Weird Things Wednesday

I haven’t really made up any weekly ‘theme’ posts, although I do love reading those of others.  Jenn’s got her What I Ate Wednesday, Meg created High Five Friday, Julia started What I Learned Wednesday (which are SO inspirational), and Janae’s Tripe Tangent Tuesday posts are always a hit.

I don’t know if Weird Things Wednesday is here to stay but I was going through pictures on my phone and there have been a lot of really weird ones over the last few days so I thought I’d share!

Dean and I were on our way to CrossFit last night and as we were driving we spotted a guy walking on the sidewalk with a tarantula on his back and an iguana in his hand.  Is it just me or is this not the strangest thing to see in an urban city?

Yes, I rolled down the window and he posed for a picture.

My friend Justine told me about an app for iPhones that does weird things like this:

That is my cousin and she is beautiful.  We accidentally wore the same pants to a party two weekends ago.  The app is called #WayCooler in case you were wondering.

We gave Princeton his first bath and it was a traumatizing experience for everyone.  He hated every second of it and he looked like this when he was wet:

Not cute.

I hope you liked this post full of absolute randomness.

Today was a rest day for me and it was heavenly.  Back to running and CrossFit tomorrow!

Do you know anyone with a weird pet??

If you have an iPhone, what is your favourite app?


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    Gemma says

    I was laying in the sun at the park near my house the other day and a guy came to the park with his pet python so it could hang out in the sun! He let it down and it was just chillin’ in the park – also in a very urban area!

  2. 11


    A woman came into my work the other day with a snake around her neck!! It was so…weird! It creeped me right out because I thought it was a scarf at first. (Also in downtown Toronto). Yikes.

  3. 14


    I have the same shirt as you! Ick, who walks around with those things. I swear Canada has weirdo people haha. When I worked at the mall, we used to get this guy who came in with his parrot. It was super awkward.

  4. 15


    My neighbor has a hairless cat and it freaks me out…totally not cute. I have an iPhone and I’ve been obsessed with words with friends and scramble with friends as of late but I go in spurts with apps, lol.

  5. 16


    My sister & her husband have a snake.. Not really weird, but still gross, and it is ALWAYS busting out of the cage. I have no idea how, but there is no way on this earth i’d live in a house where the snake was always busting out. uhm no. just no.

    Right now i’m obsessed w/ instagram, & tweegram.. sad but true.

  6. 17


    Haha your puppy! All dogs seem to hate things like that, water is a fear of my dog as well. Baths are not her friend. Weird things Wednesday sounds like a hit to me, I know I have plenty of those.

  7. 21


    Gahhh I walked head first into a pretty small spider hanging from my kitchen ceiling yesterday and I literally crapped my pants! God knows what my neighbours thought! It is such an irrational fear but I really cannot stand them!! :/ And that pic of Princeton is cute! Haha! Bless him! Mine don’t love being bathed but then afterwards they race around the house all happy and showing off that they’re super clean and fluffy! Just got an iphone again yesterday and I love it!! My fave app is probably instagram, nothing new there… what about you??


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