POWERMEAL Round Up (22-26) and Water Enhancers

June is just about OVER.  Time for a new month, new goals, new challenges.  I’m excited.  We’ll talk more about that later.  For now, here is my round up of days 22-26 of Powercakes‘ Clean Eating Challenge:

Day 22: on the go (tempeh, miracle rice, veggie stir fry)

Day 23: out to eat (pizza date night :) )

Day 24: meal for two (not really a meal…but a “treat” for Dean’s birthday – mint chocolate chip ice cream!)

Day 25: meatless meal (all of my meals are meatless but this was good – amande yogurt, Love Crunch granola, raspberries)

Day 26: fruit (MANGO!)

If you missed any of the other round ups, you can check them out here, here, here, and here.


Now I want to know your thoughts on water enhancers.  There are some people I know (hi, mom!) who hate water because it tastes like nothing and need to spice it up a bit in order to drink it.  My mom is a Crystal Light fiend.  She can probably drink gallons of water if it’s spiked with that pink powder that turns her water into a quench thirsting pink lemonade.  I won’t deny that it’s good…almost as good as this new fancy item Dean introduced me to:

Who else has heard of MiO?  OH MY WORD.  Okay, I love water as it is.  I can drink it plain, all day every day (and I usually do).  But these MiO things just take water to another level.  They come in so many different flavours too.  So far I’ve tried berry pomegranate and mango peach (both equally delicious).  You just pop the cap, squirt it into your water and voila.  Problem is they’re sweetened with sucralose.  Dang it.  Why can’t these companies use natural sweeteners?!  Crystal Light just got on board with their new product Crystal Light Pure, which is sweetened with stevia.  I have yet to come across it but am curious to see what it tastes like.  Maybe other companies (hint hint, MiO) will follow suit?!  I hope so.

Do you use water enhancers?

Do you use any sugar substitutes/replacements?


  1. 1


    You like Mio? I have debating whether to buy it but now that I see you love it I may go for it. I haven’t looked at if it has artificial sweeteners in it but I am impressed if it doesn’t cause stomach issues.

    • 2


      It is SO GOOD! Probably not something I should have all of the time (because of the sucralose) but man, it’s amazing! There was one night that I just couldn’t stop drinking it. I thought my bladder was going to explode!

  2. 3

    DeAnna says

    I happen to really like MIO. The black cherry energy is my favorite at the moment and it does keep me awake as I work midnights. I figure it’s better than a ton of sugared coffee or soda. My 5 year old also like the different flavored and it gets him to drink lots more water than normal. :)

    • 4


      I saw the black cherry one too! I’ll try that one next…though we don’t have the ‘energy’ ones here (or at least I haven’t seen them). Sometimes we don’t get everything the US gets (boo). It probably is way better than coffee or pop (I’ve never been a fan of either of those anyway)!

  3. 5

    Donnie Flaherty says

    I’m with you…I like water just the way it is. However every once in awhile (usually a lake day or doing outdoors stuff) I like to use True Lemon Raspberry Lemonade. It’s all natural and sweetened with Stevia and you can find at just about any grocery store:)

    • 6


      I’ve never heard of that! I wonder if we have it here?? I will probably have to check a store like Whole Foods because I haven’t seen it in any of the ‘regular’ grocery stores! Hmm I’m on a mission now! 😀

        • 8


          YES! I will have to check! I just don’t know if it’s available here. I just looked at the website and it only has a store locator for the US but it did forward me to an International website (discountcoffee.com) where I can get it shipped to Canada. I will have a look around some stores first just in case.

  4. 9


    Have you tried Nuun yet? I’m a huge fan — especially because they’re a Seattle company:)

    I stick to their “U Natural Hydration” tablets though (Cucumber Mint, Goji Berry Green Tea, Tangerine Ginger, & Lemon Chai flavors), because they don’t have sodium benzoate & other questionable ingredients!!

    Check ’em out:)

  5. 17

    Melissa says

    I never use water enhancers for that reason. My favorite thing to do is add frozen mixed fruit. It acts as ice but also lightly flavors it. Also lots of unsweetened iced tea! If mio came out with a natural version, I’d try it!

  6. 21


    I drank Propel so much is was ridiculous. I am actually cutting out all artificial sweeteners/diet Pepsi as of tomorrow because I don’t think having all that crap in me is good…plus, my hubby is a toxicologist and freaks me out about everything so I just need to go cold turkey, lol.

  7. 24


    I’ve been waiting for some coupons to try Mio. I also like plain water. I’ve been trying nuun but I think it is meh. I am pounding it today since I lost at least 5 lbs of sweat in my 10K this AM. Yikes!

    Crystal light actually TEARS my stomach up!

  8. 25


    You need to try the Strawberry Watermelon MIO, it’s so good! I’m hooked on the stuff too. We’ve currently got 3 different flavours on the go in our cupboard.

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