Favourite Things Giveaway #2

Some of you may remember the first Favourite Things Giveaway that Ashley Johns and I hosted just last month.  Well we figured it was time for another!

Handful is giving yet another one of their amazing sports bras away.  Like I said in my previous posts (here and here), it is my ultimate favourite bra.  The material is so comfortable, the straps don’t dig in, and there are removable cups that give you a little extra shape.  Their motto is flatter, not flatten.  Love it.  You need this bra.

Kara from Chickbands (who is my best friend who I’ve never met) is giving away two headbands.  I’ve talked about how much I love her bands here.  They are seriously the cutest non-slip headbands in the entire universe.  The sparkly ones are my favourite.  I have one in just about every colour to match all of my workout outfits.

HoodieBuddie is a pretty awesome company that makes hoodies that make listening to music easy!  There is a headphone jack inside the pocket that plugs into mp3 players or phones and the sound signal travels through the HoodieBuddie and into the built in headphones at the end of the drawstrings.  How cool is that?!  What’s even cooler is that they are giving one away to a lucky reader!

a few of my favourites!

Last but not least, Neocell is giving away another container of their Collagen Sport protein powder.   It is a completely clean whey protein that does not contain any gluten, wheat, sugar, or lactose.  I have tried both the vanilla and chocolate flavours and they are equally delicious.

How does that sound?!

Apparently there are some fancy rules that I’ve been breaking with all of my giveaways.  To enter the giveaway, I cannot force you to “like” the Facebook pages of the above companies but I would still love it if you did.  These companies have offered up some killer product and showing them some love would be nice! :)  If you have Facebook and would like to show support, here are their pages: Handful, Chickbands, HoodieBuddie, Neocell.  Let them know I sent you!  THANK YOU!

To enter, just leave me a comment telling me what you’re most excited to do this weekend! (You can double your chances of winning by commenting on Ashley’s blog too!)

Note:  Winner will win all four items.  Open to Canadian and US residents.

Contest ends Wednesday, July 25th!  Good luck!


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      Kaeli says

      I am going hiking this weekend with my friend who has denied my invitation until now. She recently lost a lot of weight and started getting active but has been afriad everyone would pass her up and she would get embarrassed. I told we’d go at her pace and that not trying is not worth missing the beautiful Alaskan scenery here. I can’t wait to experience this “first” for her with her. I love and need all of these products!!!

  1. 3

    Angela says

    Love the items in this giveaway! This weekend I plan on going to the dog park and will go kayaking – I will need the water to escape the heat this weekend.

  2. 4

    Shaylene says

    I am most exciting to hike another mountain in Jasper this weekend. 4 hours of awesomeness right there!!!

    • 6

      Nicholle says

      Most excited to chill with my cute husband and four little boys this weekend! Incredible giveaway!

  3. 8

    Shaylene says

    I am most excited not exciting. Spell check my bad. Love your blog by the way. You seem to have a great upbeat energy !! Really enjoy it!!

  4. 10

    Lindsey says

    I’m stoked to try out my brand new skim board this weekend and take my workouts to another level! I’ve hit a plateau so I’m excited to add some more weight to my strength training :) (If I don’t eat too much sand and salt water, that is!) ^^^

  5. 11

    Brittany says

    This sunday I will be running in my first 5k the Color Run. I am so excited and pumped for this run!!!! Thanks for another amazing giveaway!!

  6. 12


    Totally nerdy but I am going to see the King Tut exhibit at the Pacific Science Center tonight. PREEEETTTTYYYY stoked about it!

  7. 13

    Kaitlyn Kutschke says

    Looks like an awesome giveaway!
    This weekend I am most excited to take Saturday as a much needed rest day with my boyfriend and his family at a cottage :) (A day away from my thesis is also an added bonus!)
    I hope you enjoy your weekend!

  8. 15

    Kimberly Louis-Jean says

    I’m excited to hopefully try out Stand Up Paddleboarding for the first time. I’ve heard it’s a great workout and excellent for the core. If I am able to attend, the experience will allow me to try the Paddleboard yoga and Paddleboard bootcamp classes they have as well. I am SO EXCITED!!!

  9. 17

    Jen J says

    I am most excited that after this weekend, my family beach vacation is just a few days away! This is an awesome give away!

  10. 18

    Amy Madsen says

    I am most excited to help with a childrens Kiddie Dash tonight to share my love/passion of running with kids and help to promote health and fun!! ~Amy :)

  11. 19


    Love this giveaway.
    I am excited about going to see my pops in the hospital as he is doing well at the moment in prep for some major surgery. He is already buds with all the nurses which is just so him….

  12. 20

    Laura says

    I couldn’t be more excited to run 20km this weekend…the longest distance I will have ever run and the peak of my half marathon training! Actually maybe I’m more excited about relaxing afterwards 😉

  13. 22

    Adrenaline says

    Im most excited to finally lay out by the pool for the first time this summer! I live in Florida so its pretty embarasing to be as ghostly pale as i am!

  14. 23


    I am most excited to have a relaxing weekend with limited plans! The plans do include a CrossFit class, a run, dinner with friends and lots of time spent relaxing :)

    Have a great weekend!

  15. 24

    Miranda says

    What a great giveaway! I am most excited about the weekend in general. It is going to be a busy one. We’ve got a classic car show tomorrow and Sunday I am running in the Harvest Days run in Battleground, Wa – followed by a bridal shower. CAN’T WAIT!

  16. 26

    Heather says

    I love the pic of you wearing a million chickbands, ha! I am most excited to finish a crazy wholesale order that has kept me working like a dog the past few days! & then on to running, relaxing, eating, maybe a little shopping :)

  17. 27


    Hi there! I am most excited to get up tomorrow morning, and go for a 4 mile run…then make myself up for my bachelorette party! Tomorrow is the one week mark until I get married! : ) I am so excited!

  18. 29

    Gemma says

    I am most excited about visiting my mom. I haven’t seen her in awhile – so a road trip was in order! I hope you have a great weekend!!!

  19. 32


    I’m running 12-13 miles tomorrow afternoon. Yes, that may not be exciting to everyone.. but who doesn’t love a good run on a Saturday :)

  20. 33

    Marla says

    I’m most excited for Saturday. A good 8 mile run in the am and wine tasting in Osoyoos in the afternoon followed by a bbq with friends. The perfect Saturday.

  21. 34

    Enrica says

    As silly as it may sound, I am excited for my niece’s birthday party tomorrow. She is having a “Crazy Hair Party”. I made a really cute frame for her and her friends to take pictures in.

  22. 35

    Catherine Anne says

    What a great second giveaway! I am most excited to go to the farmer’s market tomorrow morning to pick up some delicious fresh produce for the week and cook an awesome dinner for my boyfriend who is coming to visit me on Sunday! :)

  23. 44

    Martine A. says

    I am most excited about going boating for my brother’s birthday tomorrow, and working out on Sunday! :)

  24. 45


    I want to know more about these rules you’ve apparently been breaking?!?!

    I’m looking forward to playing in this rain that came out of no where… and doing loads of homework I’ve become behind on. (Can you taste the sarcasm? LOL!)

  25. 48


    I am most excited about having a beer tonight. I don’t have any running in the morning and I love beer in the summer. Yeah I promise I am not an alcoholic!

  26. 49

    Faith says

    I am excited to spend time with my family! My husband has been working out of town during the week for the last 2 months, so weekends are even more special now!

  27. 52

    Jenn says

    We’re going paddle boarding on Saturday! Oh and my dad and I are doing the Gran Fondo Giro d’Italia on Sunday in Pasadena, CA. I love when my weekends are super active!

  28. 54

    kelly crouch says

    I am excited to get my workout in and then spend the rest of the time playing outside with my family!! We love going to the lake or swimming at home!!

  29. 55

    Claudia says

    I love Kara and her Chickbands!! All the other products are awesome too and I will be showing them some love. I am most excited for a hot yoga session tomorrow morning and then a fun concert tomorrow night!

  30. 57

    Marie says

    Awesome giveaways!! Concerning this week end I am most excited to.. wake up sore in the morning tomorrow after an awesome workout this morning and to go shopping ! :)

  31. 58

    Nikki says

    Awesome giveaway! I’m most excited to sit by the lake with my feet up. And maybe squeeze in a little running 😉

  32. 60

    Sherrie says

    I am most excited to spend the weekend with family…this means running with my sister, gathering with family and friends, and spending time with my husband and family right before our one year anniversary.

  33. 61


    I am most looking forward to my 7 miler tomorrow morning & hiking at Snowbasin Sunday morning! Can’t forget about the Red Mango yogurt after I am a sweaty mess! YUM! I look forward to too many things! :)

  34. 63


    I’m most excited to have a vegan dinner tonight at IONrestaurant in middletown with my best blends Heather (fortheloveofkale.com) and Jenny (tofuswag.wordpress.com).

  35. 64


    There are TWO things I’m most excited about. One is a massage on Sunday. Long awaited! And two, grocery shopping (I know I’m weird.) I have plans to try my hand at making several new recipes and I’m looking forward to that!

  36. 65


    I’m excited that this weekend will mark two weeks that I have gone with out eating white flour or pasta! It’s a big deal for me! Saturday morning I’m meeting some fellow Crossfit folk for a timed run! It should be fun!!

  37. 69

    Stacy L says

    I’m most excited to celebrate my twin boys 11th birthday on Sunday! Looking forward to seeing all of our family and friends.

  38. 71

    Allison says

    Deadlift day is tomorrow, and I’m super excited to attempt 170# which is so close to my ultimate goal of 175# (1.5 xBW)!

  39. 72

    Kellie says

    I am looking forward to starting off the weekend with dinner with my best friend and then having a low key weekend with no obligations!

  40. 73

    Julie says

    I’m excited to go back to my hometown for a high school friend’s wedding…haven’t seen that group of people in 6-10 years, and I get to “show off” my new body after losing 30lbs of fat!! I also get to for a run Sunday morning with my best friend from college who will be in the area and who I haven’t seen in over a year :)

  41. 74


    This weekend I’m most excited about looking for a new apartment in San Francisco! I’m super excited to be moving to the city… now to find the perfect place to call home!

  42. 77

    Caylee says

    I’m most excited to head to Provincetown in Cape Cod and run a 5K there! Then I’m heading for a beach day with my entire family in Rhode Island on Monday! My birthday is the 25th (which would make it even cooler to win) so it will be a fun weekend of celebrations! Awesome items!

  43. 78


    Amazing giveaway!

    This weekend will be a big one for me, Saturday a 16K hike in the Rockies near Lake Louise, Alberta (Cirque Peak – google it!) And Sunday is the Mud Hero run… Wonder if I’ll be able to walk on Monday!?

  44. 82

    Darbi says

    I have a 12 mile run tomorrow morning but Im most excited about the few hours of pool time after my run!

  45. 83

    Cathy G says

    I have never seen the HoodieBuddy… How amazing!!!!!! Liked all the pages :) I am most excited about building benches for our up coming wedding. We have 25 pallets to dissemble, chop up, and reassemble. I will not be working out this weekend BUT there will be plenty of sweat involved since it is going to be like 100 degrees tomorrow :0 Thanks so much for the wonderful giveaways!

  46. 84


    I am working both Friday and Saturday nights. I am looking forward to running the 20 flights of stairs at the hospital on my “lunch” break from 2-3AM! If you wanna stay fit, you gotta make the time to do it!

  47. 85


    hi! I’m most excited to get a 5 mile run in on Saturday, and a 1 mile swim in the afternoon! I’m also excited to see my boyfriend!!! :)

  48. 89

    Marie Josee says

    I am going to our annual family reunion at presquile provincial park. I am most excited about catching up with everybody and going to the beach!

  49. 90

    Cara D says

    I’m most excited for my 10 mile race! It’s been a tradition for my boyfriend and I for three years now! Hoping to beat my time from last year!!

  50. 91


    Great giveaway! My boyfriend is coming into town this weekend and I’m most excited about that because this is the last time we have to travel to see each other! In 3 weeks we will be living just 20 minutes from each other :) Hope you have a great weekend as well!

  51. 93


    This weekend, for me, will include fitness and food prep (with a side of work). Tomorrow kicks off with a 15K run then abs and shoulders at the gym. Sunday is my rest day so I will go to work then spend the afternoon cooking and packaging all my meals for the week! 😀

  52. 94

    Donnie Flaherty says

    I love your giveaways!!! I just wish I could win one:) I have a good feeling this might be my lucky one:) I am so excited to leave my little mountain town and head to Phoenix to see friends, do a little shopping and hang with my brother who will be in town for a visit! Oh and I start carb cycling tomorrow for a photo shoot I have booked in just 3 weeks…so excited!!!

  53. 95


    AWESOME giveaway and awesome products girl! I am most looking forward to Sunday because I have NO plans whatsoever. I think I’ll watch a little TV and spend some time with our pups! Downtime is rare around here and so I make sure to cherish every single second that I get!

  54. 98

    Katelynn Smith says

    This sounds like a great give away! I follow you on instagram (@fitphysiquelife) and love what you do! I’m going camping this weekend with most of my extended family and I’m very excited to hike, run, and bike with all of them. I want to get those that don’t exercise to join us too!

  55. 99

    Megan Connelly says

    I’m spending my weekend catching up on homework and running 3 miles in preparation for my first half marathon! So far I have only ran 2 miles so I’m both nervous and excited to step it up to 3!! Not going to lie…..I’m getting addicted to running and I love it! Thanks for all the inspiration!

  56. 101

    Carmen says

    What an awesome hoodie!!! I am most excited to go hiking this weekend. Can’t wait to get out of the city!

  57. 102

    Laurel C says

    I’m running a super fun race on Sunday called the “Wharf to Wharf” in Santa Cruz, CA…….I can’t wait!!!

  58. 104

    Megan says

    I am most excited about sleeping in, getting a good workout in, and enjoying the sunshine! I love all the prizes in this giveaway, so awesome!

  59. 105

    Sejal M says

    Great Giveaway! I am so excited to spend time with teh family and head to the Splash pad with my son and daughter! We need to cool off.

  60. 106

    missmarisol says

    Great giveaway!

    I’m most excited about spending time with family & friends this weekend. Nothing fancy but it’s going to be a lot of fun.

  61. 109

    Lindsay says

    I’m excited for my 6 mile run sat morning followed by a trip to the local farmers market. Also excited to make my meat eating boyfriend a delicious vegan dinner and enjoy ever bite 😉

  62. 113

    Rebecca says

    I am most excited to not have to cook tomorrow night! We are going to a friend’s house for dinner and I have been told that I don’t need to bring anything so I’m going to enjoy it :-)

  63. 117

    Carissa says

    I’m most excited to be done traveling after this weekend! Been so busy and ready to get home and relax for the last three weeks before the kids go back to school!!
    Not very exciting, but true! Lol

  64. 119

    Luvena says

    I am MOST excited to sleep in and give my poor muscles a break before staring W7 of James Wilson’s program. LOVE IT but grueling it is :0). Enjoy your weekend!!

  65. 123


    I am most excited about going to the WBFF show here in California TOMORROW!! YEEEHAAAWW!!! :) I’m going with Crystal from Spoonful of Fit whom I just love and has known my boyfriend but I won’t even actually meet her in person until tomorrow when we go shopping for a cute shirt to wear to this awesome event! :) It’s amazing how you can become such good friends with someone without ever meeting them in person. I can’t wait to hug her! :) SUPER EXCITED!!
    PS…great giveaway!
    Jordana Dec

  66. 125

    Amanda R says

    Super excited for a trail run tomorrow morning in the piney woods of East Texas! Then a stellar farmer’s market with all the organic, local produce! :)

  67. 129

    Cristine says

    This weekend I am most excited to spend some time with my husband! He has been on night shifts and I haven’t had much time with him lately. I think we are going to hit up a local food festival (Taste of Edmonton) and take our pupster to the dog park. I can’t wait!

  68. 131

    Claire says

    This giveaway is reallyy exciting 😀 ! This week end I’m most excited about planning my trip to Croatia which I’ll be travelling to in a month!!

  69. 133

    Lynn in MD says

    I’m most excited to cheer my 7yo son on in his 1st triathlon this weekend!
    (BTW, I LOVE Chickbands)

  70. 137

    Alyssa says

    I am most excited to get a good workout in before I must park my butt at the library to study for midterms all weekend long!

  71. 142

    Karine Fournier says

    Awesome giveaway! This weekend I’m mostly excited about doing NOTHING much starting now! Just going to the gym both days, relaxing… and having monday off as well. I want to catch some ZzzZ… work out and maybe watch a movie or two :)

  72. 143

    Erica Turner says

    Well, I’m 8 months pregnant and excited for my daily 2 mile walks while pushing my two other kids in a stroller with me for some quality family excercise time!

  73. 144

    Amber says

    I am most excited to head up to beautiful Sedona, Arizona to go on a hiking adventure and maybe a little mountain bike ride! Oh… And I liked all of the giveaway companies pages 😉

  74. 145

    Connie says

    I am looking forward to making new Paleo recipes, lifting weights, going for walks, and relaxing this weekend! Next weekend I’m doing the Color Run in Amesbury, MA!

  75. 147

    Paula says

    I am most excited about getting my long run of 11 miles done and spending some fun time with my family!

  76. 148


    This weekend I am going to one of my friends houses so our kiddos can hang out, I also plan on staying strong in resisting soda (trying to kick the habit) and continue on with my kettle all workouts (I have newly discovered these workouts and enjoy then), Church on Sunday!!!
    Let is all continue to pray for strength for those affected in the CO shootings, the victims, witnesses, family and friends. I pray for the suspect as he will have to face our mighty creator on judgement day.
    Hope everyone has a great weekend!

  77. 149

    Joanne says

    This weekend I am most excited to compete in my first ever Warrior Dash!!!!!!!!!! Looking forward to running hard having fun and getting dirty :)

  78. 151

    Mika Rotunda says

    I AM MOST EXCITED TO GET MY AFFA GROUP FITNESS CERTIFICATION TOMORROW !! Today will be spent with family and friends, playing in the ocean, studying and allowing myself to relax for the tommorrow so that I can go in and woop some butt and earn my certification !! Usually I am on a bike ride followed by a 2500-3000 yard swim right now… but today I need to respect my body and make today rest day; it woul be glorious if I won the contest !!!! lol wow I typed a lot !

  79. 153

    Bernadette says

    I am most excited to get out there for a long, sunny run today after yesterday’s intense rain!

  80. 154

    Kristy Stratakos says

    I am most excited for tomorrow to get to go to church and relax and enjoy life with family.

  81. 155

    Jessica says

    I’m most excited that tomorrow might be sunny enough to soak in some rays… that said I’m really happy to have a relaxing and low key day ahead of me before a busy work week next week!!! :-)

  82. 157


    I am MOST excited about running Long Run Saturday with my running group at 6am, coming home to fresh brewed coffee and a still sleeping household, drinking a hot cup of coffee in silence, going to the pool with my 4 & 2 year old boys, cooking a nice juicy grass-fed beef burger and drinking an ice cold Michelob Ultra Lime…HEAVEN :)

  83. 158


    I am most excited for active rest this weekend. My body really needs it. Oh and I really want to find some new yummy clean vegetarian recipes. Have a great weekend!

  84. 159

    Rita says

    I work weekends and having a very physical job that is the only time I don’t workout except for going on a relaxing hike. This weekend I am excited to just spend family time at the movies one day before work and taking a stroll or bike ride at the park after work the next.

  85. 160

    Brandi O says

    I’m looking forward to loads of family time and a nice and easy run!!! Happy weekend everyone!!!

  86. 161

    Lauren grembos says

    I’m excited this weekend for my long run Sunday, then spending the day with my amazing family at the lavender festival!

  87. 162

    Marisa Gillispie says

    I’m most excited to ride 50+ miles on my bike. This will be the furthest I’ve ever ridden. :)

  88. 163


    Hi there. I’m most excited to spend all day/night today with my husband.
    Workout, Farmers Market, Brunch, Movie and Scrabble = awesome.

    p.s. this give a way is amazing and I SO want a hoodie…coolest thing ever!

    xoxo from Trinidad

  89. 164

    christie says

    After traveling all week for work, I am looking forward to sleeping in my own bed this weekend and prob a nice short run on Sunday, so I can start the week off right!

  90. 165

    Cindy says

    I am looking forward to knocking out some miles (8) while I train for another half marathon. =) Minnesota is getting some rain this am, so it will be a wet run!

  91. 166

    Jeannie Mattingly says

    This weekend will be filled with lots of playing with my 3 daughters, grilling with the hubby, praising God in church and nursing a sprained ankle from 2 weeks ago. No running for me while I’m recovering but I hope your weekend is filled with good cardio! Thank you for the giveaway opportunities!

  92. 167

    shayla says

    My favorite thing I am going to do this weekend is a lot of triathlon training, Swimming, biking and running all the way!!!! My sprint triathlon is August 11th and it will be my first, I am doing it with my mom for her 45th birthday.

  93. 168

    Colleen says

    I am looking forward to prepping some great meals for next week and a long drive in my husbands new Mustang convertible!!

  94. 169

    Tavish says

    I am most excited to get some SERIOUS training in this weekend! My first triathlon is 4 weeks away!! GULP!!
    I’m heading over to Facebook to like their pages now 😉

  95. 170

    Jessica Bender says

    I am excited to have at least one day without excessive heat and humidity to spend outside with my family! Would love to play at the park or take our dog on a long hike without worrying about passing out!:)

  96. 172

    Sue says

    most excited to spend time with friends, and work on cleaning up the backyard and getting rid of yet more brush

  97. 173

    Jesse Lofstrom says

    I am in Jasper, AB, Canada this weekend and I’m most excited to watch my friend get married and go for a peaceful run in the mountains!!!

  98. 174

    Jessica says

    I am most excited to be off of work at 4:30 today and spend my weekend eating a BALANCED diet with exercising each day! I’m learning to be balanced and it’s pretty awesome! :)

  99. 175

    Thiriza says

    I am most EXCITED to teach my workout class this morning!!! Then we are taking the boat out for some much needed relaxation on the river!!! Also, talked the hubs into getting his first ever pedicure with me….it is going to be priceless!! Love. The. Weekend. (and this giveaway of course)!!

  100. 178

    Katey C. says

    I’m most excited to hang out with my husband. We don’t get many weekends where there isn’t a lot going on. But this weekend is gonna be awesome!

  101. 183

    Jessica Elliott says

    This weekend I’m most excited to do the Ypsilanti color run! First color run experience:)

  102. 184

    Ella Friberg says

    I’m excited to relax, go to the farmers market, soak in some sun at the beach, and play a little softball!

  103. 185

    Dana says

    I’m excited for GIRLS NIGHT OUT this weekend!! It’s been a long time coming and one of my BFFs is moving to San Diego in a few weeks. :-( This looks like a great giveaway. I love you blog! Keep up the great work!

  104. 187

    Crystal Froemming says

    I am most excited this weekend to train my back and biceps, hang out with my husband and three year old son and check off all five of my weekly goals to reach my long term fitness goals! It’s wonderful when everything falls into alignment!

  105. 189

    Monique Bilbo says

    I am most excited to go to my hometown and go hiking and enjoy the sites. Nice and cool up here in Washington today!!

  106. 190


    Love everything in the giveaway!! I am excited that I just took 10 minutes off my 6 mile run time. Enjoying time with friends today (and ice cream!) Tomorrow we’re spending the day at the beach with friends! I never have time to socialize, so I am psyched!!!!

  107. 191


    This weekend, I’m looking forward to a lot of things. This morning, I’m going to a yoga sculpt class which always leaves me feeling great! Then, my boyfriend is coming to visit. We always have so much fun playing tennis or hiking. Tonight, I’m teaching a vinyasa yoga class which I always enjoy doing. This weekend is going to be great!

  108. 192

    Michelle M says

    I am so excited to head out to our dear friends 90th bday ice cream social with my husband and our new little one!! I will probably end the weekend with a 6m run and some yoga! What an amazing giveaway!!

  109. 193

    Brandi says

    I am most excited about squeezing in a last minute vacation with the 3 loves of my life before school starts back. Enjoying the weekend in Savannah. , Georgia with my men.

  110. 194


    This weekend is going to start by training for a 5k with my 10 and 7 year old. Then we are going camping in a haunted town called Virginia City!! Lots of family fun and physical activity in store for us :)

  111. 195

    Nichole says

    I’m excited about my whole weekend. My husband’s been out of town & gets home today so excited to be spending time with him. Also my trainer & fellow trainees are competing today at IFBB Pacific USA & I’m going to cheer them on & see what a show is all about. I just turned 40 this year & you & Tosca Reno have inspired me & put a spark back under my butt to eat clean & train with weights & workout. I’ve challenged myself to enter a fitness/bikini competition so I’m working hard & making lifestyle changes I’m truly excited about. Thank you for posting your workouts & all that you do. Love the new puppy! Have a great Dane at home & he’s my best friend :). Hope you have an amazing weekend

    • 196


      Hi Nichole!! I just wanted to let you know that you WON the Favourite Things Giveaway! I posted about it just the other day but you must have missed it! Email me if you get a chance so we can get you your goods! theathletarian [at] gmail [dot] com :)

  112. 198

    Joanne Mackey says


    I already had my weekend. I was super anxious and excited to go backpacking/mt biking with my husband and dogs! We Mt biked 7 miles into a lake with our big pack backs. Its was extremely difficult to start off with but eventually I got my balance sorted after falling off my biking going over root and rock obstacles. We were both dripping in sweat. Talk about a work out!!! HOLY MOLY! The best part was the swim in the lake at the end!

  113. 199

    Kelzay says

    I am super stoked for this years MUD HERO race in the beautiful Kananaskis, Alberta. Amazing scenery, fun obstacles, a little competition and a whole lotta mud!! <3

  114. 200

    Karen says

    I am excited for climbing Camelback mountain in Phoenix, Arizona and then celebrating my friends bachelorette party!!!! :-)

  115. 201

    Cheryl Bietz says

    I’m most excited to see the new Batman movie, workout, and go to church to escape from all of my chiropractic school studies that I have to do this weekend!

  116. 203


    I am most excited for hitting the lake/beach with my 2 year old. It’s so much fun to watch her figure out what to do in the water. And we hit up our local farmers market today – yum!

  117. 204

    Emma Robinson says

    I’m most excited about this weekend more than any other because my husband has finally taken off some leave from work. He is in the US Air Force and I hardly get to see him. I’m super excited to be able to work out with him for 2 weeks starting today! Tomorrow I’m going to go on a lovely run with my favorite running partner Dobby my weimeraner :o)

  118. 206


    I am most excited about getting in a nice long (er) run than I have been during the week and watching some baseball games!! :) [And I have bought a lot of Chickbands and absolutely LOVE them. Someone at the last race I did asked me where I got mine since it was so cute. :) ]

  119. 207

    Rachel W says

    I’m most excited to have accomplished my first 16 miler for marathon training! Now onto enjoying a deserved day off with my fiancé and friends visting us in our new city!

  120. 209

    Stacy Hicks says

    I’m excited to spend the weekend with my hubby taking it easy before I start my 5 week bootcamp next week!

  121. 210

    Kim Scheideman says

    I am most excited to hang out and BBQ with my hubby, girls and puppy this weekend. Maybe even fit in a zuzana wow.

  122. 211

    laura brown says

    What I’m most excited to do this weekend is catch up with an old friend! We have a hike planned Saturday and then spending the day at the spa on Sunday :) what an awesome give a way!

  123. 212

    Gracie Lee says

    What I am most excited about this weekend is hiking in the hot AZ sun with my friends and family and then taking the boat out to the River. It’s been a while since we all got together and did that! Plus it gives me the chance to work on my tan!

  124. 214

    Julie says

    What an awesome giveaway!!!!
    I’ve already taught mt classes, which I am always excited for.
    But, I am really excited for my nephew’s 2nd birthday Party tomorrow! I am so happy he is here & healthy!

  125. 215

    Sailor says

    What I’m most excited about this weekend is doing some ice breaking. I’m a navigation officer on a ship and I am spending my first season in the Canadian Arctic. We have finally reached the ice, and boy there is a lot. I get try my hand at ice breaking this weekend. How cool is that? Yes, that pun was intended. Oh, and I just saw my first walrus. Actually, dozens of them. I must say it’s rather exciting. The ice is beautiful.

    Sailor Girl

  126. 217

    Sonia the mexigarian says

    Going to he beach for a puppy play date. I haven’t been to the beach at all this year and am looking forward o spending hours in the sand with friends and our dogs :)

  127. 218


    I get to go to upstate NY and see my fam! Hopefully get a little jog in on my old route that I ran every day in high school. :)

  128. 219

    Amanda Powell says

    Hi! I love your blog and I think that you are the cutest thing ive ever seen! lol Awesome second give away!! I am MOST excited to be up at my cottage this weekend and to go for a run, its the best place to train because it has so much variety you dont get bored, plus the hills almost KILL you!! lol Enjoy your weekend!! :)

  129. 220

    Tanae says

    I’m most excited to spend time with my family! I’ve had to work all weekend so only one more night :) hopeing to go for a hike up in Bear lake on monday with the family!

  130. 221

    Carrie Kennedy says

    Hey…I’m most excited to do a long run this weekend! My kids are doing a sleep over at Nana and Papa’s house…long run for me…and a sleep in! Oh and the chick bands are my fav also…and my 3 year old daughters! Thanks for the give away!

  131. 225

    Julia says

    I’m looking forward to hitting up the gym for my regularly HIIT routine, then cocooning with a nice read at home!

  132. 227


    I am most excited for family time !!!! This weekend is the local Italian feast which we as a family never miss!!! We always spend a evening with the kids going on the rides , playing the games ( the favorite is the one which u aim your squirt gun into the mouth of a clown and who’s ever bear floats to the top wins. But I have 5 kids , so between all of us playing ,we take up the whole game and one of us is guaranteed a prize …..hehe!!) Then we head over to the other side and get a taste of italian food and sit by the gazebo where the bands sings italian music. My youngest is 2 and she loves to dance and sing and I have to say , This might of been her favorite part. Can you tell we are Italian?? The last night of the feast is Sunday and we will be going back just for the traditional fireworks. The display is amazing. This is one of our yearly traditions .I also enjoyed taking the WHOLE family for our weekend walks ( well our 2 yr. old gets to tow along in the jogging strolling :-))

  133. 228

    Katie P says

    I’m working this weekend but I’ll be running 11 miles bright and early next Saturday morning training for my marathon!

  134. 234

    Jordan says

    I’m most excited for my zumba class and coffee date with one of my oldest friends tomorrow morning!

  135. 235

    Vanessa says

    I am excited to get to my favorite spin class! Vicious cycle kicks my butt. And have some yummy summer meals on the bbq.

    V :)

  136. 236

    Julianne says

    Other than entering this contest, I gotta say the most exciting thing for me this weekend will be finishing the mudding and painting in our house. Okay…maybe not the work part of it, but the euphoric feeling of being “DONE” will be veeeery exciting!! ;O)

  137. 237

    Jess says

    Most excited to see my family (which I only get to do once or twice a year) and spend the entire week on a beach with my nieces and nephews playing in the surf.

  138. 238

    Julie says

    I’m the most excited to see my sister, who is flying home from Vancouver! We haven’t seen eachother since Christmas!!! : D

  139. 240

    Sarah C says

    Hey!!! I saw your giveaway and could not resist submitting my likes and weekend update. This weekend I went to the zoo and will be doing some weight training. P.S> love your adorable pup.

  140. 241

    Kristen says

    I was so excited to have lunch with a great friend that haven’t seen in about 8 months. It was a good time.

  141. 242

    Meghan says

    I’m most excited to go on a long run on Sunday, and hopefully enjoy some sunshine!
    Also, I first heard about chickbands from you, and I now have four of them! Love them =]

  142. 243


    This weekend is our town’s annual festival. We have enjoyed watching our kids place second in a dodgeball tourney and seeing my hubby compete in a home run derby. There is annual race, parade, and community picnic. It is great to see the whole town walking around the many events. I am the most excited for spending quality time with family.

  143. 245

    Vanessa says

    I was most excited to get my 16km run in! I’ve been putting it off for weeks, but the weather was great (not humid) and so I got it done. :)

  144. 249

    patti says

    This weekend I play in a tennis tournament, went to dog park, hiked with my dogs, swam with my dogs, and bikes 62 miles along the James River in Richmond, VA!!!!

  145. 250

    patti says

    And to add to the above comment – Princeton is SO aDOGable!!! I see your photos on Instagram and love them! Dogs rule!! Most my weekend activities involves volunteering with dogs dogs and more dogs!! Dogs Feed the Soul and Liven the Spirit!! they make me smile from within :)

  146. 253

    Ana says

    This past weekend I was excited to attend my family reunion! I got to play with kiddos, eat great food, watch an amazing sunset and spend a whole weekend with my family. It was great!

  147. 254


    This weekend was great for many reasons but here’s the top 2:
    I got to work my favorite running store’s huge sidewalk sale. Crazy and exciting to do this.

    And, secondly, I couldn’t wait to go to a friend’s house for dinner. There were about 15 of us. The food was fantastic and the conversation was wonderful.

  148. 256

    Hayley says

    Weekends over :( But i spent it at the Salinas Rodeo with friends from college! SO much fun, didn’t think i would enjoy a rodeo so much :)

  149. 257

    Jill Snethen says

    Well – this coming weekend we will be in Seattle on vacation. We will be hiking in Mt. Rainier on Saturday :)

  150. 258

    Adriann says

    I am most excited to go running with my gym’s running club Saturday morning! It will probably be scorching hot when we go at 9:00 a.m., but it’s what I gotta do to get ready for my next half-marathon!

  151. 259

    Dave Cook says

    I’m most excited to spend some time outdoors with my wife by taking a long walk around the lake where we got engaged.

  152. 260

    Ashley says

    My boyfriend will finally be home from work so I’m excited to just have him home after being gone for 3+ weeks. We’ll probably go for a few bike rides and hikes. Yay!

  153. 263

    Meredith says

    I am excited to continue doing various things for my wedding that is going to be in just three short weeks! Plus, start packing for my honeymoon! So excited!

  154. 264


    I’m most excited to work this weekend!
    Ok that’s a lie.
    I’m excited my husband will be home from work for the weekend! :)

  155. 267

    Carrie Kropp says

    Love the giveaway! Most excited to spend all weekend with my wonderful husband celebrating our 9th wedding anniversary! Paddleboarding in DC and meeting friends at Inner Harbor in Baltimore:)

  156. 268

    Julia says

    I live two towns over from the Atlantic ocean and I plan on making my sixteen mile long run for this weekend a run to the beach!!!!

  157. 271

    Lynsie says

    I am MOST excited to go to my cottage and RELAX after I spent last weekend competing in Warrior Dash in Barrie, Ontario. I cannot believe I was able to accomplish every obstacle with my deafening fear of heights, but I DID it!
    Cannot wait for next year to BEAT my time!! :)

  158. 272

    Amber Hebert says

    I’m looking forward to prepping some of the meal ideas from your page & instagram for the week.. That way I won’t be tempted to eat my weight in cookies! Im also ready to get my “game face” on with James’ workouts. Those workouts are no joke… Go big or go home I suppose!

  159. 273

    Krystina says

    I’m most excited about my Saturday workout and then playing at the beach w a friend from out of town!!

  160. 274

    Penny says

    As I have an I.T injury from training for my half marathon coming up, I’m most excited about going to Hot yoga the WHOLE weekend and giving my body aswell as my mind some TLC!

  161. 276

    Liz R says

    I am most excited to go scuba diving this weekend. Friday night we are going on a deep dive and a night dive at a lake near by my home. It was the last part of our open water certification requirement. Then, we will be all set for our wedding and scuba in mexico this January!:) I love chickbands and the other products look great. Such a fun give away!:)

  162. 277


    Love this giveaway contest!!

    This weekend, I am most excited about SMACKFEST!!! It’s the nation’s largest costumed 4’s tournament (beach volleyball) in the mecca of beach volleyball itself, Hermosa Beach (CA). This will be my 4th time competing, and we have a loaded team of pros and semi-pros. We’ll be dressing up as “The Birds and the Bees”. So excited! And I’m also excited to spend some time at the tournament promoting a fundraising beach volleyball tournament I am organizing to benefit local beaches here in Santa Monica, CA (http://lingeracevolleyball.eventbrite.com/). We’ve got professional DJs, camera crews, and a TON of local businesses pitching in to make the event a success. Woo-hoo!

  163. 278

    Becca says

    Awesome give away !!!!!
    This weekend is going to be awesome !! B
    I’m going home to rodeo Friday and saterday them running my 2 5k at the nudist colony!!!!!!!!!! So it woul be nice to win some clothing lol :)

  164. 279

    Erin says

    I most excited for two things: 1) lifting some serious weights in the gym (testing myself) and 2) getting on my bike and enjoying some nature!! Biking to me is calming while getting a good exercise.

  165. 280

    Esther Pavletich says

    What I am most excited about doing this weekend is first starting off with a intense workout then spending time with my family. I am also excited to try a new recipe.

  166. 282

    Dinah says

    What am I most excited to do this weekend? Honestly? Grandma & Grandpa are taking the kiddos for a night and that makes me giddy with anticipation. :) MY SAD LIFE! lol

  167. 283

    Molly says

    I’m excited to celebrate my friend, Crystal’s, engagement at a super fabulous engagement party on Saturday night, which I will follow with an 8-mi long run on Sunday (which is training for half-marathon in Oct.)!

  168. 284

    Holly says

    I’m most excited to get a long run in with some great girlfriends, then get ready for a trip to visit family in Colorado!

  169. 287

    Misty Darling says

    This weekend, I’m excited to get decent rest (I get up at 2 am for work :(. And spending time outside including doing yardwork, taking the kids to the park and going for long walks!

  170. 289

    RBlood says

    I recently finished my first 5k! Ive never been much of a runner, but set the goal and killed it!! Kettle Bells are my savior however- As a working mom, I have no time to spend in the gym. Being able to knock out a quick workout while the kiddos are busy has been amazing!

  171. 290


    The thing I’m most excited to do this weekend is sleep in and relax and actually be able to make dinner for my hubby for once! lol…


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