Death by pull ups

Yes, you read that correctly.  Dean and I went to try out Crossfit for the first time yesterday.  The first thing I told our coach was that I was very beginner and I couldn’t do any pull ups just yet so if the workout included any I would have to modify.  He reassured me I would be okay and I got all comfortable and ready to start the workout.  We walked over to the board and the workout of the day (WOD) was called “death by pull ups.”  The workout consisted of nothing else but pull ups.

The warm up was a workout in itself but I enjoyed learning the ‘Crossfit way’ of doing things.

I was so nervous when pull up time came but I was introduced to these fancy bands that you attach to a pull up bar and assist you in pulling your weight up.  One foot goes into the band and it makes it a little easier for people like me:


We had to do one pull up in the first minute, two in the second, three in the third, and keep going until we couldn’t do anymore.  I got to 10 rounds, Dean got to 13 (but he didn’t use any assistance).  I didn’t really feel like I pushed myself as intensely as I could have, probably because pull ups are still so new (and scary) to me.  We are going to try and go back today so I am excited to challenge myself a bit more this time.


Exciting news – Vega sent me some samples of their Vega One and Energizing Smoothie.  I have already tried their Energizing Smoothie in two flavours (bodacious berry and tropical tango).  They are so yummy and contain a pretty decent amount of vegan protein (10 grams).

I can’t wait to try out the Vega One as well.  I have heard all about the features and benefits and think it will compliment my diet really well.  They are giving away free samples of their Vega One!  If you are interested in trying it, all you have to do is click here.

Can you do pull ups??  Do you use a band/assisted machine?

Have you tried any Vega products?  What did you think?


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    I LOVE VEGA and just tried the packets during my protein powder review last week. I just bought my first tub yesterday! I tried to get the sample but they are all out for distribution in the United States but still has some for Canada! I think I may move up there for a few weeks! :) Great job with the pull ups!

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    Nicole says

    Great job on the WOD! We have a new Crossfit gy that I am dying to try. I can’t do unassisted pull ups, I really need to work on in because I’d love to have the upper body strength. I signed up for the Vega sample, I’m excited to try it out.

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    I have only tried them once at Crossfit and had to use two bands, and even then I could only do 5.
    Vega is my favorite! I find other proteins to be chalky compared to it. I have yet to find a flavor/kind of Vega that I do not like.

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    Thanks for the heads up about the samples!! I’ve never tried Vega, but I actually just won some from the Colourful Palate from the Smoothie Challenge! I’m really excited to try it, they have so many awesome looking flavours and I’ve been a boring girl with my vanilla and chocolate!

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    Pull ups scare me too, but there was a time I’m super confident, so you’ll get there:)

    I’m a huge Vega fan, but it’s the only plant-based/gluten-free/soy-free etc. protein I’ve tried, so I’d really like to get out there and try other options for a full review of everything.

    I’ve tried Vega’s Whole Meal Optimizer, which I think is now called ONE, and it takes great!! In fact… I think I need to get on top of that review!!

    I haven’t tried the Energizing Smoothies yet though, and they’re so pretty, I want them ALL!!!


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    I can do pull ups! My hubby made me a bar and it hangs from the basement ceiling!

    MMMMM the VEGA is new to me, but I have been using the post workout recovery and the decadence bars. YUM!!!


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    Joan Watson says

    i am very disappointed that i am unable to read any any of your posts because of the pink background. all the writing just blurs into it. it may be different on a larger screen, but i only have an iphone. i do hope you will consider removing the colored background.

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    Julia @ Pain, Pride, Perseverance says

    i would be so nervous as well! girl you are brave and strong! im not sure if i could get anywhere close to doing a pull-up! 10 rounds sounds intense!

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    I love pull up negatives! Check ’em out on my playground workout I just uploaded! Def for the folks who are “not ready to do full on pull ups” yet – me included, b/c you can do full sets of the negatives and it’ll help you work your way up to the real deal! 😀

    I’ve never tried vega, but I’m off to check out their nutritional stats!

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    You go girl!! Good for you for getting out there and trying crossfit. I am so freaking proud of you. I do not even think I could do half a pullup so you definitely have me beat.

    You better get a shirtless pic of Dean doing a pullup if you guys go again today. :) hehe

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    Pullups were also the hardest thing for me when I started crossfit a year ago because my arms were so weak. But with using bands and learning how to do kipping pull ups I got really good at them and I can now do 3 in a row without a band! I still use the thinnest band for workouts. It will take time but you’ll get stronger!

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    Nice! You and Dean rock!
    I love doing pullups and chin ups– ever since I bought one for the doorframe, I’ve really gotten into the habit of trying them more often! 😀

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    Nancy says

    I noticed that you’re not using the easier bands (which is bad ass on your part, good for you!) the green and purple bands help lift a lot more weight and the red/black ones are like the last step in doing it on your own!!!

    Kips are my absolute fav thing at crossfit. Loveeeeee them.

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      Hey Nancy!! That’s actually not me in the photo!! haha I wish it was! You must have missed the ‘source ‘ link right under it! 😉 I actually used a green band!! I hope I can say kips are my favourite soon!!

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    Great job on the pull-ups! I suck at them for sure. I adore vega products. My ultime favourite is the vanilla chai. So delicious

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    I can SORT of do pull-ups, but I need to jump up first. :)

    Good job on your first Crossfit workout! 😀 I remember going to my sister’s Crossfit gym for a challenge workout sort of like that, except we did burpees instead of the pull-ups. SUPER hard, and everybody was on the floor after that, lol! 😉

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    @pluvk says

    That’s awesome! I’d love to try Crossfit, but we only have one nearby and it’s so expensive. Maybe one day…

    Thanks for the link for the free sample. They’re all out already :-( but hopefully I can try it soon. They look so yummy!

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    Congrats on getting as far as you did Christina!! One of my 2012 goals is to be able to do 10 pull-ups and 10 chin-ups by the end of the year. Although I don’t LOVE practicing, I seem to be making some great progress over the past month! Good luck! :)

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    AHHHHH hunnie so happy and excited for you! Hahahahaha “fancy bands” I use those for all my back workouts :) resistance bands perhaps??? 😉 hehehehehehe <3 anyways, so proud of my girl

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    Emg says

    Keep at it and the pull ups will come! It took me a year to gain solid upper body stregnth and left me with 7 good formed pull ups (not chin ups) It might seem like a long time but once you get one, you get two, three, and so on! Getting stronger is an addiction! A healthier one 😉 I hope you post updates.


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