I couldn’t think of a better way to start off the weekend than with a guest post from one of my absolute favourite people.  I met Theresa a few months ago over Twitter and have been following her religiously ever since.  She is a huge source of inspiration and motivation.  She just earned her WBFF PRO title and I couldn’t be more proud of her.  Get to know her in the interview below and stay tuned for a chance to win one of eight Eat Clean Diet Vegetarian Cookbooks!


Hi everyone!  My name is Theresa Jenn and I blog over at The Fame of Health and Fitness. I discovered Christina’s blog through The Eat-Clean Diet and fell in love with her blogging, tweeting, and genuine spirit. She was easy to follow and her passion for eating clean was obvious. I was inspired so much that I thought what better person to collaborate with for a summer project other than The Athletarian!

1.) How did you first find out about The Eat-Clean Diet?

Since the age of 21 I have been reading Oxygen magazine religiously. Each issue offered new clean recipes to try and advice on what items to pick and what to kick. I slowly started to incorporate these tips and tricks in my daily life. Through reading Oxygen magazine I was introduced to Tosca Reno. I watched her transform into a stronger, leaner, and younger looking fitness model from issue to issue. Without a doubt I was inspired by this driven woman. Eventually, I discovered The Eat-Clean Diet through reading Oxygen magazine and needed to pick up a copy of Tosca’s first book. I read it from front to back and it made sense. I was tired of dieting to lose weight just to have the weight come back on and this was the beginning of my eat clean journey.

Theresa was featured in Oxygen's recent ABS Special!!

2.) How long have you been eating clean for? 

I have been eating clean for 8 years now.

3.) What changes have you noticed since eating clean?

Since eating clean, the most obvious change I have noticed is my energy levels have increased. When I eat clean I am eating to fuel my body and I can feel the energy my body gets from feeding it wholesome clean eats. I used to think taking a nap after dinner was normal – it’s not! The benefits of eating clean have made my complexion more clear, my hair shinier, my nails stronger, and my brain and body more alert. Not only do I feel better but I look better too. My workouts are no longer going to waste because I am feeding my body the right food and  now I can see the benefits of my hard work.

Strutting her stuff! ;)

4.) What’s one of your favourite Eat-Clean recipes? 

One of my go-to recipes is the Roasted Butternut Squash Soup. I make this recipe every Thanksgiving and Christmas, not to mention almost every week in the Fall months. Fall is my favourite season and it’s not complete unless I make this rich and satisfying recipe.

Theresa recently baked the Ooey Gooey Banana Chocolate Chip Bread Pudding from the ECD Vegetarian Cookbook! Doesn't it look yummy??

5.) How does eating clean fit in with your training and goals?

Eating clean is a must when it comes to my training and goals. I have been a Team Blessed Bodies’ athlete since April 2011 and my coach, Fatima Leite Kusch, really helped me stay accountable to myself, my training, and clean eating. I’ve realized, seen, and felt what a difference it makes to eat clean and train consistently and what a difference it makes. I’ve recently become a WBFF PRO Fitness Model and I train almost on a daily basis with both weights and cardio. In order to achieve my fitness goals, or maintain the ones I have now I need to eat clean so my body gets what it needs. Eating clean really is 70-80% of what counts when you’re working on reaching your physique goals. When Tosca came into town for a book signing she said that eating clean is 70%, training is 10%, and genetics plays the last 10%. I can assure you from my personal experience that strong abs and a tight booty are mostly made in the kitchen in combination with lifting weights and cardio.

How nice is her theme wear?!

Thank you Christina for joining me on this fun summer cooking challenge! I hope you can all join us as we cook and bake 1 new recipe a week from Tosca’s ECD Vegetarian cookbook! Not only will it be fun but you might learn a thing or two, not to mention you get to enjoy some delicious clean treats and maybe even win a copy of the cookbook!!  Let’s do this!


Thank you Theresa for sharing your journey and your passion for eating clean!  I look forward to starting our summer challenge on Monday!

On Monday, July 16th, Theresa and I will post the details for our ECD SISTERS IN IRON VEGGIELICIOUS CONTEST.  Please make sure to follow @ToscaReno @eatcleandiet @TheAthletarian and @TheresaJenn on Twitter.  We will use this hash tag in our tweets: #sistersinironcontest :)  WAHOO!

What is your favourite clean treat??


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    Awesome!!! love, love, love this and OMG she looks flipping amazing. Wow I am in Aw and totally want to be here someday. So very cool and thanks for hosting the giveaway girl.

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    This is SO cool! I follow you too Theresa and have chatted with you over Twitter a few times :) Love you girl and this guest post was such a fun read!

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    Great interview! And totally cool. Great cotnest as well, my favourite clean recipes are protein muffins and homemade protein bars for snacks.

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    Thank you Christina for interviewing me and putting together such a beautiful post. Your readers are so sweet and so are you!!! I am so excited about this give-away. It’s going to be so much fun just cooking up new recipes and that in itself is the treat and if someone wins a book too, wow, even better! When I got home today I had another one of Monday’s feature recipe. SOOOOO GOOOOD!!!!

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    Thank You Christina for putting together a great interview with Theresa to share!! I couldn’t agree with you more that she is a HUGE inspiring and motivating women. I have been following her blog The Fame of Health and Fitness (as well as twitter and pinterest) through her journey to the Wbff. Her blog keeps the reality of the dedication that comes along with maintaining a healthy and fit lifestyle. That there are ups and downs and how to keep pushing! Most of all “abs are truly made in the kitchen”!!


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