New friends, new finds!

On Sunday I was able to sneak away from Princeton (thanks, Dean!) for a short while to hang out with some pretty amazing people.  Danielle and Jess planned a Toronto blogger meet-up and I was cordially invited.  The plan was to meet for a run/hike but with rain in the forecast our plans quickly changed to lunch instead.  No complaints here! 😉

Krysten, Jess, Danielle, Me, Gemma

I had met Jess and Krysten before at another blogger meet-up but it was my first time meeting Danielle and Gemma (one of our blog readers! – how cool is that??).  We went to Fresh (what a surprise) for vegan food and it did not disappoint.  Everyone had been to Fresh before so we all knew that we were in for some good food.  We talked about dogs and fitness.  What more could I ask for?  These four ladies are perfect for me! :)  I had a lot of fun with them and hope to hang out with them again soon.

I also found a few new things over the last couple of days that I wanted to share with you:

I found mahi mahi burgers at Whole foods that I had the urge to try for some strange reason.  I don’t usually eat fish (I’ve never liked it) but I remember a conversation I had once with Meg, who assured me that Mahi Mahi does not have a very “fishy” taste.  She was right!  I actually really like the burgers.  They are all-natural, high and protein, and delicious!  Dean and I had them for dinner on top of a bed of fresh spinach and we added some spicy mango salsa that made it perfect.

I also picked up Ezekiel english muffins from Whole Foods.  I have never seen them in the cinnamon raisin before and they are so so good!  I had one for breakfast this morning with coconut butter.

That jar with all the foreign writing on it is something special.  Remember that post where I asked about that cookie butter that all you lucky Americans can find at Trader Joe’s?  Well Jackie commented on it, saying that there was a cookie butter at McEwan’s here in Toronto that was even better that the one at TJ’s (she has tried both) so I went and got some and oh my word.  What a treat!!  Thanks for the recommendation, Jackie!

Have you tried mahi mahi?  What do you think of it?

Do you shop at Whole Foods?  What is one thing that you always buy from there?


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    I am soooo jealous! I’m seriously going to visit just so we can go to Fresh:) I also want to go to all your grocery stores so I can see the difference. Case in point, I can’t believe you’re just now trying the cinnamon raisin Ezekiel slices — YUM! If I were to cheat, it’d be with a slice of that lil heaven! And what a yummy WF find! Growing up on Maui, I’m sad to say I’m Mahi-Mahi-d out and prefer Opah. Opah is even MORE flaky and less fish-y, and if I were home…I’d probably cave for an Opah burger:) ::drool::

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    Adrenaline says

    LOOOOve whole foods. mmm mahi-mahi burgers sound really good!
    OMG they have this rediculosly ahmazing Cilantro Pesto expensive but so good or even garlic buffalo tofu and they make both at the strore. I must re-create that cilantro pesto recipe!
    They also have really good store brand almond butter.
    I always get KOMBUCHA too!!!
    Also, Have you tried Arctic Zero? do they have it in Canada?> Its basically like a frozen protein shake..and only 40 calories per pint! ive tried all the flavors except for pumpkin and mint-chocolate is my fav! I think they deliver too?

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    Oh my gosh babe! Cinnamon raisin + coconut butter! That would be amaaaazing! Gahhhhh I wish I was at this meet up babe :( :( :(

    Thanks for the shout out <3 so proud of you for trying some new foods!

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    I JUST picked up some of those burgers the other day! Love ’em!! 😀 And what a fun meetup– I wish there were more bloggers in Tejas haha

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    No Whole Foods here but there is one in West Van and I am heading over there at the end of the week.. wonder if it has that cookie butter?

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    Hmmm, I am trying to get into eating fish maybe I should try those! I recently found those english muffins too and they’re sooo good! I bet they’re especially good with that cookie butter business…I need to track that down.

    SO FUN meeting you, can’t wait to hang again! Maybe with our fur babies!

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    Aww that sounds so fun! I so wish I could have been there to hang out with all of you gorgeous ladies.

    I hate fish too. HATE IT! But I have heard the same thing about mahi mahi and I guess I should give it a try. eeeek still nervous. I am glad that you liked it and I love all of the new foods you share with us. I am such a broken record with my eating habits and really should step outside the box and try something new. :)

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    I would have loved to come out to this, but didn’t see the info for the meet up until the night before on Jess’ blog and figured it’d be too late to RSVP. Would have loved to meet you all and eat some yummy food! Hopefully there willb e another chance soon. I am always down to go to Fresh, so good!

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    I never used to eat fish besides shrimp. I started hostessing at a restaurant during college and mahi mahi was a special on the menu. The chef made me try it and I fell in love!! Since then I’ve been a huge fan of mahi mahi and a huge fan of fish in general. The Whole Foods mahi mahi burgers are delicious! Make sure you give the tuna burgers a try too!!!

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    I love those ezekiel english muffins! And coconut butter is THE best tasting food in the world. It is good on anything. No whole foods where I live sadly, come on Victoria. We need something good over here.

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    Oh those mahi mahi burgers look GOOD!! I’ll have to check it out!
    And that cookie butter? I don’t think I could have it in the house without taking some spoons out daily!!! Ahhh! Maybe one day I’ll try it:P

    It was SO nice to see you again and actually talk this time!! I completely admire you with your workouts and clean eating!!! We got to do another meet up soon! With a run and hike involved this time! Maybe menchies after haha;)

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    Julia @ Pain, Pride, Perseverance says

    JEALOUS!!!!!!!! i wish i could go to Fresh for dinner tonight:) miss you!!!

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    I am new to the Ezekiel world! Recently discovered it off of @TheresaJenn s blog. I had no idea they had they had english muffins :-))) Going to Whole Foods tomorrow !!
    Thanks , Lori/

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