Canadian Food and July Challenges

Happy Canada Day, eh!  I don’t really do anything crazy on Canada Day, probably because it’s not even half as exciting as the fourth of July in the US.  I was in Hawaii one year for the 4th of July and that was fun.  Beach, boyfriend, fireworks, and coconut bras…what else could you want?  Kidding.  There were no coconut bras.  There aren’t hula girls running around Hawaii like I had thought.

Anyway, I came across this and thought it was funny:

I thought about it…and the only Canadian foods I could think of were maple syrup and poutine.  A lot of people ask what poutine is (I didn’t realize the US doesn’t have them).  It’s basically french fries topped with cheese curds and gravy.  Some places have other toppings you can add like meat, veggies, sour cream, guacamole…yeah.  So healthy, right?


So July is upon us and that means a new month to set new goals and take part in some fun challenges!  I’ve been looking around in blog land to find out who is hosting what challenges and I think I am going to take part in two.  Katelyn over at Chef Katelyn is have an Eat Clean Sweat Dirty Challenge.

Tweet (@ChefKatelyn), Blog, Instagram, or share your progress on Facebook using the hashtags #eatcleansweatdirty, #makeithappen, and #chefkatelyn.  Find out more about Katelyn and this challenge here.  I’m excited!!

Charissa (who I just “met”) from The Colourful Palate is having a colourful smoothie challenge which I am equally excited about.

Make yourself a smoothie a day and tweet Charissa (@ColourfulPalate) with your pictures (using #colourfulsmoothie).  That’s it.  She’s even got a point system and some prizes happening so go check out her post for all of the details!  This challenge couldn’t have come at a more perfect time.  I’ve been wanting to switch things up, especially with the weather being so hot.  I love the idea of making a nutrient-packed smoothie as one of my meals.  You can get so creative with them by adding things like spinach, avocados, even sweet potatoes!  I can’t wait! 😀

Where are you from?  Do you have any traditional foods? 

Are you taking part in any challenges this month?

Tell me one of your goals for the month of July!


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    Don’t forget smoked meat! My hubby’s family is from Montreal and he made such a big deal about it. I was able to taste it when we took our boys up there a few years ago to visit family. I would say it is like corned beef, but much better!

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    I only think of those two Canadian foods too. haha
    I have not yet thought about my goals too much, but I want to continue with semi-following the LiveFit workouts 4 days a week, then 1 day a week do something fun and active outside to enjoy the summer.

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    No challenges for me in July. I am just trying to increase my mileage and get back into running like I was before my injury. My eating habits are all over the place and I should try to eat better but maybe I will try that in August :) LOL!

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      That is still a challenge, Sandy! I think you will rock it. You’re already off to an amazing start! Eating habits are probably the hardest thing to change! Focus on one thing at a time and let me know if you need anything! :)

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    Crystal Froemming says

    So last month was my first month putting a $1 in the bucket so to speak for every clean eating day within my calorie goal and I made $16 so this month I am shooting for $24! Looking at the smoothie challenge thinking I would really like that!

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    Julie says

    In Buffalo at certain places you can get poutine.
    And we think of Canadian bacon as Canadian food.

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      Really?! I’ve been to Buffalo several times before but don’t know my way around. I usually just stick to the Walden Galleria and the Prime Outlets and end up eating there (mostly out of fear of getting lost hah). I guess because it’s so close to Canada, they brought poutine over!

      • 13

        Julie says

        Yeah only a few places seem to have it. Next time you are coming here let me know. There are some great places to eat in Buffalo. Super easy to find. You wouldn’t get lost. There is this new organic juice bar with sandwiches. So good. You can even get wheat grass shots! They blend your fresh juice & smoothie right there to go. (or you can sit down)

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    Thanks for sharing these! I’ve been wondering where you find all these awesome food challenges, and thinking that I’d really like to do one. All of your PowerMeal challenge foods looked amazing! Plus these challenges get you to break routine and try new things.. Something I’m all about!

    Happy Canada day, fellow Canadian blogger-friend!

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      You’re welcome! I basically just stalk people hah. No, I am always looking for ways to step out of my comfort zone. I really like committing to and trying new things so these challenges are perfect!

      Hope you had an amazing Canada Day!

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    Happy Canada Day my love!!! I find it hilar that the first thing I think of when it comes to “Canadian Food” is maple syrup and poutine, too!!! I’ve definitely had my share of poutine to last a lifetime:) Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!

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    @pluvk says

    Hahaha! I had to crack up about the coconut bras and hula girls. As a Native Hawaiian girl (AND a hula instructor), that is actually not even Hawaiian. And YES! We go OFF on the 4th… any chance to bring out our inner pyromaniacs!

    Happy Canada Day to you!!

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      WHAT?!?!?! That is so cool!!! Hawaii is my favourite place on earth. If it was easy for me to move there, I would do it in a heartbeat. I absolutely love that place and need to go back asap. Can you teach me hula?!?! Hahaha omg I would die. I wish I was a Hawaiian hula instructor!

      Hope you had an amazing weekend!

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    Happy Canada Day to you!!! I think you should have a big stack of pancakes. When I was traveling in Canada I was constantly nagging people about what a Canadian food was – and all the gave me was syrup lol.

    My sister lives in Hawaii – I imagine that is how she will celebrate the 4th. I can’t wait for the 4th of July – we usually go rafting

    A smoothie a day – genius & yummy!

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      Thank you, Meghan!! You are right – most people will just say maple syrup! Someone else up top mentioned Montreal smoked meat and Canadian bacon. I forget about these things since I’m a vegetarian! 😛

      I’m jealous of your sister! Let’s go visit her!!! Rafting sounds like a lot of fun. I’ve always wanted to try it. You will have a blast for sure!

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    Oh yah, I totally forgot those were Canadian foods. I don’t think I know of any others. Except canadian bacon, but I’ve never even had that before. I’m super Canadian. I also don’t go all out for Canada Day. It gets so insane downtown its impossible to move or get anywhere anyways. I’m definitely going to be participating in those July challenges! I love to mix it up a little.

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    Nidia says

    So yayyyyyyyyyy thank goodness you posted this on IG or else i would have never know about these two great challenges. I think i shall participate in them both!!! I wanted to do a kick off cleanse because after i had eliminated dairy and sugar from my body about a month and a half long and reintroducing it about two weeks ago I’ve been feeling icky. I’ve been craving more sweets, having bloat from foods, and all sorts of craziness going on. I think i am experiencing sensitivities to foods that i probably always had yet never realized. So i was unsure how i wanted to cleanse – straight juice cleanse, smoothie cleanse with clean eats, smoothie meals throughout day, etc etc etc. Either way these both fit into what i want to do.

    Heres to a fun and healthy July!

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      So happy I could help! I don’t know how I feel about cleanses but you’ve got to do what works for you. Clean eating is probably the best way to go, only because it’s something you can maintain! Keep your eats on point and incorporate one nutrient-filled smoothies and one of your meals and I think you’ll feel fantastic!

      It’s crazy how the body works, isn’t it?? When I eliminate something for a while I sometimes have the same reaction as you. Dairy makes my stomach go bananas. I have to be very careful and no eat too much of it!!

      Can’t wait to see what July brings for the both of us!

      • 33

        Nidia says

        I think you are right as well. I hear of people feeling SOO good after a juice cleanse that i’m not going to even lie, it makes me curious as to how I could feel after one…. Main goal would be to maintain physical activity up while ridding my body of all the extra junk its experiencing right now. I think i will take your advice – make my morning smoothie, then eat good clean wholesome eats rest of day.

        Heres to an awesome new month for us both!!!

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    I love all the food in Canada’s pavillion at Epcot 😉 I can’t wait to hear what smoothies you come up with this month, I love smoothies!

  13. 36


    Kentucky has the Hot Brown which really isn’t all that healthy either but its traditional ky food. Also the mint julep for the Derby…but its DISGUSTING. haha!

    im going to check out the eat clean sweat dirty challenge. i REALLY need some motivation to get my eating back on track!

  14. 37


    Yay for Canada Day! I love any excuse to celebrate anything. ha!

    I am from Idaho the state of potatoes. We got two full weeks off of school each fall for spud harvesting days and I loved it. :):)

  15. 40


    I hope you enjoyed Canada Day :) I’m happy to have tomorrow off for the 4th. I like those challenges you’re participating in. I’ve never successfully completed a challenge which makes me pretty lame and it’s frustrating. I have been making smoothies a little more regularly though and I enjoy them. My goal for July is to hit 100 miles.

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