ECD Sisters in Iron Contest Details!

I hope you all got to “meet” Theresa who I interviewed on Friday!  She is truly one of my biggest inspirations and like I said, I am pumped to be collaborating with her on this contest.  We said we would release the details today so here they are!

Theresa and I will be posting four recipes from The Eat Clean Diet – one recipe per week.  The first recipe will be posted today (right after this post!).  We tried to pick recipes that were relatively easy, require minimal preparation, and contain ingredients that you will probably already have on hand.

You have the chance to win The Eat Clean Diet Vegetarian Cookbook by participating in our cook-off!  All you have to do is try out the recipe for yourself, snap some pictures, and tell us what you thought about it.  It’s that easy.

We will be giving away eight copies of the cookbook.  I have every single book from The Eat Clean Diet series and I am being honest when I say that the Vegetarian one is my favourite.  I am not just saying that because I am a vegetarian.  Teresa, who is not a vegetarian, loves it just as much.  The recipes that we have tried thus far have been beyond easy to make and bursting with deliciousness.  Are you ready??

Stay tuned for my next post (coming in just a few!) with the first recipe.  It includes one of my favourite things in the world: chocolate!  And guess what?!  It’s clean!  Email your thoughts and photos for the upcoming recipe to :)  We are so excited!!


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    Eekk!! The words “Chocolate” and “Clean Eating” cannot be used in the same sentence and still end up with a delicious result. I’m anxious to see what recipe you post and to try it out!!


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