I apologize in advance…

…because this blog might become all about this guy:

DEAN AND I GOT OUR PUPPY YESTERDAY!!!  I can’t even explain how happy I am.  He is the sweetest little thing I have ever seen.  I already can’t imagine my life without him!  I never thought the day would come, but I am finally a dog momma.  He still doesn’t have a name, but we’re working on it.

He has been so good since we picked him up.  He is not yappy at all, does not bark, and just wants to cuddle and play with us.  He cries a little (when we leave him alone) because his brother was separated from him the day before we got him and he’s going through a bit of separation anxiety.

Sleeping is the hardest thing to get him to do.  He is supposed to sleep for 12-15 hours a day right now (he’s only 10 weeks old) but the only way he falls asleep is when he’s cuddles up next to us.  When we try to pick him up and put him in his play pen to sleep, he wakes up and starts crying.  It’s so hard to hear him cry but from what I’ve been told, we are supposed to ignore it and get him used to being alone.  Dog owners feel free to weigh in on this and give us some tips!

I texted our breeder (who is really awesome, by the way) and he told us just to leave the house for an hour so we went for a walk and celebrated our new family member (and the 4th of July for our American friends!) by treating ourselves to froyo.

I am usually a chocolate/peanut butter person when it comes to froyo but last night I was really feeling fruity!  We mixed lemon tart and pomegranate and topped it with all kinds of deliciousness.  The boba and mochi were my favourite for sure.  I also finally found frosted animal crackers!!  Yogurty’s had them as a topping so we threw two in there.  Janae and Britt have talked about them on their blogs before and I always thought you couldn’t get them in Canada.  Now I know where to go!

Do you have a pet?  What kind?

What is your favourite ice cream/froyo topping?


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    I’m glad you are loving him, I still vote for “Chewie”!

    We have a Chow-Chow/Black lab mix, he is about a year and a half old, 2 cats and a bird. When we first got our dog he was 8 weeks old and he cried in his crate, he’s crate trained, all night long until he fell asleep. The first few weeks were tough, since we weren’t really getting any sleep, but we just ignored him. We did set our alarm for 1-2am to take him out to go to the bathroom and would get up between 4:45am-6am to feed him breakfast. I would say just ignore him because he will never learn to be alone otherwise, it will pass soon enough!

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      That’s what we were told but it’s SO HARD to ignore. He is so dang cute and I never want to hear him cry!! We are going to get tougher with him though. We just felt really bad yesterday because he had such a stressful day. Now that he’s a bit more comfortable with his surroundings we’ve got to buckle down!!

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    Kyrstin Goulding says

    We have a wheaten terrier. We had a hard time with the crying/sleeping thing too. We crate trained her and she still uses it daily. We had been told to get a ticking clock (old school wind up alarm clocks) wrapped it in a blanket and a hotwater bottle. We put both in the crate with her and it helped big time. They think they are with someone because the warmth and muffled ticking sound is like a heart beat.

    Good luck with your fur baby they change your life so much!

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    So frickin’ cute! He is adorable. I have a kitty, she is 5 years old and totally spoiled :)
    Frosted ainmals crackers?! Yum. My favorites are mochi and Reese peanut butter cups chopped up.

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    Congrats on the new addition to your family! It will be sooo hard, but definitely don’t give in to the cries and he’ll quickly learn to sleep on his own, which will make everyone’s life easier. All puppies cry at night when you first get them, but they get over it! I have a friend who would get up in the night everytime she heard the dog cry, and she ended up doing that for 8 months!!

  5. 15


    Yay Puppy! I looooooove puppies! Your little guy is adorable. Having a puppy is a lot like having a baby, it’s tough but you guys will do great! Just make sure that you get him into some classes. :o)

    I have a 4yo white schnoodle named Gordie. I looooooves him!

  6. 16


    Ahhhh he is ADORABLE!!! He will settle into sleeping alone, don’t worry, you just have to be firm with him. Our two love their crate now and tend to sleep in it a lot during the day (with the door open) even the cat joins them in there sometimes! :)

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    Gemma says

    I love Yogurty’s and your new addition!! Ya I found it really difficult to ignore the cries when I first got my dog, Brutus but it was worth it in the end cause he stopped crying fairly quickly when he realized that it didn’t get him anywhere. But it is hard! So hard that I ended up crying (lol) just listening to him once! It gets better though – the first couple nights are always the worst since they miss their fam. Enjoy every moment – dogs are such wonderful pals! :)

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    Your puppy is SO SWEET, I love him!! no need to apologize for a post all about the pup… In fact, I think there should be at least one picture of this little cutie incorporated in every post :) Congratulations to you & Dean on the new addition!

  9. 20


    You know that I have some pets!! I have actually rescued most of mine with the exception of my Pomeranian. She cried when we left her alone too but eventually they stop. I am a sucker for the pets so I always give in though! Have fun with that gorgeous puppy!! I was wondering when you were going to become a pet owner!

  10. 21


    he really is super adorable! its so tough to just leave pups when they are crying but they will only get used to having you there if they don’t learn that they will be okay while you are gone and that you will return eventually. i cant wait to hear what you name him! he is so perfect!

  11. 24


    What a sweet little cutie pie! My husband and I have 2 rotties — they are our babies and I just love them to pieces! I’d definitely get him into some puppy classes – they are great for socialization and to get you started on the basic manners – I use clicker training which is a positive reinforcement-based method of training which is fantastic for building a bond and teaching your puppy to provide you with desired behaviours because of a positive outcome that they will receive as a result. …in my personal experience I would have to say definitely try to stay strong with the sleeping issue. We have one rotti who sleeps with us and I would never allow that again! I don’t think we’ve had a solid night’s sleep since the day we bought her home :-)

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    I used to have a blog…..and then I got bella and now it is HER blog :) as for the whining thing, putting a piece of your clothing in the pen will help but honestly, I can’t really comment because I couldn’t handle bella crying so she sleeps in bed with us. She is only 6 pounds so she is a little thing and sleeps right up against me and doesn’t really bother us or take up too much room. They are the MOST fun things to have, you are going to love being a fur-mom :) congrats!!!!

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    Karen says

    He’s so adorable! He looks like a teddy bear!
    We have 3 dogs: an 11.5 year old chow chow, a 6 year old mixed dog (that we saved) and a 3 year old siberian husky. I swear my husky has reactive attachment disorder! She eats everything when we leave alone! Even after 5 minutes, she gets into stuff (usually my daughter’s toys). I didn’t believe in crate training until she started eating my sofa and now it’s become her “safe place” (when she gets in trouble, she goes to her safe place). She still whines a bit when it’s bedtime but she eventually settles down.
    Can’t wait to hear what you name your little guy!

  14. 31

    Linda Peterson says

    What a sweet little puppy!! When my dogs were puppies, I took a T-shirt I had worn and put it in the cage with them. They liked the smell on the T-shirt.

  15. 32

    Julia says

    He’s SO CUTE!!! I’m so excited for you! Our puppy had separation anxiety when we first got her as well, and it definitely works to leave them alone for short periods of time, gradually getting him used to the idea that you’ll be coming back. It will just take time! Ours is a lab/collie mix so we couldn’t let her bark (the neighbours didn’t like that..), but eventually we worked through it and she is the best dog now!
    PS I’m addicted to Yogurty’s!! We’re sandwiched between two locations in Toronto and go at least once a week…if it wasn’t so delicious & guilt-free I would say it’s a problem…I just love it!! My go-to toppings include peanuts, shredded coconut & dark chocolate curls :)

  16. 35


    He is cute! It is the hardest thing to hear them cry in their cages but they get through it! It is totally worth it in the end! We have two labs – a black & a brown and they are totally our kids! Enjoy.

    And yes, I need froyo now too!

  17. 36


    UGH, you already know how I feel about your little guy. TOO CUTE. I love him :) Him and Bentley would seriously be best friends. Bentley is like that too, doesn’t bark too often, and just wants his belly scratched 24/7. Congrats on being a dog mama!

  18. 38


    So cute! When my cats were kittens (not that little, like 6 months old), I used to come home on my lunch break to see them. I wasted a bunch of time and gas but hated to leave them alone. :) Pet mamas are a needy bunch!

  19. 42


    OMG!!!! I am so in love with your puppy! Honestly, the cutest thing ever! What breed? I am going to stock my city for one since I’m looking into getting a puppy! I am excited. Was it a long process for you guys?

  20. 43


    OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG YAYYYYY! CONGRATS LADY! I am so psyched for you!!!!!!! I have wanted a dog for AGES but the hulk and I are waiting until we move as I was tellin’ ya 😀 So excited for you and no appologies, I can’t wait to see tons of puppy pictures!

    And yumm to that fro-yo, looks delish!!!

  21. 44


    We have a Jack Russell Terrier (or Terrorist, depending on how her mood is that day :-P) and we did the same thing when we got her by crate training her and putting a ticking clock in with her. It took maybe a week and she was good to go! We also have two cats, one was 1.5 when we adopted her and one was 5 months old. One is black and white and the vet called her a Tuxedo and the other is a Bengal. She is 2 years younger then our Tuxedo and is already longer then she is! She is going to be a monster!

    Your puppy is freaking adorable!! I love that little face!!

    I am seriously addicted to Menchie’s and when I go I always get kiwi chunks and cheesecake bites. Man…now I am debating on going to get some….

  22. 45


    Congrats on being a dog momma!! You will have to learn to let him whine. Mine would whine for hourssss! But that didn’t last very long. Just make pen-time a happy time with treats. A Kong filled with peanut butter or frozen banana works wonders.

  23. 46


    the most difficult part about a pup is getting them used to being by themselves. i’m not one to give advice on this AT ALL!!! i caved after a few days with each of our little guys and now they are very needy little men. they need to sleep with people and get upset at times when we leave, and they are five and a half. but it’s nice to have a cuddle bug that looks like a teddy, and your guy looks like a teddy too.

    congrats mama!

  24. 50

    Kendra says

    We got my daughter a Yorkie puppy for her sweet 16 and we learned a few things that were so helpful I tell them to all dog parents open to suggestions. From the time we brought him home we would pet him and play with his ears and tail, a little abruptly but nothing to hurt him, so that he wouldn’t snap at a little one, that’s how children try to pet dogs. We took him around as many different things as we could, walked him past a neighbor cutting their lawn, vacuumed, around a friend in a wheel chair, and we remained calm and expected the same from him. Nothing phases him or makes him anxious. We also played with his food regularly, put our hands into his bowl and would feed him a piece from it, because most dog bites that happen to children happen to toddlers because they are the closest in height to the dog’s food bowl. These were all suggestions that we got from our vet, and they worked wonderfully. He is the calmest, most mild mannered Yorkie I’ve ever seen.
    Good luck with your new baby!

  25. 52


    OMG.. he is the most adorable puppy I’ve ever seen!! I wish we lived closer, I just wanna hold him!!!

    My husband and I have a boxer/lab. We moved to Kuwait about 2 mo. ago, and weren’t able to bring her a long with us (due to the shots she needed, and the rules here).. but she’ll finally be coming out here with us next month. I cannot wait to have our “little girl” back with us. It’s such a crazy thing how attached humans become with their pets!

    **Oh and i finally started my own blog, check it out :)

  26. 54


    That little fuzball is TOO much!! I can see how you want to cave in at his little cries!! We got our first kitten last August and he is spoiled – he still is my little teddy bear even though he’s grown :) They are special little souls.

  27. 59


    So incredibly happy for you guys. EEEEEk I have totally been squeeling all weekend with every single picture I see. Congratulations!

  28. 61


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