( I had no idea you were from Toronto!! That’s so awesome! I am a follower of Corey’s blog and when I saw her post that she was in town…I smiled.
    I will be checking out your blog :)

    Feel free to checkout my blog, have a good rest of the week!! XX

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