What being unprepared has done to me

Since Dean and I got Princeton I have been lacking when it comes to being prepared.  Food prep?  What’s that?!  I have felt like there isn’t enough time in the day to do what I used to do.  My (few) workouts haven’t been as intense, my nutrition has taken a downward spiral, and I forget to drink water.  Last night when I went to bed it felt like I was spinning around in circles.  Have you ever been on that tea cup ride where you just keep spinning and spinning?  That’s exactly what I felt like while I was laying down.

It gave me the kick in the pants to manage my time better.  Princeton sleeps a lot right now so that is when I am going to be squeezing in my workouts, making healthy meals, and just doing things for myself.  Yes, he’s beautiful and I want to stare at his little cute face all day but I am not feeling my best.  I am so concerned with doing what is best for him and I am forgetting about myself.

I was only able to stomach Ezekiel toast and a couple big glasses of water this morning but I’m feeling so much better already.  I packed food for the day in my 6 Pack Bag just in case we end up running around.  I wanted to have healthy options on me for the whole day to keep me from either (a) making unhealthy choices or (b) forgetting to eat entirely.

Sauteed quinoa, kale, and tempeh
Apple and almonds
Carrots and cucumbers with Greek yogurt dip
Vega Energizing smoothie (just to mix with water if I feel I need it at some point during the day)

This should keep me until dinner and then Dean and I can whip up a big salad or something easy as our last meal.

Do you ever forget to eat?

Do you pack a cooler when you know you will be out for the day?


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    it’s hard getting used to taking care of another living being that cannot do anything for themselves. but soon enough you’ll get him on a schedule and be able to adjust your life to him. i had a hard time when we first got our pups too, but they are now five and a half and things run pretty smoothly.

    he is so precious! love that face!

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    Q says

    yeah…you’ll get through this. you’re just learning him and he’s just learning you. once you guys get your rhythm…you’ll be back on track. besides…who needs to eat when you can fill up on that cute face?

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    Julia @ pain, pride and perseverance says

    I can totally relate to this! I felt like the first couple weeks I had Zo I was sacrificing a lot but now we all seem to be in a routine that works. My dad gave me good advice that my pups will just form to whatever routine works for me so I need to go about my normal ways so that they will form to that routine rather than one that isn’t normal for me! Good luck!

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      So true, as much as you have to make sure they are getting the best care possible you also have to remember that dogs are dogs and as long as they are loved, fed and exercised they are happy! It really is that simple! :) They are also much more adaptable than you might think so just go about things as you normally would and the little cutie will sync up with you guys soon enough! Most importantly don’t worry! Just enjoy it! :)

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    SO CUTE!
    Hope it gets easier for you and what a great idea for carrying a cooler of healthy stuff! I always opt to ‘go hungry’ rather than ‘eat crap’…lol
    I’m going to get a cooler like that!

    What breed is Princeton??

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    While it is way more fun to baby the baby, Princeton will grow up to be a much more adjusted, self-confident dog if you give him some alone time and space. He’ll learn to self-sooth, play alone, entertain himself, be confident when you are not there and understand that you will come back no matter what. When they are that small they are so cute and cuddly and you can easily forget everything else important to you. So, take the time for yourself – Princeton (and you) will thank you for it as he grows up. I want to eat him he is so cute.

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    @pluvk says

    Haha, I NEVER forget to eat! But I agree — we have a pup (okay, dog) that takes up a lot of our time. I feel bad because I actually do the opposite… I get my fitness in before I take care of his. Luckily, he’s spoiled by everyone around me, so he gets in hikes with my dad, and gets chased around my the neighborhood kids. But don’t worry… you’ll get your routine down! :-)

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    Oh I never ever forget to eat when I am working. I work an office job and most days all I have to look forward to is lunch. haha!

    However I totally noticed that when I was out and about with my family last week I was having so much fun I was terrible at hydrating/eating and then would totally end up overeating when I finally did. It is so easy to see how so many people end up in that cycle. I am glad to hear you are good and prepared girl! :)

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    It’s like having a child that walks on four legs and without the whole being pregnant part! 😛 I’m proud of you for recognizing it and gettin’ back on the train lady, it’s no fun not to feel good!

    I have been wanting a 6 pack bag for um about FOREVER and still haven’t gotten one for myself – what are your thoughts? Worth it? 😀

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    I always forget to eat. Usually when I am at work. It’s so easy to get lost in the teacher work/paperwork that I end up not eating. So silly.

    I never pack a cooler because I’ve never thought to before but what an awesome idea! I love your cooler too – where did you get it from?

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    I never forget to eat…I turn into a grump if I don’t so then I, and everyone around me realized I need some food so I’m much more pleasant :) I’m glad you recognized that your eating habits weren’t doing as good as they were before, and you got right back on track! Good for you!

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    Well, new Mama, it is a big job looking after a needy and dependent BABY! When we got Scout, I took 2 weeks of work and called it PETernity leave, just to get used to having her and caring for her and just STARING at her and squishing her all day. Things will settle down for you.. and yes, dear C, you must eat! So happy for your little family :)

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    i can totally relate with the lack of time…we just got a puppy, and i’m finding it really hard to balance working out with taking care of him! he needs constant supervision 😉

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