Want to know how to feel like you ran a marathon without actually running a marathon?

BUY A DOG.  I am so physically and mentally tired but it’s so worth it.  He’s a little bundle of energy and I can tell he loves us just as much as we love him.  I am obsessed with his little face.

We named him Princeton.  We knew we needed to pick a name that resembled his brilliance after what happened to us on Thursday night.  We are trying to get him used to being alone so we put him in his play pen and left the house for a little over an hour.  When we got home, Princeton had crawled his way out of his play pen and was sitting on one of Dean’s slippers.  I completely freaked out and got so worried that he might have hurt himself.  He is so tiny (not even a kg yet) and his bones are so fragile.  I contacted our breeder immediately and he said that he has rarely seen dogs smart enough at such a young age.  So we basically have a furry genius ninja on our hands.  We were also told if he wasn’t limping and if he was playing normally, then he was probably okay.

We took Princeton to the vet for the first time and he fell asleep while he was getting checked.  How random and awkward is that?  He had his nails clipped and a thermometer stuck up his butt and did not even move.

To say Princeton has kept me busy is an understatement.  The only exercise I got was a walk to get froyo on Wednesday night, a short HIIT workout on Saturday morning (like this) and a trampoline session in the evening.

Don’t knock it until you try it!  I swear I was a sweaty mess by the time I was done.  I wasn’t anticipating a trampoline workout at my cousin’s birthday party or else I would have been a little more prepared in terms of attire but I can tell you that it is probably the funnest workout in the entire world.  Even Tosca Reno swears by her mini trampoline in her interview here.

Have you tried trampolining??

Tell me about your last amazing workout! (I have to live vicariously through you until I get back on track!)


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    That pup is so cute! Princeton is the perfect name.

    And my nieces (who are Canadian, BTW :-) have a trampoline in their backyard. Whenever I jump on it with them I am always breathing heavy and sweating like a piggy. Great workout, for sure!

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    Princeton is so cute and I love the name! I bet you are exhausted! Can you imagine how I feel with this little family that I am dealing with right now? I love them so I don’t mind! I had a great run on Sunday! I am not where I want to be but making progress and that is good for enough for me. I love the pic of you and Princeton!

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    Girl I know what you mean about the pup!! It is so exhausting at first but so totally worth it.

    I had a trampoline growing up and I miss it so much. It is so much fun!

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    I am so in love with your puppy! I hope you do make him a regular on your blog, what breed is he? I love that he fell asleep at the vet, what dog does that?
    I have not been on a trampoline in years, but it is so fun!

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    most adorable pup in the world! and i totally understand how exhausting a pup can be but also so rewarding:) love him so much and the perfect name!

    jumping on a trampoline = SERIOUS workout. im always totally worn out after! haha! my workout today including hitting the trails…loved it:)

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    I am absolutely 100% head over hills for Princeton. Oh my goodness, oh my goodness I am so incredibly excited for you and Dean and your new furbaby. :):)

    Trampoline workout? Heck yes how fun!!

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    I have a small dog, well she is 14 pounds now, but she started as an itty bitty like Princeton (btw love the name!) and puppies/small dogs, they get into stuff and they do not like to be restricted. But if you are planning to crate train him then keep on doing what you are doing. He will learn at some point and dogs are definitely tougher than we give them credit for. I am always worrying about my pup but she almost always bounces back! lol Have fun training and playing with your new pup!

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    Cara says

    I have a trampoline, it’s so fun and such a great workout! I read somewhere once that 10 mins on a trampoline is equivalent to a 30 min run!

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    Puppies are just babies… they eat play poo and fall asleep wherever and whenever! I hope you have some good training advice and/or books and get his little habits off to a great start. He is an adorable little Prince(ton).

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    Awww so so so so fun!! And you’re so freakin’ beautiful lady! Love that pic of you and Princeton – and that name!!! *Gushes* I love puppies!!!! 😀 Fit in the workouts where you can – love the trampoline workout party!

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    Haha I have a trampoline, not a cute mini one, but a big ass one that fits multiple people. I like to think I’m cool for still having it. I seriously want to steal your dog. So super cute! Puppies are the best!

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    My last amazing workout was this AM :) I did my plyometric leg day :) It was a killer 😉 I am always scared before this training day, but am so happy with myself once I complete it :) I am always so proud of myself because it really is so tough :)
    I cannot wait to meet Princeton :) Hopefully in September!? I will be in Toronto and I want to see my bestie <3

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    Princeton is such a little cutie, and I love his name!

    I remember when our little one was a puppy. I was always afraid to leave her by herself, not knowing what she’d do or what she’d be getting into. I hated having to go somewhere without her… reason for bringing her along to alot of places. It does get easier though, and you’ll realize she’ll be okay. You do need to take time for yourself though girl :)

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    Corey @ Learning Patience says

    Love that 1st pic of you and him – you look gorgeous! I also love the fun jumping pic of you too!!!
    A couple weeks and I’ll be there! So fun!

    Xoxo from Trinidad

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    I know this is an old post but I decided to read it because I am so madly in love with my dog! She’s 2 but we just got her less than 2 months ago. She is a crazy ball of energy too and yes, it can be exhausting! I can’t even imagine if she were a puppy!!

    Trampolining is a great workout! When I visit my nieces in Chicago they make me jump with them and I sweat my butt off!

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